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Mr. Nhiev Kol

Mr. Nhiev Kol

First of all Nhiev, could you tell us about your own experience in shipping and logistics? When did you start your career? What made you choose shipping as your career and what do you like about your job?

Thank you for your question. I used to work for Maersk Logistics and CMA CGM about ten years ago. I also used to work for Ben Line agencies and used to be an agent for container vessels, multiple purpose vessels and break bulk agency vessels for project cargo and OOG cargo. I’ve been in logistics for almost twenty years and have enjoyed an exciting career in shipping and logistics.

What can you tell us about Pandora? Who chose the name and does it have a specific meaning? Who owns the company?

Pandora was a joint venture between three participants being myself, Ms. Sorn Piyou and Ms. Cathy Heng, to form up Pandora in 2017.

We, the three shareholders, decided on the name. Pandora is also the name of an international Danish-owned jewellery manufacturer and retailer founded in 1982, and so we realised that we needed to have a unique logo. This is because, as I’m sure you understand, it is very important to have a well thought out business identity to achieve good market recognition. A logo is a key design that a company puts on each product, so when it’s unique and able to signify our presence in the shipping industry, a strong logo can even turn viewers into customers.

Are you used to handling project cargoes in and out of Cambodia? Could you provide us with a few examples of photos of shipments you are most proud to have handled?

We used to handle many private and government project cargoes, like cranes, loading arms to support new port terminal projects etc. as per the attached pictures.

Cambodia is not a country that appears often in the news. I understand that the Chinese are very much involved in the development of the country. Is that correct? Can you tell us about the ports of your country that are mainly used for import/export trade?

Chinese investment dominates Cambodian business, including government projects, in the following ways:

  • Most import delivered via Intra-Asia countries like China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Korea to Cambodia. The main import commodities are clothes, garment textiles, accessories, bag materials, construction materials, machinery etc.
  • The main exports are clothes (garment textiles), sports shoes, rice, processed woods, seafood and beer.

The balance between import and export is 60% to 40% respectively.

Tell us about customs clearance in Cambodia. Is it difficult to obtain? Are there any particular things to observe and think about in advance before shipping into your country?

If we correctly declare and provide full supporting documents, there is not much difficulty, unless there is inaccurate information on the documents. A few things to note are that used cargo is not allowed to transit via Vietnam to Cambodia. Second, scrap commodities are not allowed to be imported. Some used commodities are not allowed to be imported, like used TVs. The rest is pretty normal.

Cambodia has certainly been known for some violent history in the past, but it is also known for several famous sites such as Angkor Watt. Could you tell our readers about other beautiful spots in your country that are perhaps lesser known?

We have some other temples located in other places and several nice beaches on the islands along the cost of Cambodia, like Koh Rong Salem, Koh Dekol, Rabit island and Koh Kong.

Sihanoukville Beach
Sihanoukville Beach
Kep Beach
Kep Beach

In the landlocked areas, we have places to see river dolphins located in the Kratie province, as well another ancient temple as well. Beautiful Yeak Laom lake, created in a four thousand year old volcanic crater, is now the deepest lake in Cambodia.

YeakLaom Lake
Kratie River Dolphin

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