Container Services Buy/Sell – An Introduction To LOTUS Containers, Germany

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Brief Introduction by Mr. Willem-Alexander Dous

Editor : I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Willem-Alexander Dous CEO of LOTUS containers at the recently held breakbulk expo in China. Without making a formal interview I asked Willem to give a short presentation about Lotus containers.


LOTUS Containers has been a container solutions specialist since 2008. We offer a specialized, yet broad range of container services. With locations and representative offices in Europe, China, South America and Australia, our international expertise is based on regional practice. We make use of our global expertise, but our trade is always optimized locally. New offices and representations in the near future are planned for South America, the US and the African continent.

LOTUS Containers is an international specialist for the sale and purchase of containers, no matter where in the world. This means that we are experts when it comes to international projects by providing a variety of container solutions and the associated intermodal logistics.

We have a worldwide depot network and a comprehensive service spectrum which support us in managing our customer’s demands.

Read our short Company Presentation which provides more detailed information.

What could be especially interesting is our GO LOTUS® calculator.
(an SOC/COC comparison calculator for project business).
Please find the link here:

In short: By buying or leasing SOC containers from LOTUS Containers, you can save money when managing project tasks. These enormous potential savings as illustrated by a number of different examples.

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