PCW-Week 44 2017

Week #44 – 2017

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In this edition: Hugo Stinnes Schiffahrt GmbH – Rostock, Germany | Universal Project – Turkey >>>

Week #44 | 2nd November 2017

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is now the first Thursday of November and time for another issue of PCW. The new year is less than two months away, maybe it’s time to consider what promises we should keep in the new year, loosing weight, drinking less and doing more house chores comes to mind. Come mid-January let’s see what in fact happened!

Mao the “Great Helmsman” once famously remarked that “in the cleanest water lives no fish”, fitting for the world we find ourselves in today with so many places riddled with corruption. Any hope of eradicating graft completely is probably futile, but there is no doubt that all forms of corruption hinder sustainable development overall and increases inequality.

One interesting newsletter comes to mind that I would like to draw your attention to: Red Flag Bulletin, especially prescient with the recent news of some project freight forwarders being convicted of bribery (see UK’s Serious Fraud Office).

In today’s newsletter we have an interview with a reputable German shipowner specialised in traffic to Mexico, we then take a look at a competent Turkish project freight forwarder.

I hope that you will enjoy this first issue of November. Our last issue of 2017 will be Thursday, December 22nd, and we will return after the holidays on January 11th, 2018.

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Hugo Stinnes Schiffahrt GmbH – Rostock, Germany

Interview with

Mr. Steffen Wiegratz
Line Manager – SanMex Service – MPP Transatlantic

What type of ships do you currently employ and what capacity can you offer with own gear?

The operated tonnage are craned tweendeck vessels of the modern generation and capacities between 12 and 34.000 tdw, equipped for the carriage of sensitive steel materials as well as loadings of over-length and heavy-weight cargo. The geared vessels have the option to handle cargoes up to 300mt.

Universal Project – Turkey

Interview with

Mr. Toygan Balkanli
Project Manager

Give us some examples of project cargo that you have handled in the past couple of years.

The heaviest item we handled was a 520 ton mobile shore crane from Mersin, Turkey to Durres, Albania with the following dimensions: L:18,70 x W:13,00 x H:38,00 meters. Transformer shipments are one of our regular businesses. Since establishing the company we have handled more than 150 transformers weighing 40 tons to 364 tons.

Featured Project Shipment

Two Iraqi Navy Corvettes from Italy to Iraq after 26-Year Delay

Two Iraqi Navy Corvettes from Italy to Iraq after 26-Year Delay

After a 26-year delay two Assad-class corvettes that were built in Italy for Iraq in the 1980s have finally been delivered on the heavy carrier Eide Trader.

Fincantieri originally built six Assad-class corvettes for Baghdad in the 1980s, but none of them were delivered due to the imposition of a UN arms embargo on Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait in 1990. Four were sold to Malaysia, while Musa Bin Nussair (F 210) and Tariq Bin Ziad (F 212) remained at La Spezia with Iraqi skeleton crews.

The arms embargo was lifted in 2003, but there was a protracted dispute about the fate of the ships. The Italian embassy in Baghdad announced in May 2014 that Fincantieri and the Iraqi government had signed an agreement that paved the way to ending the dispute, saying the shipyard would modernize the vessels before they were delivered. However, there is no indication that this modernization took place before the ships were delivered. Ridgeway International USA Inc. was charter broker and agent for Eide Marine Logistics A/S on this sensitive and successful heavy-lift transport. 

http://ridgewayintl.com/usa/ & http://logistics.eidemarine.com/

PCW-Shipping News

SKULD Highlights the Exposures of Charterers in the Middle

It is common in the chartering business for a vessel to have three or more parties in the charterparty chain. A relatively simple (and usual) pattern is that the headowner charters the vessel to a time charterer, who then sub-charters vessel to a voyage charterer. Longer charterparty chains are often-seen as well.

