Meetings at Breakbulk China Expo 2017

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Mr. Richard Pan –
Ms. Cecily Chan –

Wangfoong Int. Forwarding & Agency Ltd. I know well from providing transhipment and feeder services mainly into the many smaller ports in Southern China. In other words you offload project cargo midstream in Hong Kong and then discharge onto Wangfoong’s waiting feeder vessels (or export of course too).

Mr. Ren Jie – (based in Beijing)
Mr. Henrik Pedersen – (based in Singpore)

BBC Chartering is one of the world’s largest breakbulk shipowners and have a fleet of some 140+ vessels which means they almost always have a vessel in position for any project cargo you may have basically worldwide.

Mr. Eric Zhong – (base Shanghai)
Mr. Yuma Koizumi – (based in Tokyo)

blankNYK bulkships run breakbulk services to North America, Intra Asia and Europe with bigger heavylift ships and are part of the biggest shipowner in Japan, NYK Line.

Mr. Donnel Lu – (based in Shanghai)

blankSiem Car Carriers are Norwegian owned and run a regular roro service from China/Japan to US West Coast and Mexico.

Mr. Richard Stinchcombe – (based in Tokyo)
Ms. Rannie Gao – (based in Shanghai)
Ms. Yang Qing – (based in Tianjin & Beijing)
Mr. Marko Stampehl – (based in Hamburg)
Mr. Christian Stamp – (based in Houston)

blankRickmers Linie is one of the best known global brands in ’round the world’ shipping, moving project cargo between all parts of the world. They have ships able to lift upto 650 ton or more and cover all major trade lanes between Europe/Asia/Middle East/India/North America v.v.

Mr. Ken Gu – (based in Shanghai)
Mr. Steven Ng – (based in Hong Kong)
Ms. Kaori Usui – (based in Hong Kong)

blankMOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines) is a well know Japanese shipowner that provides both breakbulk vessels (Mitsui O.S.K. Kinkai) and breakbulk by containerships.

Mr. Henri Versluys – (based in Belgium)

blankWWSA is a network of shipping agents around the world. If you have problems to find suitable contacts in any given country offering you shippingagency and husbandry service check out their website.

Mr. Josemon Andrews – (based in Djibouti)

Josemon is the general manager of Intermodal Shipping & Logistics and has offices in both Djibouti and Addis Ababa and was one of the very few from Africa that I met this time at breakbulk China.

Mr. Stephane Berninet – (based in Marseille)
Mr. Emilian Stere – (based in Shanghai)
Ms. Anne Mison – (based in Shanghai)

blankCMA CGM is a global brand very well known for innovative solutions and superior service moving breakbulk cargoes onboard containerships.

Mr. Chris Clark – (based in UK)

blankCake Boxx Technologies offers a new innovative way in moving breakbulk cargo by purpose built containers with a detachable floor and top.

Mr. Ravi Varrier – (based in Kuwait)
Mr. K. Ramesh Kumar – (based in Kuwait)

blankAl-Rashed Int. Shipping Co is agent of Rickmers Linie and others in Kuwait and well connected locally in the Gulf.

Mr. Michael Friis – (based in Copenhagen)
Mr. Kevin Gibbens – (based in Singapore)
Mr. Daniel Meewes – (based in Hamburg)
Mr. Jerry Zhang – (based in Shanghai)

blankMaersk need little introduction being the biggest shipowner in the world, they are of course always around and also offer breakbulk cargoes by containership.

Mr. Thorben Nibbe – (based in Shanghai)
Mr. David Piel – (based in Hamburg)
Mr. Cassie Lu – (based in Shanghai)
Ms. Janina Frenkler – (based in Hamburg)

blankHapag-Lloyd (soon taking over UASC) is a major reliable player in the field of moving breakbulk and oog cargoes by containership. And they are well known for usual solid German craftsmanship when it comes to ships planning and technical know-how.

Mr. Zhu Yun Lei – (based in Shanghai)
Mr. Miki Fujiyoshi – (based in Tokyo)
Mr. Akira Koyama – (based in Tokyo)

blankECL – Eastern Car Liner is mainly a regional Japanese carrier strong in moving breakbulk and project cargoes to/from North Asia/China and South East Asia.

Mr. Jingshan Fu – (based in Shanghai)
Ms. Rhea Zheng – (based in Shanghai)

blankChina Pacific Maritime (CPM) is a charter operator running breakbulk ships mainly between China and The Mediterrenean and China and West Coast of South America and North Coast/Carribean coast of South America.

Mr. Kim Sonderby Hansen – (based in Copenhagen)
Ms. Chrystal Zhang – (based in Shanghai)

blankScan Global Logistics is a Danish owned project freight forwarder involved in all kinds of freight forwarding worldwide with several offices in Asia and Europe.

Mr. Leo Hu – (based in Shanghai)
Mr. Hongyi Niu – (based in Denmark)

blankFreja is part of a large trucking company in Denmark strong in European trucking and now also developing into moving project cargoes around the world.

