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Mr. Daniel Jaguljnjak
Commercial Director

Who are TransContainer Daniel? Can you tell our readers a little about your organisation?

TransContainer is 50% owned by the Russian railways (RZD) and is a Russian intermodal container operator that manages the largest fleet of owned containers (69.595 units) and 25.251 flatcars in Russia over the entire 1520 standard railway network in Eurasia.

Furthermore, TransContainer has its own terminal assets in Russia (42), in Kazakhstan (19) and in Slovakia (1). Around four thousand people are working worldwide in TransContainer and we have offices in CIS, China and Europe.


Railway transportation involves many considerable factors like containers, railcars, depots and the need for a strong network. Many ‘operators’ claim to provide the best solutions for moving cargo via rail to/from Europe, Russia/CIS and China, but why do you feel that TransContainer are, in particular, the best choice?

While considering the fleet of containers and platforms we have, we have to mention the owned terminals in Russia and Kazakhstan, which mean that we are at the key points in the Eurasian corridor between Europe and China, where we can serve the clients’ intermodal solutions.

Transcontainer Operations

Are your customers mainly freight forwarders, or also in some cases shippers?

At TransContainer we mostly work for forwarding companies, functioning as a carrier.

Transcontainer Terminal

Are customs clearance/borders a problem for the railway traffic to/from Europe and Russia/CIS and China? Have you had stoppages due to customs checks or are containers going through unhindered?

They’re not really a problem for us because we have our own offices at the main terminals with our own people who can solve any problems immediately with the customs officials.

Transcontainer Terminal

Do you foresee that oversized cargoes can be transported via rail at some stage to/from Europe and Russia/CIA and China?

Yes sure, this is already happening and, with our infrastructure and assets, we will soon be able to be active on the market as well.

Transcontainer Terminal

Tell us about your own background and experience in this field?

I have twenty years of experience in the forwarding business, specifically in the Eurasian corridor, and hopefully I’ll be working for another twenty years.

Transcontainer Terminal

Can you provide us with your contact details?

Yes sure.

TransContainer Europe GmbH
+49 170 5535924

Transcontainer Tranportation