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Mr. Lars S. Rasmussen

WeShip the name kind of tells us what you do, but can you further enlighten our readers in detail on what kind of services you provide?

Yes I agree that the name is intended to tell our clients about our business. Our name is inspired simply by what we love to do, so no secrets. We certainly do ship, break bulk, heavy lift and project cargoes worldwide. We also operate multipurpose and heavy lift vessels.

We are very industry experienced, providing creative and innovative services and solutions to the ocean transportation of project, break-bulk, and heavy-lift cargoes.

WeShip Projects operates independently as brokers, vessel operators and consultants while also operating as agents, acting specifically in the Asian region as exclusive general agents for Ocean7 Projects.

WeShip Management

Although we are a new venture, our team is anything but new to this industry – we have extensive industry experience. We understand the complexities involved when it comes to moving oversized, heavy and high value equipment. We thrive on challenges and we’re great at coming up with creative solutions, of course always putting the utmost priority on safety.

On the cargo side, at WeShip Projects in Asia, the region that at this moment is the majority of our company’s area of business, we are prioritizing, under our General Agency Agreement, in selling Ocean 7 tonnage/services including and along with our Thai flag service. In addition to this we will be doing brokerage and ‘relet’ of cargoes and TC in tonnage. In addition to this, we can also offer owners agency service in Thailand as well as vessel technical management.

WeShip Breakbulk

There is a lot of competition out there and everyone seems to be looking to carry project cargoes.  What makes you stand out in today’s market?

We cannot avoid being different in the market, being a smaller player, but it’s okay! However, to answer your question we stand out because we like to think of ourselves as a more visible and intimate company, always being close to our clients.


We follow our ideals and what we always have believed in, which means we always deliver a solid piece of work, we always prioritize straightforward dialogs, we value transparency in all we do, we always try to present the alternative if there is one and we understand the complexities involved when it comes to moving oversized, heavy, and high value equipment. We thrive on challenges, and we’re great at coming up with creative solutions, but like I said, we always place the utmost priority on safety. That, along with our extensive industry experience and our full dedication to the ‘job’, which is the ocean transportation of project, break-bulk, and heavy-lift cargoes, makes us stand out. That is something we do not find difficult, as project cargoes are our game and indeed, as I mentioned before, also our passion.

Those ideals have, through many years, created our business and provided the very good customer relations we have held throughout the years so if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

WeShip Breakbulk

Who are the owners of the company?

WeShip Projects is a Danish founded Ltd. company owned by the three partners: Søren Larsen, Torben Reinhard and Lars Steen Rasmussen.

You are well known in project cargo shipping. Could you elaborate a bit on your career and tell our readers a bit about your involvement in more than four decades of shipping?

My background is deeply rooted in the shipping company Nordana, previously owned by Denmark’s first ever ship-owning company, Dannebrog Rederi. My partners in WeShip Projects also spent decades navigating through the shipping industry, of which many years also were spent as part of the management team in Nordana Project & Chartering.

WeShip Breakbulk

I was born in Aarhus, Jutland, Denmark and commenced my career with a small shipbroker company by the name of Johannes Petersen A/S. After some years working as a shipbroker in the United Kingdom and Germany, I continued my career in Aarhus until I moved to Copenhagen in 1986 and worked for Nordana in both Denmark and the United States. I have worked almost my entire career in the dry cargo segments on both the ship-owning and the operator side, within ro/ro liner services as well as multipurpose heavy lift, project cargoes services. I worked for Nordana for almost thirty years, of which I spent the latter twenty years acting as the C.E.O. of the company. In recent history, Nordana also became a part of the Rickmers / Zeaborn Group, with whom I worked for the last two years prior to founding WeShip Projects A/S this year.

WeShip Breakbulk

Where are your offices located and can you provide us with contact details?

Yes, our contact information is as follows:

Lars S. Rasmussen
+45 20415444

Denmark Office
WeShip Projects AS
Moerdrupvej 13C
3060 Espergaerde


Torben Reinhard
+66 89 893 3527

Soren Larsen
+66 89 893 3529

Thailand Office
WeShip Projects Co., Ltd
582/7 Soi Ekamai, Sukhumvit 63,
Khlong Tan North Wattana
Bangkok, Thailand

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