Week #02 – 2019

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In this issue: NTC Logistics India (P) Limited – Chennai, India | S.F. Systems (Group) Ltd., Hong Kong | ASP Global – Melbourne, Australia >>>

Dear Friends,

Bo H. Drewsen

Happy New Year 2019! As I’m sure you know, it is now Thursday January 10th, week two already and Project Cargo Weekly is here to start bothering your inbox again.

I generally had a good time during the Christmas holidays and, as I mentioned before the holidays, I took the family on a Santa Claus cruise from Stockholm to Kemi in the north of Finland. It takes two days of steaming to get there, partly through ice, as on the days before we arrived it was minus twenty nine. You can see here https://youtu.be/oh5qCX2gDto a short video from the cabin just above the waterline (economy class, mind) and I must say that the noise was excruciating for passengers down there at five am, however the captain had given us ample warning the evening before. Here a picture of the ship in port.

PCW Photo of the week

Visiting business Santa Claus (as I would now call him) was okay. He lives in Rovaniemi, which is a good two hours drive by bus from port of Kemi. It is big business up there and hundreds of tourists, mainly from Russia, China etc. had congregated to meet him on Christmas Eve. So there was a long line and, after waiting with unruly kids, we had exactly one minute with Santa Claus, sitting beside him looking at the reindeer head above before having our photo taken, which we could then purchase after being asked to leave.

Business indeed and I think my shipping career could be replaced when I think of the amount of customers he had waiting. Anyway, children liked it and so did I way back some seventy kilos ago.

What do have in store in the new year? It is indeed a difficult question, as no one can predict the future. When I look back at 2018 it is generally with happiness, but also with some sadness. A few of my good shipping friends that I knew well sadly left this world. Whenever that happens, you always think about whether you did enough while they were still here. I guess the lesson to take is to make sure you live a little every day, treasure the time while you are alive and try to be able to meet your friends, as opposed to being unable to do more at the final goodbye. We are all getting more stressed, not less, and although we have all kinds of apps, social media and whatnot, we seem to be lonelier than ever. Lots of talking among people currently about that very thing and how our social interaction is deteriorating – watch the video here.

But let’s take comfort in the new year. We need to get back in gear, I have to keep my resolution to lose weight but I had already broken it by the end of week one. It’s like the wife said, my spine is like a jelly fish, i.e. nothing to hold on to.

Right, back to work.

We start by revisiting India and we talk to an experienced logistics provider there, particularly skilled in transporting renewable energy projects. After India, we proceed to Hong Kong and speak to a Taiwanese gentleman who has a long history in logistics with mainland China. We end our journey down under in Australia where one of the many successful immigrants in the country tells us his logistics story. They’ve even got an office in Timor Leste, the rather unknown, relatively newly independent country east of Indonesia.

Finally we provide you with ‘shipping profile of the week’ and today’s interview is with the newly retired Mr. George Ma. He, if anyone, epitomizes yet another successful immigrant having done well in shipping.

We have of course business news and, starting with this issue, we add a bit of business and political news, which, while we don’t wish to dabble in politics, still has significant influence on the business and shipping world. I hope you will find what we have chosen interesting to read.

Wise words round off our newsletter, in case you didn’t find any from this editorial and I look forward to getting in touch with you again next week.

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

BP Logistics Vietnam

NTC Logistics India (P) Limited – Chennai, India

Interview with Mr. David Raj Kumar
General Manager – Chartering

NTC Logistics India
It is now 2019 and it seems that the market in India is growing hugely, especially as overseas companies have production factories in India for overseas markets. Do you also serve international companies and their branches in India?
Since our inception, we have served a who's who of the Fortune 500, be they Siemens Gamesa, GE, or Vestas, from 32m blades to 67.2m blades, we have handled various shapes and sizes, improving and innovating new equipment and technology for the growing wind industry. This lead us to MNC's to provide their logistics requirements as well. We now work with auto giants Hyundai and Kia, engineering giants such as L&T and Kalpataru, we support global pharmaceuticals clients and touch all aspects of the supply chain for these behemoths. We offer integrated solutions be it 3PL or 4PL to these large companies and offer them bespoke solutions to the unique problems they bring.
Read the full interview

S.F. Systems (Group) Ltd., Hong Kong

Interview with Mr. Alvin F. G. Ho

SF Systems Group Hong Kong
Mr. Ho, first of all could you please tell us about the name S.F. Systems. Does the name mean anything in particular? Who owns the company and where are your head office and branches located?
The S.F. stands for Sino Formosa, at least that was the initial wording at the beginning when I tried register the company name with the Chinese government back in 1996. Unfortunately it was rejected by the officer of the Chinese Authority. They told me that ‘Formosa’ was related to something colonial dating back to the sixteenth century. Consequently, I decided on S.F. and registered that as the business ID.
Read the full interview

ASP Global – Melbourne, Australia

Interview with Mr. Jack Haddad
Sales Director

ASP Global Australia Interview
First of all, greetings to you in Melbourne and a very Happy New Year 2019, which you entered into some hours prior to us here in Europe. Please could you tell us something about the history of ASP and give our readers some insights into the ownership of the company?
ASP Global was founded in 1996 by Mr Peter King, a veteran of the logistics industry who is currently in Timor Leste (where ASP Global also has an office thanks to the project logistics we do in that area). ASP is also looking into providing I.T. solutions for clients who are looking for smarts in their supply chain.
Read the full interview
SF Systems Group Hong Kong

Shipping Profile – George Ma – Shipping Manager (Retired) of Martin Bencher Group

