Week #19 – 2017

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In this edition: Livo Logistics — Czech Republic | SFS Global Logistics — Seoul, Korea >>>

Week #19 | 11th May 2017

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is time for our newsletter and today we have an interview with a project freight forwarder in Czech Republic which is a country with strong economic growth attracting quite a lot of investments from Asia. Then we move on to a project freight forwarder in South Korea, a country filled with tension at the moment and where Mr. Kim for better or for worse is a common family name. I mostly met Kims, Parks and Moons during my visits to South Korea in the 18 years I spent in Asia.

I am currently attending the global conference of CLC Projects Network here in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam is a country that indeed is booming with construction, investments and tourism. It is becoming one of the tigers of Asia. It’s people are tough, resilient and intent on driving their country forward. It seems that they have less bureaucracy in moving forward than even one of our so-called “developed” departments in the corridors of the EU in Brussels.

In today’s issue:
Interview with Livo Logistics — Czech Republic
Interview with SFS Global Logistics — South Korea
Sector news
Video and photo of the week
Quote of the week (New)

Wishing you a good read and until next week, I remain,

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Livo Logistics — Czech Republic

Interview with

Mr. Petr Naceradsky

Tell us about some of the projects you have handled recently? Do you have offices abroad?

Besides Prague, Livo Logistics has offices in Livorno Italy, Madrid Spain and Tirana Albania. Over the last couple months we have handled projects of pipes from Turkey to Italy, steam turbine shells from Scandinavia to the Czech Republic, construction equipment from Italy to Latin America, among others.

SFS Global Logistics — Seoul, Korea

Interview with

Mr. C.K. Chang
Country Director

Is it difficult to make deals with the big chaebols?

It’s not easy to deal with the big group companies because they have their own in-house logistics service providers. It is also not worth dealing with them due to the low rates required (below our net cost) and months of credit we would have to extend to them.

PCW-Shipping News

Intermarine Expands Americas To Mediterranean Liner Service

Intermarine, LLC, the global leader in the transport of project, breakbulk and heavylift cargo has announced the expansion of its Houston-based liner services from the Americas to the Mediterranean. The line will focus on service from the U.S. Gulf Coast/Americas to the Mediterranean, Black Sea and Adriatic Sea – specifically with focuses on Algeria, Egypt and Turkey. Read more…

Legal News

Any port in a storm? A Re-Examination of the Law Concerning Safe Ports in The Ocean Victory

The Supreme Court has recently handed down judgment in the long running matter of The Ocean Victory, which provides a useful summary of the position with regards to claims for breach of safe port warranties. Read more…


Manz AG receives €50M from Shanghai Electric Group and Shenhua Group

The R&D JV has been renamed NICE PV Research Ltd and is designed to speed up the development of CIGS technology. Read more…

Health & Human Safety

Maharashtra Police Order 5,000 New Bulletproof Vests

According to a Mumbai Mirror report, the state police department placed the order for the vests with MKU, a reputed military equipment manufacturer. The supplier, headquartered in Kanpur, will be importing the vests from Germany. Read more…


Prysmian Group invests US$15M to produce optic fiber cable in a facility in Durango

The production site is scheduled to begin operations next June, after 19 months of construction and tooling. Meanwhile, its workforce receives training in the U.S. Read more…

The World’s First Human Playground is Already Under Construction

In addition it will have 2,000 solar panels to generate clean energy, and will reuse the rainwater for irrigation of the park of 200 trees designed by INBio and the National University.  Read more…


Kongsberg Automotive. 1000 people will find a job in a new factory in Brześć Kujawski

Kongsberg Automotive Pruszków signed a letter of intent with Panattoni Europe to build another factory in Poland. The new investment will be built in Brześć Kujawski and its estimated value is about 150 million zlotys. Read more…

Huizhou Toneluck Electro-Mechanics Reveal Plans to Set Up a Plant in Mexico

The company’s managing director, Huang Zihong, told China Daily about plans to spend an initial US$ 7.3 million on the new factory, adding that the project is currently “at the stage of preparation”. Read more…

PCW-Featured Video

Star Ferry ride from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon Peninsula

Star Ferry
PCW-Featured Photo
 The overnight train about to depart from Helsinki to Moscow. Sent to us by a participant of Transrussia recently. Modern trains but same vodka....I was told.
The overnight train about to depart from Helsinki to Moscow. Sent to us by a participant of TransRussia recently. Modern trains but same vodka….I was told.
PCW-Wise Words

“Political correctness is tyranny with manners.”

– Charlton Heston –