Week #24 – 2017

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In this edition: The Board of Investment Mauritius | LOTUS Containers GmbH | Project Cargo Logger – Android App >>>

Week #24 | 15th June 2017

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenThursday has arrived and it is newsletter time. I had a “relaxed” trip with 2 sons on a ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki last weekend. Now I am in Denmark, so its been a Scandinavian week for me. Scandinavia has indeed made a contribution not only to shipping with the Vikings in our past but also in more recent times with many shipowners successfully operating around the world. We do have beer too and probably the best beer in the world (Carlsberg told me), although the Dutch, no-doubt, would disagree.

This weeks newsletter will take us to Mauritius, Germany and Hong Kong. We are talking with people who in one way or another provide services to the shipping industry or having had a career in shipping.

It never ceases to amaze me how much a shipping education in fact can be used for trading, import/export, transport, logistics, negotiation, travel, etc. In short it is a career that is truly global, perhaps more so than banking.

Sometimes I have difficulty explaining what exactly it is that we do in shipping, because its so broad.

In today’s issue:

Interview with Mr. Vinay Guddye from Mauritius who has had a long career also in shipping and in interesting parts of AfricaAn introduction to LOTUS Containers doing container trading and more
Getting to know Project Cargo Logger an Android App
Sector news
“Scandinavian focus” in both video and photo of the week, along with some shipping news.
This week’s Quote may be used in an argument with a desk general
Wishing you a good read and until next week…

Yours sincerely,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


The Board of Investment Mauritius and the Africa Centre of Excellence

Interview with

Mr. Vinay Guddye
Head of Outward Investment

Does your shipping and logistics background comes to good use in your new job?

Whether providing logistics services or driving investment, they both rest on creating the right corridor with trusted allies and tested capabilities.

LOTUS Containers GmbH

Brief introduction by

Mr. Willem-Alexander Dous

LOTUS has an especially useful SOC/COC comparison calculator for project business here: http://www.lotus-containers.com/en/login/

Project Cargo Logger – Android App

Getting to know the App with

Mr. Rene Bendt

What is Project Cargo Logger?

Project Cargo Logger is a new Android smartphone app for heavy lift / project cargo operators, port agents or charterers / cargo owners. It logs relevant operational timestamps during a heavy lift vessel port call.

PCW-Shipping News

Ince & Co Advises Shipping Companies to Plan for Prolonged Qatar Disruption

Leading international law firm Ince & Co has advised shipping and transportation companies with cargo interests in Qatar to plan for a period of disruption and uncertainty, following the decision by a number of Qatar’s neighbours and other nations to cut diplomatic ties and close borders with the Gulf State. Read more…



Thyssenkrupp receives China’s largest TWIN order in Beijing

Thyssenkrupp celebrates another addition to its TWIN portfolio, having secured a contract for 41 transportation units, including 8 TWIN elevators, for the Sunshine Insurance Group’s new headquarters in Beijing, China. Read more…


EDF signs 420MW Hydro Construction Deal with Cameroon

On Tuesday, an agreement was signed between the French power utility Electricite de France (EDF) and the government of Cameroon for the construction of a hydroelectric power facility. Read more…


Cemex and CBMI Sign Contract for Solid Line

Cemex Philippines has signed a contract with CBMI for the construction of a new kiln production line in the Philippines. The contract involves the design and engineering works of a new 1.5Mta integrated production line at Cemex’s Solid Cement plant in Rizal. Read more…


Queensland government invests big in biorefinery

When completed, the planned commercial scale facility would have the capacity to produce up to 26,000 tonnes of soymeal, 2,000 tonnes of yeast products for the animal feed market, and 15 mega litres of biodiesel each year. Read more…

$30 Million Investment in Dairy Plant

The Mexican company Lala will be building a milk, ice cream and by-products factory in Guatemala, with capacity to process 5 thousand tons of products per month, and it will start operating in the first quarter of 2018. Read more…

Chinese Tire Company Wanli to Build $1B plant in SC

China-based Wanli Tire Corp. has announced that it will build a $1 billion manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Read more…


Bahrain hires French firm to supply security at expanded airport

Bahrain’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications has hired French technology firm Thales and SITA to provide the security and operations management system for Bahrain International Airport. Read more…

Wastewater Treatment

Alaska City Selects Veolia’s MBBR System for Ammonia Removal

Resource management solutions provider Veolia’s AnoxKaldnes Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) system has been selected by Palmer, a city in Alaska, for its waste water treatment facility. Read more…

CMA CGM Project Cargo Division

CMA CGM XXL Cargo Division Introduction and Contact information Sheet

Editor’s Note:
As you know from recent newsletter I paid a visit to the headquarters of CMA CGM and I think it would please some of our readers to have the right contact details in place depending on where in the world you are situated.They may well be worth contacting if/when you have a project to be moved around the world.

Their latest leaflet and contact sheet

Featured Project Shipment

Hansa Heavy Lift Transports Equipment For Major New Petrochemicals Production Complex In Russia

They delivered more than 60,000 cbm of petrochemicals equipment to help with construction of SIBUR’s ZapSibNeftekhim polyolefin complex in Tobolsk, Russia. It took two deliveries to complete the project, during which a total of six vessels were dispatched, including HHL Lagos, HHL Tokyo, and HHL Valparaiso, each capable of lifting 1,400 metric tonnes. Read more…

Hansa Heavy Lift Transports Equipment For Major New Petrochemicals Production Complex In Russia
PCW-Featured Video

Passenger/Cargo Ferry Between Stockholm and Helsinki

Editor’s Note:
Taking a trip on a passenger/cargo ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki takes 24 hrs and you pass by hundreds of islands in the Stockholm archipelago – amazing.

Taking a trip on a passenger/cargo ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki
PCW-Featured Photo

A Drilling Rig with Legs Up

Editor’s Note:
A laid up oil rig Maersk Inspirer in the small port city of Grenaa, Denmark. Giving new meaning to the term “high rise”.

PCW-Wise Words

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.”

– Yogi Berra –