G2 Ocean – A New Joint Venture

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Interview with Mr. Rune Birkeland

G2 Ocean is a new joint venture in the market, tell us about the combined size of the company in terms of vessels and services.

G2 Ocean will operate approximately 130 vessels of both OH and conventional bulk. With close to 30 different trade routes, we cover all the major trades. We are confident we will be a major player in the business with this setup. The volume of vessels and trades will give our customers a very flexible and robust service.


Where are your operational headquarters located and where will G2 Ocean have branch offices?

Our headquarters are located in Bergen, Norway. We will have offices in 16 countries on all continents. Our regional hubs are in Singapore, Rio de Janeiro, and Bergen.


For customers located around the world who should be contacted in each location for quotations?

Our website provides all detailed information regarding points of contact. Our customers should contact the office closest to them.


What types of project cargo would you typically be looking for?

G2 Ocean will build on what Gearbulk and Grieg Star have been doing for years already. That means we are open to most kinds of project cargo, be it windmills, steel constructions, yachts, generators, trams or construction vehicles. We are not afraid to take on new kinds of projects either.


Are some of your vessels geared and if so what is the max lifting capacity?

All our vessels are geared, lifting capacity differs from vessel class to vessel class. Our L class has, for example, four cranes with a capacity of 75 metric tons each, or double that if two cranes lift in tandem.


Would you provide a liner service in some areas of the world or would you regard G2 Ocean as more of a worldwide tramp operator?

We have established close to 30 different trade routes. Those cover most of the important trade areas in the world.


Would you be able to accept shipper’s own containers onboard?

Yes, we accept shipper’s own containers.


How do you view the market at the moment?

It is a tough market, many carriers are fighting for cargo while experiencing low or negative returns. But prospects are turning a little more positive now. We are expecting some volatility in 2017, and a better 2018-2019.

G2 Ocean is going live May 1st
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Rune Birkeland
G2 Ocean