Week #43 – 2018

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Bo H. DrewsenIt’s Thursday, October 25th and PCW is here again. Although I just got back from Denmark and was wanting to take a short break, I was informed by my real estate broker in Malta that a Russian couple were interested in firming up a commitment to rent the condo down there. So, I am off again on another flight tomorrow morning to Frankfurt, where I will have a few hours stopover to speak to a Russian company involved in transports by rail to/from Asia and then in the evening another flight down to Malta.

Although I’ve been flying like crazy for many years, I do feel sympathy for many of the businessmen and women who, as sales people, travel the world to promote the companies for whom they work. Sales is generally hard work and it does, more often than not, mean regularly occupying a spot in the back of the plane, or perhaps economy plus, but it is certainly by no means without stress. In our striving to become efficient, schedules are tight and you are expected to waltz fresh into a meeting, even after a ten hour long haul flight, whilst also remembering the change of time zone.

Still, nothing can make up for meeting people face to face. You can hide behind the computer but getting out there to meet your customer, vendor, supplier etc., you certainly find that it is always an investment worth making. Even the family at home can be neglected at times whilst you are jetting the world and maybe you’ll be told in no uncertain terms to start changing the way you plan your flights. But, as some of us know, we will go to any length to keep that gold or platinum frequent flyer card, right? I dare say that there are also many pleasant moments to be experienced aboard while flying, like having a unique opportunity to meet interesting people. I suggest you have a gin and tonic or a glass of cold New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc whilst listening to some of the great in-flight music that airlines provide.

For example, this track from Qatar Airways. https://youtu.be/KcdWm-M_PWc

We have two interviews for you today, starting off in Bangkok, Thailand where we speak to a family-owned project freight forwarding company who’ve been active for years in moving cargoes to/from Thailand and Laos. After that, we stay in the region to visit another country of resilient people – this time Vietnam – where, in light of the recent visit to Europe by a huge government delegation, we re-publish an interview with a project forwarder also active in the renewables field. Pay special attention to our shipping news this week and our usual videos, pictures and wise words as usual.

Until next week, I remain,
Yours sincerely,

Bo H. Drewsen

Skyline Logistics Kenya

CU Logistics – Bangkok, Thailand

Interview with Mrs. Noi & Mr. Chairat

CU Logistics Project Cargo Bangkok, Thailand

With the fantastic geographical location of Thailand, bordering several countries such as Laos, Myanmar, China etc., can you organise transshipment via Thai ports into these neighbouring countries?
We agree and want to emphasize the fantastic geographical location of Thailand, as if you look at the south east Asian map, we are in the center of commercial and transportation activity, with more facilities for logistics management to be made easier and faster through connections with the several bordering countries.

VN Projects Ltd – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Interview with Mr. John Truong
Owner & CEO

Vietnam Projects Breakbulk Cargo
John was a colleague of mine when I was in Martin Bencher. He was recently in Europe together with a VIP delegation from Vietnam including the Vietnamese premier. I thought it befitting for you all to read the original interview we had with him in the very beginning of 2018.
Vietnam is a proud country with a tough history and very resilient people. It is also one of the booming Asian Tiger economies nowadays. Vietnam is also big on renewable energy and with its almost 100 million people it is a force to be reckoned with in the South China Sea.
Tell us about VN Projects – who owns the company and what is your main line of business?

VN Projects is a project freight forwarding company which specializes in handling breakbulk, heavy-lift, oversized cargoes and all types of containers. I own the company 100%.

VN Projects main line of business is:

  • Chartering
  • Pricing for all local transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes
  • Pricing for international transportation of oversized and heavy cargoes
  • Shipping all types of containers (FCL, FR, OT…)
  • Feasibility studies for projects/Pre-transportation surveys
  • Documentation/Tax and duty exemptions
  • Customs clearance and land transportation
Fox Brasil

Shipping News

Liburnia Maritime Agency and Karim Thys are joining forces to start-up an independent Brokerage company based in Breda, the Netherlands

Liburnia Projects & Chartering B.V.
With well over 15 years of close cooperation and an equal number of years experience in the field of Projects & Chartering, Liburnia Maritime Agency and Karim Thys have decided now is the time to join forces and start-up an independent Brokerage company to serve the Maritime industry.
The new company, Liburnia Projects & Chartering will be located in Breda, only half an hour away from Antwerp and Rotterdam – two of Europe's main ports and well connected with the rest of Europe and the World.

Tripartite Forum: Shipping Industry prepares for major changes

The shipping industry is on the verge of major changes requiring strong collaboration between ship builders, ship owners and classification societies, agreed the 70 plus participants of the 2018 Tripartite Forum held in Seoul, South Korea on 11 and 12 October.

The French Caribbean joins the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Shipping Association after 36 years of absence

Editors note:
The Caribbean is famous for islands and beaches and possibly Jamaican Rum but it also has a size-able shipping industry. Here a press release from an organisation on Martinique which you may find interesting and informative.
Sandra Casanova, President of the Cluster Gat Caraïbes was elected at the Board of Directors of the Caribbean Shipping Association (CSA) on October 8, 2018 during the 48th General Assembly in Panama City. Her mandate designates her as a Representative within the group A « Ships, Agents and Private Stevedore Contractors » which gathers private entrepreneurs, national associations and individual agents working as Agents for all types of vessels.

E2open acquiring container shipping platform INTTRA 

Editors note:
Not a week goes by nowadays without development in the shipping field concerning online booking platforms evolving.  Here the latest.
Cloud-based provider of networked supply chain solutions E2open is acquiring container shipping back end fulfilment company INTTRA.
The acquisition will combine E2opens’s base od 70,000 partner companies and 200,000 users, many of the biggest brands and manufacturers across a range of industries with INNTRA’s multi-carrier network across 177 countries with more than 35,000 active shippers and 60 carriers. One in four containers booked globally goes through INTTRA’s systems.

CMA CGM stake in Ceva ‘is no threat to the forwarders’

Editors note:
Shipowners have vowed that they are not a threat to the freight forwarding industry overall.  Here is an interview with one of the leading players
Speaking prior to yesterday’s announcement that CMA had upped its stake in Ceva to 33%, Mr Sartini said the rationale of the investment was to provide integrated services to large shippers that want to do direct business with carriers.
“Some customers want to deal only with forwarders, some only carriers and some both,” he said at the TPM Asia conference in Shenzhen last week.

Sector News

Risen Energy secures contract for 50MW PV project in Vietnam

Risen Energy has won the bid for the NHI HA 50MW solar power station project owned by Vietnam-based Bitexco Group's subsidiary Thap Cham Solar.

Congo Sets Deadline for Joint Bid on 11,000-Megawatt Hydro Plant

The Democratic Republic of Congo gave two groups of investors a four-week deadline to submit a joint proposal on the development of the multi-billion dollar Inga 3 hydropower plant.