George Ma - Martin Bencher Retired
Editors note: Mr. George Ma, my good friend and colleague when I was at Martin Bencher Group told me recently that he had retired. Because he had a long and distinguished career in shipping I felt it was a good idea to let him have a short say about himself to the readers of PCW.
George tell our readers about yourself. Where do you come from, where were you born and when did you get to Denmark?
My name is George Ma I am 66 years old and I am originally from China but I have lived and worked in Denmark for about 30 years now.
I am married with 2 children aged 24 and 36. My background was first in trading machinery to/from China.
Read the full interview

Shipping News


Container Chaos: Ship loses 270 containers in North Sea storm

Editors note: Giant containerships are still small even in the tiniest bit of ocean, the North Sea,  and as seafarers can tell you it can be very stormy in those waters as this recent news aired on youtube will show  you with a containership loosing hundreds of units into the sea. Can only imagine the rolling feeling onboard which must have preceeded this footage
Container Chaos

Frenchman “Barrels” Across the Atlantic

Frenchman “Barrels” Across the Atlantic
Editors note: I generally must say that courage is generally in short supply in Europe however this particular frenchman certainly shows a certain audacity barrelling across the Atlantic.
The 71-year-old French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin is sailing across the Atlantic in a three-meter (10-foot) “barrel” that relies on wind and ocean currents for propulsion.
Read more…

TPP kicks off without US, opening business doors across Asia

Editors note: Asia is developing and opening up whether or not USA wish to join the world still can survive it seems!
Asia's newest multilateral trade deal not only eliminates tariffs on goods but also removes barriers to investment, services and data — unlocking opportunities in retail, banking and e-commerce.
The 11-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership, which took effect Sunday, spans 13% of global gross domestic product and links advanced and emerging economies.
Read more…

TT Talk – Bills of lading & contract issues

Editors note: Reputable TT club had recently an informative newsletter about the operation of the key document in shipping ie the bill of lading. You would be well advised reading it…..
Read more…
HK Wintop

Japan to Asia: Give us your young, your skilled, your eager workers

Editors note: A very interesting development in Japan. It seems that Japan is now realising that they do need to open their country to more migration as Japan is greying bigtime.  Although shipping may not be directly affected still opening up a country to foreign migration will inevitably lead to more trade at least its a reasonable assumption.
A rusty hot-spring town in rural Japan is emerging as an unlikely hub for Asian business talent, spawning startups and workers who are ready to trot the globe on behalf of Japanese companies.
The transformation of Beppu, on the southern island of Kyushu, exemplifies a change that is gradually advancing at the national level. As Asia rises as a global center of growth, Japan aims to harness that energy and secure its own future as an economic power by attracting young international workers and innovators.
Read more…

2M Alliance and ZIM extend their strategic cooperation

Maersk Line, MSC and ZIM announce a new strategic cooperation on Asia-US West Coast (USWC) and Asia-Mediterranean trades.
The new Agreement will cover the Asia – Mediterranean and the Asia – Pacific Northwest trades.
MSC, Maersk Line and ZIM will run the operation on the Maple service with seven vessels between Asia and the US West Coast.
The 2M Alliance will contribute three vessels and ZIM will operate four vessels. The parties will swap slots on Orient service which remains a fully 2M operated service.
Read more…

Sector News

Prinx Chengshan invests £19 million in purchasing land for new Thailand tyre factory

Having rejected earlier plans for a new tyre factory in Malaysia, Prinx Chengshan has invested 170.6 million yuan (£19.464 million) in buying at least 433,600 square metres of land in at Tambon Nong Suea Chang, Amphur Nong Yai, and Tambon Klong-Kew, Amphur Ban-Bung, Chonburi province in Thailand. According to stock exchange filings dated 25 December 2018, the deal comprises “several plots of land” and will be funded by the company’s recent global share offering.
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HUECK Middle East (ME) Aluminium Systems has announced its new office set-up in Dubai

HUECK Middle East Aluminium Systems, one of the leading and trusted aluminium solutions systems provider, has announced its new office set-up in Dubai as it continues to improve customer experience, enhance its profitability prospects, and strengthen its brand in the UAE and the rest of the Middle East region.
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Konecranes for Middle East port

Saqr Port in the United Arab Emirates – part of the RAK Ports group – has ordered three 63 tonne Konecranes Gottwald G HMK 8410 B mobile harbour cranes.
The diesel electric Model 8 cranes have been ordered in the four rope variant, featuring hoist speeds of up to 140 metres a minute. Two of the cranes will be delivered in April, with the third in July. They will handle inbound and outbound bulk material at the port in Ras Al Khaimah, northern UAE including coal, limestone and clinker.
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Demem wins new orders worth A$350 000

Singaporean-Australian water and wastewater treatment company De.mem Ltd has secured A$350 000 in new orders from municipal and resource sector customers in Queensland, Australia.
Read more…
Cross Ocean Network

Featured Video

PCW Week 02 - Video of the week - Launch of Strategic Chabahar Port
Chabahar port in Iran but operated by India is a new ” invention” especially for landlocked Afghanistan.  See this clip on youtube it has ramifications for shipping to/from Afghanistan and Central Asia and will enable cargo to bypass Pakistan to the world.

Featured Photo

PCW Week 02 - Photo of the week - Tug Boats in the ice
Tugboats resting up at port of Kemi, Finland minus 29C. Taken from the Santa Claus cruise.

Quote and Proverb of the Week


“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”

– Norman Vincent Peale

“Dig the well before you are thirsty”

– Ancient Chinese Proverb

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