Week #13 – 2018

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Week #13 | 29th March 2018

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenFriends, it is Thursday even here in Shanghai where I am currently. I arrived from Singapore in order to attend the breakbulk expo. The event was good and takes place over 2 days where basically the first day its full speed and then the 2nd day where some people, of course, are hungover after attending some of the shipowners’ parties the night before, but its all in a good cause and the basic idea is to network, meet each other face to face and virtually put a face to the email address!

Shanghai is a good venue, a mega-city with its pros and cons. What I noticed most (even as a former long-term resident of Beijing) is the pollution. I cannot help but feel depressed by the terrible air quality.

The city does give you a boost of energy as its constantly moving, something you seldom find in any European city, maybe you can feel something similar in some US cities.

The locals are a determined breed and they have a purpose in whatever they are doing. Taxi drivers seem to have a tendency to cheat the foreign visitors and are quite aggressive, but there are also nicer ones among them.

Things have changed though in recent years. China has come into its own, for better or for worse society has started to stand up for itself.

In Shanghai, we discussed many subjects including the fake freight forwarders claiming to be members of this or that organization and sending out bogus freight rates.

I even happened to discuss with a Chinese forwarder an experienced one who was cheated by another Chinese forwarder who suddenly increased the rates otherwise agreed upon and then held the bills of lading until cargo was released. Several forwarders originating out of Shenzhen or Guangdong seem to have done this trick towards both their domestic and also foreign freight forwarding colleagues.

Like I said in previous editorials, don’t trust the rates if they are too low and don’t trust that the company in question is a member of this or that organization. It serves you well to first check if the company is actually a member of the association they claim to be a member of.

Stalin once famously remarked that trust is good but control is better!”

This week we interview a Hong Kong based shipowner and shipping agent, active in Asia for decades.

After our usual video and photo of the week, we have a jobs bulletin for companies who are in search of new talent.

Wishing you a good read and, until next time, I remain,


Wallem Group

Interview with

Mr. Nigel Moore
Sales and Marketing Director

How is Wallem’s relationship with China and do you have completely owned office in China?

Wallem has a long history and established presence in China as it was founded there over 110 years ago. Wallem was, in fact, the first foreign agent to set up in China in 2004. Today Wallem China’s main office is in Shanghai, with 8 owned offices throughout China serving all ports. Our teams in China have strong experience in cruise, naval, project cargo, heavy lift, and breakbulk projects. We also have a technical team in Shanghai handling newbuilding and drydock supervision and providing technical services.

PCW-Shipping News

SAL Africa Service to Commence 1st April 2018

SAL Heavy Lift announces a brand new regular service linking West, South and East Africa with North Europe, the Arabian Gulf and Indian sub-Continent.

Event Report: Breakbulk China

View of Shanghai and the Breakbulk China event.

Breakbulk China 2018 Image 1
Breakbulk China 2018 Image 2
Breakbulk China 2018 Image 3
Breakbulk China 2018 Image 4
Breakbulk China 2018 Image 5
Breakbulk China 2018 Image 6
Breakbulk China 2018 Image 7
PCW-Featured Video
A ferry transversing a tranquil evening in Stockholm, Sweden
A ferry transversing a tranquil evening in Stockholm, Sweden
PCW-Featured Photo

Incredible port and sea view from the offices of Andersen Shipping Company, Singapore

Incredible port and sea view from the offices of Andersen Shipping Company, Singapore
PCW-Wise Words

“Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.”

– Unknown –

“Dig the well before you are thirsty.”

– Ancient Chinese Proverb –