Week #09 – 2019

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Week #09 | 28 February 2019
It is February 28th and the last day of the month. Again, one starts to wonder where the last two months went.
Bo H. DrewsenToday, I want to speak a bit about scams. In our online world, scams of all kinds are happening. Weekly, if not daily, we hear about identity theft, online banking fraud, phishing and whatnot. What concerns me the most are smart sales people calling unsuspecting older people, who might be from a generation when people were possibly more trustworthy. Even modern day business people may fall into the traps of these smart sales people on the phone trying to sell whatever. One scary example was uploaded to Youtube recently, concerning an American-run call centre in Manila that was running a defrauding scheme towards mainly Australian retirees. See this video for more info.
Of course. there’s no doubt that in today’s world, greed and thirst for profit often get the better of us. Banks don’t help, as we all know they’ll lend you an umbrella when it’s sunny, only to ask for it back when it starts raining. Still, I cannot help but feel sorry for the victims of fraudsters, who these days come in all shapes and sizes. Just because someone wears a tie and claims to come from, say, Germany or Switzerland, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t crooked, so my advice is to watch out, no matter how well they can speak English.
After all, English is just a language (and I’d even dare ask, where would England be if their language wasn’t the world’s number one language?). So we must always pay attention carefully, no matter how nice English sounds when spoken well. Our own industry has also seen its share of scammers and fraudsters. I regularly hear that there’s been a recent barrage of emails coming out of south China that begin ‘dear friend’, or ‘hello sir, we are the best project freight forwarders in China’ and offering ridiculous rates. They then keep the bills of lading and squeeze the unsuspecting foreign forwarder to pay more before release.
In Germany recently, a freight forwarder who owed money to several unsuspecting overseas agents tried to fold up his tent to start a new company. He would start it this time in his wife’s name, leaving the former company and its debts to sink with the debt. So then, we all must be aware. Of course, here at PCW, we are more than happy to spread the word about fraudsters and scammers and to do our part to ensure that our readers don’t fall into their traps like others before them.
Many fraudsters know that, up to a certain amount, people would rather forget a loss than to ask overpriced lawyers for advice. After all, one thing we can be sure of is that a lawyer won’t pick up the phone for a minute without a charging for an hour. In my view, there should be a small claims court to efficiently handle such matters for the benefit of the many. Most of us would prefer to go the legal route over the ‘Russian’ way, so to speak.
In this week’s edition of PCW, we start off in a beautiful country divided into east and west, by which I mean Malaysia. We speak to a local project freight forwarder that I have known for several years and he gives some insights into the solutions that he can offer to and from his country. We then pay a visit to Northern Ireland, a place very much in the news nowadays due to Brexit and the backstop that we hear about daily. We talk to a local and well-versed freight forwarder there. Staying on the British Isles, we talk with an NVOCC who offers services into Latin America. That is quite interesting because we don’t come across NVOCC’s covering that territory very often.
We provide you with a bit of shipping and industrial news from various places and we finish off with our usual Picture and Video of the Week, which may interest you. It will certainly impress upon you the developments in shipping over the last fifty or so years. Finally, we come to a conclusion with wise words. Have a good rest of the week.
Until next time, I remain,


Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen




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Project Cargo Weekly Interviews Graphic

Trans International Logistiks – Malaysia


Interview with

Mr. Kuldip Seine



Mr. Kuldip Seine Owner

Trans International Logistiks
I have noticed from your excellent website that you are heavily into logistics for construction sites and major buildings. Could you please tell us more about this sort of work and what led you to such an impressive portfolio?
Trans International Logistiks, since its incorporation in 2007, has been involved actively in various construction projects. These construction, development and infrastructure sectors have very demanding requirements regarding logistics. As with projects in many other industries, construction projects run on very tight schedules. Such projects cannot afford delays as penalties are very high, bearing in mind that such investments run into the millions of dollars and every aspect of their constructions need perfect coordination from all parties working closely with each other to achieve the ultimate goal, i.e. to deliver the project on time.
Read the full interview


AB Cargo Limited – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Interview with Mr. Tony Budde
Managing Director



Tony Budde Photo

AB Cargo Northern Ireland
Tony, first of all, could you please tell us about the history of your company? When was it established, who owns it and what is your primary line of business?
The business model of AB Cargo has been used a number of times locally and internationally in my previous roles. I was encouraged by a group of investors to take the next step, so in January 2016, AB Cargo was formed.
The cornerstone of our services is managing a few key accounts that are heavily involved in the Marine and Oil & Gas sectors. We offer these clients total global logistics solutions. Locally, we are also a strong customs clearance company working for other forwarders as their nominated broker.
Read the full interview
Wiima Logistics

Seafair (UK) Limited

Interview with Mr. Sean Stokes
Managing Director

Seafair Limited NVOCC Latin America
Sean, first of all, I understand that you are an NVOCC. Can you tell our less-informed readers what an NVOCC is? What does the abbreviation stand for and what kind of services do you provide in the market?
An NVOCC is a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier. This means we act like a wholesaler selling full container load (FCL) and consolidation services (LCL) predominantly to freight forwarders on a neutral basis.
Read the full interview
Project Photo

