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Interview with

Mr. Kuldip Seine


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Firstly, Kuldip, please tell us how many years have you been active in shipping? What made you choose this as your career?

My career in the logistics/shipping industry came about by sheer coincidence. I was helping a friend secure a project he was chasing and I ended up securing the project, resulting in my being employed by his company and thus, my career started in 1980.

Since then, I have been involved in various logistics companies, such as Hermann-Ludwig, Panalpina, Transintra Shipping, Calberson, Haniel Transport, Thyssen Haniel Logistics and ABX Logistics. After those, I was the managing director and project director of Asia Pacific until 2006. During my tenure, I managed numerous projects in the various industries, including industrial manufacturing plants, oil, gas and petrochemical projects, infrastructure, construction and development projects, transportation projects, utilities projects in power and energy plants, telecommunication and waste/water treatment plants, etc.

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I have noticed from your excellent website that you are heavily into logistics for construction sites and major buildings. Could you please tell us more about this sort of work and what led you to such an impressive portfolio?

Trans International Logistiks, since its incorporation in 2007, has been involved actively in various construction projects. These construction, development and infrastructure sectors have very demanding requirements regarding logistics. As with projects in many other industries, construction projects run on very tight schedules. Such projects cannot afford delays as penalties are very high, bearing in mind that such investments run into the millions of dollars and every aspect of their constructions need perfect coordination from all parties working closely with each other to achieve the ultimate goal, i.e. to deliver the project on time.

One can picture mega construction projects, be they for iconic buildings or mixed developments, which entailed the involvement of professionals, be they contractors, suppliers or consultants of various expertise, which at times can mean hundreds of parties being involved and all working together as a team. Coordinating and managing the complete range of the project logistics services for the entire team for such projects is no easy task. It requires expertise from the best, as it leaves no room for error.

We were fortunate to be involved in the iconic Petronas Twin Towers project and, thus, learned that the demand for specialized logistics in this industry is very high. It made us focus on this industry. Since our success, we’ve been approached by a lot of companies to assist them in managing the logistics of their construction and development projects. We’re also proud to have been involved in the Al-Reem Island mixed development in Abu Dhabi. It’s not just Malaysia that’s embarking on such projects, but all the countries in this region.

Malaysia covers a vast expanse from east to west. Are there different mentalities in different areas? What are the main ports in east and west Malaysia that one should consider capable of handling project cargo?

Sabah Ports:

  • Sepangar Bay
  • Kota Kinabalu
  • Lahad Datu
  • Sandakan

Sarawak Ports:

  • Kuching
  • Bintulu
  • Miri

Labuan Port

West Malaysia Ports:

  • Penang
  • Lumut
  • Port Klang
  • Pasir Gudang
  • Kuantan
  • Kemaman
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MISC has been a well known brand in container shipping in the past. I seem to recall from my days with Ben Line Containers that MISC was a part of ScanDutch then and I recall names like Bunga Permai, Bunga Suria etc. Where is MISC now and does Malaysia have a fleet of its own even for intra-Malaysia trade?

MISC has been restructured since then and now their core businesses are as follows:

  • LNG Shipping
  • Petroleum Shipping
  • Offshore Business
  • Marine & Heavy Engineering
  • Maritime Education & Training
  • Port & Terminal Services
  • Integrated Marine Services

Their website states that, in 2011, MISC announced its exit from the container shipping business. The cessation of the liner business was approximately a year later. However, other Malaysian ship owners have always operated the intra-Malaysia trade. Western and eastern Malaysian container and break-bulk vessels mainly handle it, covering the main ports and tug/barge operations to the smaller ports.

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Competition is tough in Malaysia. Can you tell us why you think people should choose Trans International Logistiks as their partner?

Trans International Logistiks Sdn. Bhd. is a project management company (PMC), specializing in the field of total global project logistics management, governmental matters, direct investment incentives, indirect tax exemption consultancy, free trade agreement (FTA) / ASEAN trade in goods agreement (ATIGA) consultancy for the capital expenditure industry.

Trans International Logistiks works with a network of global expert partners in their individual countries. These strategic partnerships allow us to manage our goal of providing enhanced transportation services through the use of qualified and approved systems and expert personnel. Our strategically located global partner network enables us to tackle even the most complex logistical challenges faced by our project clients, anywhere in the world.

Trans International Logistiks very much stands out from most of our competition due to our expertise in handling various governmental matters, including advising investors on the availability of direct and indirect investment incentives granted by the relevant government agencies.

Our core expertise has been in consultancy services on indirect tax exemption related to the application for exemption on import duties and sales tax, identifying free trade agreements (FTA) / ASEAN trade in goods agreements (ATIGA) and customs tariff classification. The services that we render have resulted in substantial savings for our clients on their capital expenditure (CAPEX).

To further facilitate smooth custom clearances, ensuring timely deliveries and barring any hindrances, we extend our capability in applying for and obtaining all sorts of import permits and approvals involving the various governmental regulatory agencies, on behalf of our project clients. These have been realized in substantial amounts of invisible expenditure savings, totaling in the hundreds of thousands.

Trans International Logistiks performs in multiple roles: as a project management company, providing total global project logistics requirements, tax consultancy and attending to governmental issues. The complexity of these endeavors compels us to maintain our VISION and MISSION: to deliver the RIGHT materials in the RIGHT condition to the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time and for the RIGHT price with the RIGHT savings…EVERY TIME!

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Besides business, Malaysia is also very renowned as a great place to tour and even retire to. Could you enlighten our readers with some tips on lesser-known places to see that are off the beaten track?

There are a lot of hidden gems, i.e. tourist sites in both west and east Malaysia as there are fourteen states, each with their own cultures and characters. Thus, each of them has many unexplored sites.

Furthermore, each of them has different features and interests, for example hill resorts, diving spots, lakes resorts, trekking routes, parks, islands, heritage towns, etc. These are all easily found tourism sites or through the links below:

Langkawi Sky Bridge-Malaysia


How is best to get in touch with you?

Mr. S. Kuldip Seine
Managing Director
Email: kseine@tilogistiks.com
Mobile: +6012 222 6034

Ms. Harjeet Kaur
General Manager
Email: harjeet@tilogistiks.com
Mobile: +6016 323 0070

Mr. Stephen Seine
Business Development Manager
Email: stephen@tilogistiks.com
Mobile: +6017 672 0402

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