Week #34 – 2018

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In this edition: Trans Logistic LLC – Georgia | 2HL Group – Senegal | Yahway Line s.r.o – Slovakia >>>

Week #34 | 23rd August 2018

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 23rd of August and time for Project Cargo Weekly. Above all it’s almost the weekend for many. A wise man once said if you are in debt you are not free. Debt can be many things, it can be money or it can be debt to others in non-monetary terms, like the feeling that someone did something for you and you never “paid them back” in kind. I think we have all had such experiences in life – we have helped people who may/may not deserve it and once you have finished helping you are then suddenly forgotten. That is indeed a sad experience and many people regrettably forget that they were once helped.

As the saying goes “the water tastes good but who dug the well?” Perhaps everyone can reflect once in a while if we really are as clever as we believe we are or did we get help along the way and did we appreciate it?

Getting back to the world of debts which are mainly financial take a look at this link, a scary read predicting a debt doomsday, there is no doubt that debts on this level simply cannot be sustained.

Using and throwing out and always buying new simply cannot continue, not if we wish to protect the world and hand it over to the next generation. Food for thought indeed. Let us hope that our politicians before focusing on their own pensions and retirement do deal with the matters they were voted-in to deal with!

Businesswise this week takes us to a few interesting countries that are not always in the news. We first visit Georgia which besides being a state in the US by name also is a separate and proud country with a long history, excellent wines and scenery by the Black Sea. A project freight forwarder there tells us more about his country. Then we go to Senegal which is famous for, among others thing, the Paris to Dakar rally, but there is more to the country than just a rally. We finally end up in Central Europe where the country of Slovakia is in focus where we speak to a newly established local freight forwarder.

Take note of our shipping profile of the week too, we speak to a truly experienced expat who left Denmark many years ago and is now retired (well almost) in Taiwan – he certainly has a story to tell that you may find invigorating.

We finalise our newsletter with the usual wise-words etc. and we remind you again to approach the undersigned if you wish to place a banner ad with us reaching some 57,000 individuals around the world.

Until next week, I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Trans Logistic LLC – Georgia

Interview with

Mr. Jaba Tarimanashvili

What are the main activities of Trans Logistic?

We mainly provide maritime and port services, along with cargo forwarding through Georgian ports of Batumi and Poti. We also engage in minor operations in Supsa and Kulevi oil terminals. Our main scope of activities consists of ship agency services to all vessel types, transshipment services of crude oil and oil products in Georgians ports, railway transportation arrangement for oil products, containers and dry cargoes.

2HL Group – Senegal

Interview with

Mr. Taleb Hoballah
Managing Director

How about dealing with customs in your country. Is that difficult?

Senegal imports are under the control of Cotecna. To comply with Senegal import regulations always cross-check with a local clearing agent prior to sending goods in order to avoid prejudical delay and extra charges. Customs offers many regimes whereby goods can be cleared with or without exemption however the process should be clearly respected in accordance with the Senegal import regulations.

Yahway Line s.r.o – Slovakia

Interview with

Mr. Jaroslav Lenár

There is a lot of competition and many providers of freight forwarding services in Slovakia, what are your strengths?

In our understanding there is no word competition. I have often heard people say that Slovakia has a very narrow market, but I do not agree because there are more and more investments in Slovakia coming from Asia or Western European countries.

Shipping Profile – Mr. Borge Fogh

A Danish native living in Taiwan

Borge, tell us about how you got into shipping in the first place?

I was born on a farm, however growing up with transformation from live horse-power to mechanized horse-power when I reached an age where you started to look at your career of choice, I joined the bee-line from the countryside to the cities. My choice was shipping, but ashore, so as to have a firm residence, but with joining The East Asiatic Company in 1968, that’s 50 years ago this August, my residence became with regular moves from one country/region to another. Read more…

PCW-Shipping News

Ecuador Port Landside Infrastructure will Boost ICTSI’s Port Operations

Contecon Guayaquil, International Container Terminal Services Inc’s (ICTSI) largest port project in Latin America, has pledged renewed support and commitment as the Ecuadorian government announced the construction of key landside infrastructure that will connect Guayaquil Port with the south-central areas of the country’s coast and the country’s highlands.

Hansa Heavy Lift Transports Giant Carousel to the Egina Oil Field off the Nigerian Coast

Hansa Heavy Lift has transported a giant carousel together with eight reels, weighing a total of 3,508.7 metric tonnes, from Newcastle, United Kingdom to Lagos, Nigeria destined for the Egina Oil Field.

The voyage took place on board the super heavy lift vessel HHL Lagos, which was mobilised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to prepare the vessel with additional deck strength for the extra-large carousel, which weighed over 2,200 metric tonnes including spooled product and had a diameter of over 25 metres.

Maersk Boxship Tests Russia’s Northern Sea Route

Top ocean carrier Maersk Line is planning to test the waters of the Northern Sea Route. This week, the newly built sub-Panamax Venta Maersk will head north from Vladivostok for a voyage to St. Petersburg, skipping the Strait of Malacca and the Suez Canal.

Plants & Processing

Master Fluid Solutions to Build its Largest Metalworking Fluids Blending Plant in Taicang, China

Master Fluid Solutions has invested in a new metalworking fluids blending plant in Taicang, China, the company announced on Wednesday. The new facility is the Perrysburg, Ohio-based company’s single-largest investment globally and will double its capacity in the country.


Proton, Geely Sign Joint Venture Agreement to Set Up Facilities in China

Proton Holdings Bhd and Zhejiang Geely Holding Group today signed a Heads of Agreement to set up a joint venture that will pave the way for Proton to assemble and market their cars in China. Both companies will take up equal equity in the yet-to-be-named joint-venture (JV) company and target to incorporate the JV within the first half of 2019, subject to obtaining all regulatory approvals.


Senvion Signs Conditional Contract in USA for 275 MW

Senvion signed agreements for the supply and commissioning of 275 megawatts (MW) of wind turbines with the TG East Wind Project that is owned by Taaleri Energia Ltd. NorthRenew, a renewable energy development firm, will co-develop the project with Taaleri. Senvion will supply 58 Senvion 4.2M140 turbines with a hub height of 110 meters as well as ten Senvion 3.2M114 turbines at 93 meter hub height.

Dai Hai Power Developing a 100 MW Solar Project in Vietnam

Sungrow has signed an agreement with Dai Hai Power to supply central inverters for 100 MWp solar project located near the Northwest of Buon Me Thuot City, Vietnam. The solar project is settled on brownfield sites which offer excellent natural conditions for generating power from sun and expects to generate 150 GWh of clean energy annually after the completion.

PCW-Featured Video

Brand new Airbus 380 of Emirates Airlines-Departure

Editor’s Note:
My favourite video showing in great quality the preparation and departure of an Airbus A380 from Dubai.

Brand new Airbus 380 of Emirates Airlines-Departure

PhilaPort Cranes Work MSC Shreya

Editor’s Note:
Always impressive to see the arrival of a giant container ship in port, this time in Philadelphia, US. Where they finally have new and larger STS cranes enabling them to receive mega vessels.

Always impressive to see the arrival of a giant containership in port, this time in Philadelphia, US. Where they finally have new and larger STS cranes enabling them to receive mega vessels.
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
A very special sunset in Kota Kinabalu taken from The Peak, notice the bulker alongside.

A very special sunset in Kota Kinabalu taken from The Peak, notice the bulker alongside
PCW-Wise Words

“Never mistake activity for achievement”

– John Woods –

“If wealth is lost nothing is lost; if health is lost something is lost; if character is lost all is lost.”

– Ancient Indonesian Proverb –