Baltic Freight Services Loaded Barges in the Port of Klaipeda, Lithuania

Loading barges in Klaipeda
Baltic Freight Services UAB
Shipping News

The China Syndrome: Part One – Is China taking over the South Pacific? | 60 Minutes Australia

Editors note:
The South Pacific consist of many islands spread out and is increasingly seeing a kind of fighting for influence between China and the former “protector of the area”  Australia. China uses money to buy allegiance as has been seen in other parts of the world so striking a balance between being reasonably in debt or being totally under is probably good advice for local governments also in the South Pacific. Shippingwise  ANL part of CMA CGM GROUP are generally strong in the area.    See this interesting film about it.
The China Syndrome Video

Two months to unload fire damaged cargo from Yantian Express

Editors note:
More and more checks are being carried out on whether the shippers declaration of content is correct or not.  With the recently disastrous fire onboard the Maersk Honam it was soon followed by a fire onboard the Yantian Express.  Whilst the cause is still under investigation there is no doubt that mis-declaration of goods & weight will face much heftier fines in future for anyone shipper doing so.
Distressed cargo from the fire hit containership Yantian Express will take two months to be discharged once operations get underway at a shipyard in Freeport, Bahamas.
Ocean Network Express (ONE), alliance partner of Yantian Express owner Hapag-Lloyd said that the vessel was now in a yard in Freeport, Bahamas specifically designated to received the containers damaged by fire and water from the firefighting operations on the vessel.
Read more…

Port info / Port of Itajai, Brazil

Editors note:
From time to time I will alert my readers to ports that are not always in the headlines. This week we see a video from port of Itajai, Brazil. Enjoy!
Port of Itajai
Port of Itajai Map

First TIR transport from Europe to China arrives in only 12 days

Editors note:
Trucking to Asia from Europe is seldom done but apparently it can be done. Latest here from the International Road Union.
The first successful TIR transport from Europe to China was completed on Tuesday after a 7,400 km journey from Germany to Khorgos, a major Chinese overland Belt and Road port.
Carrying 12 tonnes of automobile lubricant in challenging winter conditions, the TIR truck started its 7,400 km journey in Germany, entering Poland and travelling through Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan to China in just 12 days without disruption or customs issues. 
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Project Cargo Weekly Sector News

LONGi to build new 1GW mono solar cell plant in Malaysia

Leading monocrystalline wafer producer and ‘Solar Module Super League’ (SMSL) member LONGi Green Energy Technology has announced plans to build a new 1GW monocrystalline solar cell manufacturing plant in Kuching, Malaysia.
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China’s first Six Flags Zhejiang park to open June 2020

The production of equipment for the Zhejiang Liuqi Water Park is largely complete, and installation is to take place in the first half of this year.
A collaboration between the U.S.-based Six Flags Entertainment Company and its Chinese partner, Riverside Investment Group, the water park will be sited in Haiyan County, Jiaxing, on the edge of Hangzhou Bay, in Zhejiang Province, within easy reach of Shanghai.
Read more…

Saft Energy Storage System to Support Bermuda’s Future Electricity Plans

French company, Saft, is delivering a turnkey order to supply an Energy Storage System to Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO). The system will provide up to 10 MW power for spinning reserves and frequency response to maintain grid stability.
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Hoa Phat Steel Pipe to export 1000 tonnes of galvanized pipes to India

VNS reported that Vietnamese Hoa Phat Steel Pipe Company Limited has announced the first order to export around 1,000 tonnes of galvanised steel pipe worth USD 600,000 to India.
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Project Cargo Weekly Featured Photo
Editors note:
Visiting the COSCO breakbulk carrier headquarter early December I took a photo of COSCO’s first vessel launched the mv GUANGHUA. An impressive ships model indeed and launched half a decade or more ago.  After looking at this picture do proceed to watch the video of the week for the NEW GUANGHUA!
PCW Week 09 Featured Photo
Project Cargo Weekly Featured Video


Editors note:
More than 50 years ago COSCO launched its first ship it was called the Guanghua, not sure but I believe it was 1951 or something like that.  Now the XIN GUANG HUA or new Guang Hua is here and one might say an impressive development in size, capability and this vessel was recently used to transport a section of the burnt out Maersk Honam. This semi-submersible is a marvel to behold.
Xin Guang Hua Vessel
COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Greece) SA Semi-Submersible Heavy Lift vessel Xin Guang Hua discharges the floating dock ‘’ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ III’’ of 80,000 tns capacity, at Piraeus.
The heavy lift mv Xin Guang Hua under the agency of COSCO Shipping Lines Greece S.A., delivered to Piraeus Port Authority on 12.03.2018 the floating dock ‘’ΠΕΙΡΑΙΑΣ ΙΙΙ΄΄ of lifting capacity of 22.000 tons and transfer capacity of 80.000 tons.
With the addition of the new floating dock, which can serve vessels up to 240 meters long and 35 meters wide, Piraeus Port Authority is aiming to attract more ships to the Ship Repair Zone of Perama from the wider region of Mediterranean. Video link.
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