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Mr. Sandor Szanto
Managing Director

Sandor, please tell our readers about your own background in the field of project cargo transportation. When did you start your career? What made you choose this line of business? How many years have you been in Holleman?

Let me start a little bit further back. I graduated at Technical University in Budapest, Hungary and after that, I worked for freight forwarding companies for seven and a half years (DHL, Panalpina, UTC).

Map of Hungary in Europe

At Panalpina on January 1st 2012, I had the chance to start my career as a project coordinator, arranging mainly oil and gas related movements alongside a few other businesses. After that, I carried on with UTC Overseas where I learned a lot in the field, mainly with GE special cargo, and got more and more involved, which I really like as I enjoy connecting operations work with office work. At UTC, my desire to become more deeply involved in transportation just continued, so I made the decision to join Holleman the next day.

Holleman Special Transport

Holleman is one of the biggest groups in Europe with its own fleet (around 350 of own special equipment), where I can extend my knowledge and see the things I never could at freight forwarding companies. I enjoy doing it as I like a challenge and something new to do every day. I have never liked monotony and I love machines and really big combinations with huge cargo.

Holleman Special Transport

When was the company Holleman Hungary established? Are you part of a bigger group and does Holleman have offices in other countries in Europe or abroad?

Holleman Hungary was established a little bit before I joined, but when I took over it was a sleeping company and I started from zero. As such, I consider the establishment to be when I joined. Holleman is one of the biggest and most famous groups in Europe. That was the reason why I joined. We have offices around Europe (Germany, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldavia, Hungary) and that means we are at home almost everywhere in Europe with our own equipment.

Holleman Special Transport

Please provide us with a few examples of special transports that you have handled in Hungary or to/from Hungary. Also, can you tell our readers why you believe that Holleman is a good choice when it comes to Central European special transports?

In my career, I’ve handled quite a few projects like complete oil rig transports via road or over combined methods of transport within Hungary and across the EU and GE special cargoes from Hungary in combination with many countries. Also, transformers, engines, portal cranes with significant parameters, military equipment and many others.

Holleman Special Transport

I believe choosing Holleman is a great choice as the group is experienced with any mode of transportation and various fields (agriculture, power plant equipment, windmills etc.), each with their own specialty equipment to handle cargo with great care and a can-do attitude.

Holleman Special Transport

Hungary has a very central location in Europe and I recall that several production plants are located there, even plants belonging to GE. Besides special transport by road can you also organise them via rail and/or river? I understand that the Danube passes through Hungary and is often used for special transport to Constanta for example, is that right?

Hungary is right in the Heart of Europe. Thus in our position, transportation is key. The Danube is essential for almost everything being transported. Large pieces can only be transported via the Danube, either north which is easily accessed by river, or to south Constanta. South is important as well because there are connections to many countries like Russia, Ukraine, Gruziavetc. As a group, we use mainly pure road transport or road in conjunction with the waterways, but rail can be organized in case it’s essential for smooth delivery.

Holleman Special Transport

Hungary is famous for many things: excellent wines, a difficult language and also proud people that have stood up for what’s right throughout history. Budapest is a beautiful capital; can you please tell our readers about other places that you would recommend for people to visit in your country?

As you said, Hungary is a lovely little country, famous for many things. The people are friendly and open minded all around with many foreigners to be found, mainly in big cities, especially in Budapest. What you know from history can still be found; castles, monuments, churches etc. When anyone comes to Hungary, places like Budapest, Lake Balaton, Hortobágy, the famous wine fields, cities like Eger – where I come from, Tokaj and others are a must.

Holleman Special Transport

How can readers get in touch with you for a quote or more information?

You can get in touch with me via mail or phone at any time if you have a question or request with which I can help you.

sandor.szanto@holleman.huHolleman Logo
Tel: +36302674119