PCW-Week 37 2017

Week #37 – 2017

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In this edition: Orion Marine Corp – Chicago, USA >>>

Week #37 | 14th September 2017

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenFriends, we are here again just in the nick of time before the weekend. In today’s issue, we are directing our attention to the US where we found an interesting guy to interview with half a century of shipping experience. We have also been in touch with COSCO which has been in the news lately for takeovers of both shipowners and ports, etc., but also has a special carrier fleet very much involved in renewable energy transportation. One of the ships even took the impressive NSR – Northern Sea Route from China to Scandinavia north of Russia. We also bring you 2 outstanding shipments of the week and on the cargo equipment side we discover that a reach stacker can now lift upwards of 150 tons! Size does matter, as we are told, now also in shipping.

Communication is pretty much by email these days and most of us feel we have done our job when the inbox is empty…but have we? Take a look at how maritime communication was originally conducted, before even the telex was used it was the “New Boe Code” – amazing really. And we round-off with the usual sector news for those of you who are forwarders and who are active in sales and as usual the video/photo/quote and proverb of the week.

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Orion Marine Corp – Chicago, USA

Interview with

Mr. Peter Schauer
Former Owner, CEO & Founder

What were some highlights of your half a century career in shipping?

I believe one of my highlights was the opening of an alternative route (via Russia) to Iran as well as many huge shipments of material under the Cooperative Threat Reduction program designed to deactivate and disable nuclear facilities and weapons in the former Soviet Union. In more recent times we supplied the Mongolian mining industry with most of the equipment they needed to satisfy worldwide demand for coal and minerals from the USA, India and Europe.

Featured Project Shipment

COSCO Shipping’s specialized ship Lian Hua Song, discharging tower sections for windmills in Esbjerg, Denmark (Northern Sea route mapped in blue). View all photos

COSCO Shipping's specialized ship Lian Hua Song

Another by COSCO Specialized Carrier, Tian Fu, loading moulds for windmill wings in Grenaa, Denmark (Suez route mapped in red). View all photos

Another by COSCO Specialized Carrier, Tian Fu

Hansa Heavy Lift transports two mine-hunting naval ships between France and the U.A.E. Read more…

Hansa Heavy Lift transports two mine-hunting naval ships

GEODIS transports Siemens turbines across the Andes mountain

GEODIS transports Siemens turbines across the Andes mountain

Siemens has engaged GEODIS to transport some 400 heavy loads from three different continents to Bolivia. This involves transits through the Panama Canal and over the Andes mountains under extreme weather conditions and at altitudes of up to 4,680 meters. The loads include Siemens combined cycle power generation equipment intended for three Bolivian thermo-electric plants located in Del Sur, Warnes and Entre Rios. GEODIS’ scope of services includes ocean freight, port handling, vessel loading and discharge, transit documentation and road freight, including all permits. Read more…

PCW-Shipping News

New Orleans’ Big Plans Showing Dividends

A Container-on-Barge service intended to be an integral part of the regional intermodal equation is gathering momentum – and customers. Quietly, the Port of New Orleans (NOLA) has marked some important accomplishments in the past two years, across multiple business sectors.

Market Report: Sri Lanka – by Aitken Spence Maritime

Consequent to adverse impact of prolong drought and devastating flood, the country’s annual economic growth forecast was adjusted downward at 5.3 percent at the end of first half of 2017. However the World Bank expects a lower growth rate of t 4.7 percent this year, from 4.4 percent in 2016, and accelerates further to five percent in 2018. National inflation in July 2017 remained unchanged from the previous month at 6.3 percent, on a year-on-year basis.

Nielsen Reach Stacker Goes Large

NC Nielsen is developing a heavy duty reach stacker which it says ”will probably be the world’s largest, strongest and most powerful.” The Danish materials handling machine specialist said the new model will be able to lift 152 tonnes on its hook.


Japan-Based Sekisui Invests $55.5 Million to Expand its Mexican Facility

Sekisui, a Japan-based manufacturer of interlayer film for laminated glass, announced it will invest US$ 55.5 million to expand a city located in the Civac Industrial Park, in Morelos. Read more…


Adani to Begin Work on 170 MW Australia Project

A unit of Indian conglomerate Adani will start building the first 65 MW phase of a planned 170 MW solar installation in the Australian state of Queensland by the end of this year. Read more…

Plants & Processing

O-I is to Close its Envigado Plant and Build a New Furnace in Colombia

O-I is to close its Envigado plant in Colombia and build a new furnace in its Zipaquira site in the same country. Read more…

Oman Secures $728M Ammonia Project (update)

Oman’s Salalah Methanol Company (SMC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Oman Oil Company (OOC), has secured US$728mn for funding Salalah ammonia plant from a mix of 12 international, regional and local banks. Read more…

Mining & Minerals

Cooperative Hires Canadian Company to Explore Diamonds in Angola

Canadian company Tango Mining Limited will prospect and market the diamonds extracted from the concession granted to the Angolan cooperative for the semi-industrial exploration of diamonds Txapemba Canguba, the company said in a statement released on Monday. Read more…

PCW-Featured Video

Departing Halong Bay Near Haiphong Onboard Rickmers Antwerp

Departing Halong Bay near Haiphong onboard Rickmers Antwerp
Departing Halong Bay near Haiphong onboard Rickmers Antwerp
PCW-Featured Photo
Anchor chains at the bow of CMA CGM Andromeda
Anchor chains at the bow of CMA CGM Andromeda.
PCW-Wise Words

“The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything”

– Theodore Roosevelt –

“Aim high in your career and remain humble in your expectations”

– Ancient Korean Proverb –