PCW-Week 51-2017

Week #51 – 2017

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Week #51 | 21st December 2017

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenThursday 21st December has arrived and it is our last issue of 2017. When I originally came up with the idea of launching an independent online newsletter I had no idea that within 14 months we would be able to reach 52,400 recipients every week. However, although that’s the actual number of recipients, it does not equate to 52,400 readers. That requires more work on my side and probably less stress and more time from the receiver’s side to actually read the newsletter in full.

We are all swamped by email these days and the term “gone fishing” should, in fact, be changed to “gone phishing” with everything that is out there (good and bad!)  on the internet.  I still recall being a trainee sending telexes and now as I near the age of 55, I have my 9-year-old son to solve any problems I have using my iPhone. It’s a testament to the positive impact of the digital revolution but may also lead to premature burnouts from being “online” all the time, even when supposedly on holiday. So I fully understand many of you not being able to take the time to read the newsletter in full.

For once I have no “political” comments to make in this issue, it’s time to give it a rest and not destroy the holiday mood – but I will be back in full force in the new year on January 11th with our first issue of 2018.

Before I turn my attention to today’s content I wish to thank everyone who has supported this newsletter with ads, content, and feedback. Getting interesting and useful content is not always easy but we are getting there.

I welcome anyone openly to write to my personal email address with comments and suggestions. bo.drewsen@projectcargo-weekly.com

Today we focus on the railway, not only the famous Trans-Siberian railway solution but also the railway through Central Asia etc. It has been strongly revived in recent times and thus we have an interesting interview with FELB.

We then interview a UK based freight forwarder with a fresh approach that has won them awards and made them innovators in the market.

We finish off with an introduction to a shipowner focusing on the huge and sometimes overlooked intra-Asia trade which also involves high volumes of project cargo!

We, of course, follow tradition and finish our newsletter with sector news for the active salespeople out there and then round it all off with the video, photo and wise words of the week.

Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy new year. Let us make the new year an even better one for everyone around us.

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Far East Landbridge Ltd (FELB)

Interview with

Mr. Leonardo Vender
Head of Marketing & Sales

Tell our readers about FELB and improved situation relating to traffic to/from China and Europe using the railway.

Rail cargo has been on the rise in recent years. FELB started as a project in 2007 with the idea to transport cargo via rail between Asia and Europe as a competitor to traditional air and sea freight. Later on, we became partners with RZD Logistics in Russia which added to FELB’s ability to transport via rail more efficiently. Then in recent years, China began a multi-billion dollar initiative to upgrade and improve the rail system which allowed for faster transit times and building a larger rail infrastructure.

Hemisphere Freight Services Limited

Interview with

Mr. Louis Perrin

What markets overseas are you focusing on?

We are generally quite client-centric when it comes to overseas markets in that we tend to focus on those in which our clients are buying and selling to and from. Given that we have offices in Shenzhen, China and Auckland, New Zealand – Asia and Oceania are both areas of focus currently. Additionally, we have recently had success in the United States and can see this being a growth market for us over the coming months and years.

Editor’s Note – CNC Line

The intra-Asia trade is one of the largest in the world and many struggle to find solutions for breakbulk cargo that needs to be shipped say, from Japan to Vietnam or from Taiwan to Thailand etc.

I have found CNC Line to be quite capable in this trade, so I have no qualms introducing them here. View CNC services rotation details.

Dirac HSU
Project Cargoes
Cheng Lie Navigation Co., Ltd.
Direct line: +886 (2) 2183-2726
Fax:+886 (2) 2500-7688
VOIP: 8886 2726

PCW-Shipping News

New Agent for Rickmers-Line/RZ Carrier in India

Rickmers-Line, a company of Bremen-based Zeaborn Group, has appointed Merchant Shipping Services Pvt. Ltd. in Mumbai as its new agent in India as of 1 January 2018.


Chloride Exide Inks Solar Cells Deal with Chinese Firm

The five-year renewable deal will also see Chloride Exide design the power backup and solar PV systems for Ritar Batteries. Read more…

Railways & Public Transportation

Siemens to Deliver Fully Automated People Movers for Bangkok

Siemens is to deliver a total of six two-car trains and the Communication Based Train Control system (CBTC) for fully automated operation. The trains will be manufactured at the Siemens plant in Vienna, Austria. Read more…

RZD to Invest USD 130 Billion for Rail Development

By 2025, the total investment for railway development in Russia is estimated at RUB 7.7 trillion (USD 130.7 billion, the president of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov said. Read more…

Water and Wastewater Treatment

De Nora to Supply Filter Underdrains for Water Plant Upgrade in the Philippines

De Nora Water Technologies Inc is partnering with Japanese engineering company JFE Engineering to upgrade the largest water purification plant in the Philippines. Read more…

Pulp & Paper

Valmet To Supply Key Solutions For Three Containerboard Machines In China

Valmet will supply board machine key technology and machine control systems for three new containerboard machines in China. Two of the machines will be producing liner and one will be producing fluting. The start-ups of the machines are scheduled for 2019. Read more…

Military Equipment

Weibel Scientific Wins Contract in the US Worth Millions of DKK

Danish radar producer, Weibel Scientific, has won a substantial contract from the United States Army. The value of the contract has not been disclosed but is described as being in the triple-digit million range (DKK). Read more…

Plants & Processing

Hong Kong-Based American Merchant Opens United States Plant in Bristol, Virginia

American Merchant Inc,  a subsidiary of Merchant House International Ltd, a Hong Kong-based designer and manufacturer of home textiles, seasonal décor products, and leather shoes, will invest $19.9 million to establish its first U.S. manufacturing operation in Bristol, Virginia. Read more…

PCW-Featured Video

Sailing out from Grenaa, Denmark to Sweden

Sailing out from Grenaa, Denmark to Sweden
Sailing out from Grenaa, Denmark to Sweden passing 2 stored jack up oil rigs waiting for better times.
PCW-Featured Photo
Normally it’s gorillas in the mist but here it’s a huge Maersk drilling rig in the mist. Pictured laid up at Port of Grenaa, Denmark.
Normally it’s gorillas in the mist but here it’s a huge Maersk drilling rig in the mist.
Pictured laid up at Port of Grenaa, Denmark.
PCW-Wise Words

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

– Vivian Greene –

“A too modest man goes hungry”

– Ancient Ethiopian proverb –