Mr. Charles Du Cane – (based in Hong Kong)

blankClipper is a big shipowning group with base in Denmark, Bahamas, Hong Kong and they operate larger tonnages sometimes suited for moving project cargoes.

Mr. Christophe Grammare – (based in Shanghai, before Brisbane)
Ms. Julie Zhu – (based in Beijing)

blankAAL is a German owned shipowner mainly known for breakbulk cargo services from North Asia/SE Asia to Australasia but now also for North America.

Ms. Ann De Smet – (based in Antwerp)
Ms. Nele Voorspoels – (based in Antwerp)

blankPort of Antwerp is very proactive and trying to entice shipowners and freight forwarders to use the services of the port of Antwerp. They have a good service level compared to other competing ports. They have competitive rates and competent skills in handling breakbulk / project cargoes.

Mr. Heine Berge – (based in Norway)
Mr. Atle Pedersen – (based in Norway)

blankGrieg Star is a Norwegian shipowner that now will merge with Gearbulk creating 2G a major force in global breakbulk shipping, also for project cargoes etc.

Mr. Fawaz Alshammari – (based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia)

blankFTE logistics was one of 2 companies from Saudi Arabia that I met at breakbulk Shanghai. They had their own booth and are strong in handling and moving project cargoes inland in Saudi Arabia in particular via Dammam.

Mr. Aaron Huang – (based in in Beijing)

blankChapman Freeborn is a world known aircraft charter operator in particular able to offer Antonov 124 and other specialist flights to people who need to move big quantities fast.

Mr. Daniel Brotzmann – (based in Hamburg)

blankDaniel works for Reinhold Bange agent in Germany of Chipolbrok (Chinese Polish Joint Stock Company) offering breakbulk services around the world between Europe/Asia/North America/Europe and other ports of inducement.

Mr. Leon Guo – (based in Beijing)

blankLeon worked before in Sinotrans Logistics in Beijing but have since started his own port agency company in China with partners.

Mr. Abu Nasser –

blankAbu works for Hoegh Lines a well renowned roro carrier able to move breakbulk cargoes globally. Headquartered in Norway with branch offices in most major ports around the world.

Mrs. Jessie Kovero –

blankHacklin is a Finnish owned company with own feeder services to/from Germany and the Baltics, they are also a major player in moving project cargoes between Scandinavia and worldwide.

Mr. Jan Hendrik Hintz –

blankSwire is a well known conglomerate with headquarters now in Singapore. They run breakbulk services to/from SE Asia/China and Pacific Islands, Australia, New Zealand.

Mr. Chubasco Monteiro – (based in in Singapore)

blankPACC Lines is part of the Malaysian tycoon Kuok’s group and they run a breakbulk service from SE Asia via Cape to US East Coast on a regular basis.

Mr. Jacky Yi – (based in in Shanghai)

blankShanghai Hongfa Shipping runs a breakbulk service from China to West Coast of South America among others.

Mr. Silvester M. Kututa – (based in in Mombasa, Kenya)

blankExpress Shipping & Logistics ESL is a project freight forwarder with offices in Kenya and Tanzania.

Mr. Gabriel Manimben – (based in in Douala, Cameroon)

blankAPM is a shipping agency based in Douala, Cameroon that can do inland transport via Douala.

Mr. Ruan Wenjie – (based in in Shanghai)

blankComplant is a division of a major Chinese state owned enterprise and have many projects under their own control.

Ms. Nour Baradie – (based in in Hefei, Anhui)

blankSino Projects is a project freight forwarder based in Hefei, Anhui, China and specialises in moving freight via railwayto CIS and Russia and is now developing Middle East with Ms. Nour Baradie, a Chinese and Arabic speaking Syrian.

Mr. Jason Cui – (based in in Qingdao)

blankSmart Cargo is a Shandong/Qingdao based project freight forwarder that seems active in the market, in particular in the North of China.

Mr. Aaron Liu – (based in in Shanghai)

blankHengxin Shipping is general agent of Hanssy, a ship operator running breakbulk ships in particular from China to India and the Middle East.

Mr. Willem A. Dous –
(based in in Egestorf, Germany)
Mr. Jan Frahnert –
(based in in Egestorf, Germany)

blankLotus Containers provides 2nd hand containers and can sell/buy back worldwide as well.

Mr. Marn Blampain – (based in in Kinshasa, Congo)
Mr. George Ioannou – (based in in Antwerp, Belgium)

blankPolytra is a Belgian owned project freight forwarder strong in Africa/Congo and other countries.

Mr. Miao Zhenyu –

blankMiao represents the China Shipping Gazette where you can find departures/arrivals in Chinese ports, an essential tool in finding the right connections in particular out of China.

Mr. Miguel Reyes – (based in USA)
Mrs. Josefina Blistrieri – (based in USA)

blankA well known port on the US West Coast that you perhaps could check for rates and inland transport.