The chain may include headowner – bareboat charterer – long-term time charterer – medium-term time charterer – time-charter-trip charterer – voyage charterer. Some charterers in the middle may be under a misconception that, as a party in the middle in the chain, they may simply pass claims up or down the line and their exposure is minimal. The purpose of this article is to highlight the exposures of charterers in the middle and recommend precautions which charterers should exercise to avoid or minimise their risks.

Installing a Turbine and Generator with a Jack-Up System

Working within tight space restrictions, the four tower Jack-Up system lifted the power generation plant equipment to a height of 4.5m, allowing it to be easily skidded into position.

The Enerpac JS-250 Jack-Up system is a 1000 Tonne capacity multi-point, synchronous lifting system with self-contained hydraulics in each unit for uncluttered work areas. Loads are lifted in increments as steel “barrels” are stacked together to form lifting towers. Utilising Collett’s SPMT capabilities, the 100 Tonne Siemens steam turbine and the 60 Tonne generator were manoeuvred on site within the plant and positioned above the Jack-Up units at each corner of the load. Following the 4.5m lift, Collett’s skidding systems allowed for both the generator and the steam turbine to be skidded for 14m into final position.

The Jack-Up system lifted the plant equipment to a height of 4.5m
The Jack-Up system lifted the plant equipment to a height of 4.5m

New Route for India-Bangladesh Cargo Transport Opens

Opening a brand new route for cargo transportation between Bangladesh and India, a ship carrying 185 truck chassis manufactured by main personal Indian firm Ashok Leyland Restricted left Chennai port for Mongla port yesterday. India’s Minister of Delivery, Street Transport and Highways and Water Sources Nitin Gadkari digitally flagged off a RoRo-cum-general cargo vessel MV IIDM DOODLE carrying the consignment. The ship is anticipated to succeed in Mongla port in Bagerhat of Bangladesh in 5 days from the date of journey as in opposition to 20-25 days by street.


Voltalia Wins 25-MW Solar Project in Egypt

The project was signed last week in Paris during an official visit of Egypt’s president Abdel-Fatah al-Sissi. Voltalia said it plans to launch construction early next year and bring the plant online in the second quarter of 2019. The output of the park will be sold under a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC). Read the PDF

Enerray to Develop 30MW PV Project in Cameroon

Enerray, though the company EB Solaire, is developing a 30MW PV project in Cameroon, with Enerray set to serve as EPC provider for the plant. Read more…


Flexenclosure to Build Two New Data Centres in Chile, Ecuador

Sweden-based prefabricated data centre provider Flexenclosure is to expand its Latin American footprint after securing an order from an unnamed customer for two new data centres in Chile and Ecuador. Read more…

Posco Daewoo Interested in Building Grain Complex at Chornomorsk Port – Sea Port Authority

“The Korean delegation was especially interested in the possibility of developing a second terminal using berths Nos. 7, 8 and 9. Representatives of Posco Daewoo Corporation are interested in cooperation and consider this territory as promising for the construction of a complex for transshipment of grain cargo and processed products,” the authority said. Read more…

Power Generation

Wärtsilä Wins Power Plant Equipment Contract in Bangladesh

The baseload power plant is being built by Karnaphuli Power, which is owned by Baraka Group. The plant, which is being executed on a fast-track basis, will feature six Wärtsilä 50 engines which run on heavy fuel oil (HFO). The firm plans to deliver the power generating equipment in January 2018 while the plant is scheduled to be commissioned in May 2018. Read more…

PCW-Featured Video

Steaming Ahead in the Bay of Biscay

Steaming ahead on the CMA CGM Christoph Colomb in the Bay of Biscay overtaking a Yangming Line vessel on the starboard side.
Steaming ahead on the CMA CGM Christoph Colomb in the Bay of Biscay overtaking a Yangming Line vessel on the starboard side.
PCW-Featured Photo
Yachts and container ships at Malta Freeport
Yachts and container ships at Malta Freeport.
PCW-Wise Words

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness”

– Eleanor Roosevelt –

“If you desire honesty don’t ask questions whose answers you will not welcome”

– Ancient Burmese Proverb –