Project Cargo Logger – the Android App

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An Introduction by Mr. René Bendt

Editor: I have met Mr. René Bendt on several occasions in Asia dating back some years ago. One product that he is offering in the market is Project Cargo Logger. Rene tells us more here and answers some relevant questions.

What is Project Cargo Logger?

Project Cargo Logger is a new Android smartphone app for heavy lift/ project cargo operators, port agents or charterers / cargo owners. It logs relevant operational timestamps during a heavy lift vessel port call.

What happens to the milestones logged during the port call and handling operation?

The timesheet loggings are automatically sync’ed to the shoreside using vessel or port wifi, or smartphone sim card on an ongoing basis, providing shoreside stakeholders’ full visibility to milestones logged from vessel or quayside throughout the port call.

What are the upsides of the Project Cargo Logger?

The key benefit is that the timesheet milestones supports the statement of facts and demurrage calculations, as the timestamp cannot be tampered with -only logged, as it happens in real time.

Additionally, the milestones logged on the smartphone during the port operation are visible from the shoreside for vessel operators and possibly port agents and/or charterers throughout the port call.

Making a lot of enquiries, phone calls and emails about marine and handling progress is redundant. A vessel operator on weekend duty can monitor marine operations, lift preparation and lift progress for all vessels in fleet on a single laptop, tablet or smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Finally, the timesheet loggings can be analysed in depth after the call, and process improvement opportunities for reducing the port call duration can be identified and discussed with port stakeholders.

Which milestones are logged in the Project Cargo Logger?

Each vessel operator or port agent using the Project Cargo Logger selects from a pool of available milestones related to heavylift cargo operations including:

  • Marine arrival
  • Notice of readiness rendering and accept
  • Mooring operation
  • Preparation for lifts
  • Cargo and handling gear and barges/tugs readiness
  • Lift start, end and interruptions
  • Vessel departure

All vessels in the fleet automatically align the milestones available for logging as defined by the operator’s headquarters.

Who is doing the logging on the SmartPhone?

Either the onboard crew, terminal operator foreman, agent’s onsite rep or vessel operator’s or cargo owner’s representative do the loggings from a smartphone carried in the pocket.

What does the vessel operator or port agent need in order to use the Project Cargo Logger?

Just an Android phone with internet connectivity is required. The smartphone and cloud apps are all ready to go.

How can a vessel operators or port agents try-out the Project Cargo Logger app?

It just takes 5 minutes: Download the app on an Android smartphone from the Google Play Store, start the app, and initiate the “try-out”. Then you are running the Project Cargo Logger!

For a tryout of the cloud / shoreside view of port operation loggings, contact

Is the Project Cargo Logger expensive to buy?

It’s free; the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The vessel operator or port agent just contribute a modest monthly fee per vessel or per port covering hosting, support and everyday usage.

Is the heavy lift shipping segment ready for mobile apps?

The shipping industry is not a heavy mobile app user, but vessel crews as well as shore based staff are using apps for most other aspects of their lives. Crew stay in contact with their family while onboard, staff use apps for banking transactions, directions on maps, listening to music and much more.’s apps are simple and intuitive, and are facilitating the crew and staff in the project cargo industry to use the same style of tools for work that they are already familiar with personally.

Who is is a company name, as well as a website. We are a small app developer, solely providing innovative cloud and smartphone solutions for the deep sea shipping industry. Together with its sister ARL Consulting, has developed software currently in everyday use in more than 300 offices and onboard 800 vessels.

René Bendt