PCW Week 16

Week #16 – 2018

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In this edition: Ridgeway International – USA | IOL Logistics – Indonesia >>>

Week #16 | 19th April 2018

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenThursday again and its 19th April. Soon it will be May 1st….and a very special day for the workers of the world. When I think of “workers” what comes to mind are workers in the coal mines of the world not really office workers but then again we are all workers in one way or another no matter where our “office” is located or what “suit” we are wearing.

I shall be heading over to Finland today a country that really faced the horrors of the second world war more than any other of the Scandinavian countries and has the longest border with Russia in the EU.  Russia bashing has become popular in the western media recently, it almost seems like we in the EU need an outside enemy in order to avoid confronting the problems we have in our own backyard.

How many of the journalists giving their comments have actually been to Russia? I lived in China for 18 years and sometimes I had to refute or explain the most strange misconceptions about China to some of my friends who were slaves of the mainstream media.

I run through newspapers from around the world daily in order to try and get a balanced view and I try to travel a fair bit to actually see.

Speaking to the taxi drivers (when they are not moaning about their business) is always a good thing to do, getting the latest from where you just arrived.

Today’s newsletter includes an interview with a US-based project freight forwarder handling very special and sensitive cargoes. Then speak to another versatile project freight forwarder in the World’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia, which is growing at a fast rate businesswise.

We follow with a reminder of advertising options, a bit of shipping news and sector news for the active sales person to go after.

Wishing you a good read and until next week.

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Ridgeway International – USA

Interview with

Mr. Guy M. Tombs / Ms. Becky Lynn Hodge
President / Vice President

Where does the name Ridgeway originate and what is your main line of business concerning logistics and transportation?

‘The Ridgeway’ is the name of what was once a long-distance path, high above ancient forests in southern England – where shepherds once drove their sheep – it was high and secure from dangerous highwaymen!

So the Ridgeway pathway is symbolic of both ancient and now modern logistics.

Our main line of business has long been Defense logistics, working for Governments and Industry – in the areas of shipping energetics, military hardware and vehicles, and even Naval vessels.

IOL Logistics – Indonesia

Interview with

Mr. Christian Schmith

Indonesia is one of SE Asia’s tigers tell us a bit about the current economy, how is the country developing and how is the market there for project cargo and logistics?

Yes, Indonesia is the big tiger in SE Asia. After the financial crisis in the late 90’s Indonesia has steadily grown over the past 2 decades, and like the rest of SE Asia has been living in the shadows of China. However, over the last 5 years or so more and more focus has returned to SE Asia, especially Indonesia due to its vast population and growth potential.

In the meantime Indonesia’s population has grown to over 260 million people, making it the fourth most populated country in the World – a surprising fact to many. The population is very young and with an ever growing middle class, Indonesia is an interesting place to do business, and will likely be so for many years to come.

Note from your Editor

Please find our media kit here and feel to contact me concerning placing a banner ad with us. As we only allow 4 banner ads in each issue and have (latest figure) 56200 receivers you are bound to get attention. I just got a thanking note from Hanssy Shipping for last weeks interview after which he received many emails and inquiries about their service. So either interview or banner ad in Project Cargo Weekly it does work!

PCW-Shipping News

Largest Hospital Ship in the World Docks in Singapore

The US Navy hospital ship has 1,000 beds, is as tall as a 10-storey building and as long as three football fields. It is currently moored at Changi Naval Base for a supply stop as it goes on a humanitarian mission in the region. The 70,000-tonne ship, which was converted from a supertanker, first came to this region to render aid when a tsunami devastated parts of South and South-east Asia in December 2004.

APL China-Philippines Service Adds Batangas, Xiamen Calls

PL announced additional calls for its China Philippines Express 1 (CP1) service, with the Southern Chinese port of Xiamen and upcoming substitute port to Manila, Batangas, being added to the port rotation. This development extends the market coverage of the shortsea service that links South China and the Philippines, APL said in a press release.

Hansa Heavy Lift Moves Subsea Equipment for Oil Project off Coast of Ghana

Hansa Heavy Lift has moved subsea equipment to assist with the development of the Offshore Cape Three Points (OCTP) Integrated Oil & Gas Development Project off the coast of Ghana.

The voyages took place onboard the heavy-lift vessels HHL Rhine and HHL Richards Bay, which transported the cargo between the ports of Panama City, Florida; Nymo, Norway; and Takoradi, Ghana.

Maritime Equipment

GTT Receives an Order from HHI to Equip a New LNG Carrier

GTT says it has received at the end of March 2018, an order from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) to equip a new LNG carrier with its Mark III Flex cryogenic membrane containment system. Read more…

Plants & Processing

Sorg Wins Siam Glass Ayutthaya Furnace Tender

Thai glass container manufacturer Siam Glass intends to build a second production line in its Ayutthaya plant to make bottles for energy drinks. Read more…


Toyota Plans Battery Production in Thailand

Toyota Motor Corp is set to establish a production base for batteries for hybrid vehicles in Thailand, aiming to start operations at the beginning of 2020, sources close to the matter said Tuesday. Read more…


Pesticide Factory to be Built in Almaty Region

The foreign investor, represented by the Turkish holding company Agrobest Grup, is to invest $30 million in the production of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed protectants and glyphosate in Kazakhstan. Read more…


Tecnam Takes Order For P2012 From Zil Air

Tecnam has received an order for a P2012 Traveller aircraft from Zil Air, based in Seychelles in Africa and are in further talks of extending the purchase to a second aircraft in the following year. Read more…

PCW-Featured Video

Onboard Rickmers Antwerp with Dolphins Playing at the Bow

Editor’s Note:
Best video ever, taken onboard Rickmers Antwerp when I was passenger from Singapore to Houston. Just a day after leaving Singapore.

Onboard Rickmers Antwerp with Dolphins Playing at the Bow
Onboard Rickmers Antwerp with Dolphins Playing at the Bow
PCW-Featured Photo
Beautiful day onboard mv ANL Wyong enroute to Melbourne
Beautiful day onboard mv ANL Wyong enroute to Melbourne
PCW-Wise Words

“Be slow in choosing a friend, slower in changing”

– Benjamin Franklin –

“One generation plants trees, another profits from their shade”

– Ancient Chinese Proverb –