Week #45 – 2018

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Dear Readers,

It is week forty five, Thursday the 8th of November and it is now less than two months until 2019. I wonder where 2018 went, but it went fast, that much is for sure!

Bo H. DrewsenI have been giving some thought to the development of online sales, marketing and more or less everything now being done online. It seems to me that we are now extremely vulnerable to any kind of breakdown in our internet. We are at a loss when something is wrong and we are now so dependant on it in our every day lives that we are losing our capabilities in other respects.

I also believe that the internet and, specifically, the use of mobile phones is creating a social vacuum, as today if you go to the pub you’ll hardly speak to the person sitting beside you, because instead you’re busy updating your status on social media or checking to see if anything urgent has happened in the one minute since you last checked. I am sure you all recognise what I am describing; we are developing towards a society where we hardly speak to each other and we are constantly monitored for ‘efficiency purposes’ or for ‘political reasons’ in some countries.

We are also responsible in some places for the death of the local village because, after trying on – let’s say a new outfit – that we are interested in, we go home and order it online from one of the many online shops now available. Sooner, rather than later, the local grocery or shop will close and it will contribute to the loneliness that is felt by many. The same happens in our bigger cities where you may have a crowd but, even so, you could feel more alone than ever. I’m not sure what the answer is. If anyone has the answer to the problem of the internet drug, please tell me all about it!

Well, back to business and to making a living, whilst hopefully providing you with solid input that you can use. We start off with an interview with one of the biggest in the world, a renowned container ship owner of Danish origin and we focus on their traffic to West Africa. We then speak to a ship broker and project logistics company of Croatian origin but with a newly opened branch in the Netherlands. To finish off we visit the Gold Coast in Australia with an interview with a competent project freight forwarder in Brisbane, who is of Venezuelan origin. I hope you will enjoy this and our usual sector and shipping news as well as our wise words and videos of the week.

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

2hm Logistics Slovenia

Maersk Line Special Cargo HQ, Denmark

Interview with Mr. Esben F. Noergaard
Trade Manager Special Cargo

West Africa

Could you tell us a bit about your coverage of the West African trade area?

Yes I will be happy to. One of the great things about Maersk is that we have the largest ocean network in the world, so there aren’t many ports we do not use. Of course, globally not all ports are used weekly but many actually are. When it comes to West Africa, we have more coverage than anyone else and major ports (highlighted in bold on the map) are used weekly on direct products.

Liburnia Projects & Chartering B.V., Netherlands

Interview with Mr. Karim Thys
Managing Director & Partner

Liburnia Projects Chartering

Competition in chartering and shipping agency is fierce in most places. What makes you stand out?

I’ve had the chance to work in three different roles in the shipping industry, i.e. as forwarder serving the cargo interests, as chartering broker in the intermediary role and as vessel owner acting as carrier. The variety of experience I gathered in these positions and the understanding of all parties’ concerns and desires are things that I use in everyday business. I believe this allows me to find mutual ground and reach agreement amongst the parties involved much faster and more efficiently. Clients will find in us an independent and flexible partner with specialist knowledge, who can deliver what they need.

Lobo Logistics – Brisbane, Australia

Interview with Mr. Alberto Coll

Lobo Logistics

Could you please tell us about your experience and background in project cargo and logistics? What is your nationality?

I was born in Venezuela, South America and have been around international logistics and project cargo all through my professional life. I moved to Australia in 2002 and started working for companies such as P&O Nedlloyd, Maersk Line, Skelton, JBS and 20Cube.

I have been lucky to work in almost every field including: reefer cargo/dangerous cargo/OOG/liquid bulk/dry bulk and project cargo.

Transbridge Pakistan

Featured Video

Eliron Cargo Tracking

Eliron Cargo Tracking GSM based cargo tracking

Hong Kong-based Eliron Cargo Tracking uses a bespoke, GSM-based system to update clients on shipments door-to-door across the Belt and Road Initiative routes. CEO Elias Heikar says the high-technology cargo tracking business is well fitted for operating from Hong Kong, with the SAR’s scalable services in areas such as office access, book-keeping and data collection, as well as a super connector to Belt and Road countries.

ELIRON cargo tracking is an SaaS based solutions designed to track critical shipments reliable and affordable, globally. Our solutions are based on IoT, GSM network mobile device localisatio, small GSM-based tracking devices and an Internet cargo tracking portal.

The new Geo-Fence function of Eliron cargo tracking with customer tailormade milestones will help monitor critical shipments automatically and alert when shipment arrives to terminal hub, gross the borders and reach it’s destination.

For more informaiton, please contact:

Elias Heikari
Eliron Cargo Tracking
email: elias.heikari@eliron.com.hk
Tel: +852 9615 0321

Shipping News

What does the “IMO 2020” regulation really say? (a quick guide)

Editors note: Cargo owners and freight forwarders beware. According to estimates and our sources within the industry the full implementation of IMO 2020 could mean an increase in costs to shipowners of anything between 10-30% and that bill will no-doubt be passed along the “food chain” to their customers, so if you are about to ink that longterm agreement with your customer make sure to have an “adjustment” clause in your agreement. Decision of our politicians are never free especially for others!

The shipping industry has all eyes firmly fixed on the topic, but what exactly do the “IMO 2020” global sulphur cap regulations say? This guide looks at five highly relevant topics, how to comply and how the regulation will be enforced.

Trump signs billion dollar boost for Great Lakes shipping

One Container Shipping Group calls Hamburg Port

Editors note: The US and CANADA do share some GREAT LAKES and here are some fresh news about the US investing in transportation there.

The Great Lakes shipping community received a huge boost in late October, with President Donald Trump signing a bill that would authorize close to $1bn for construction of a second lock allowing transits of large “Laker” vessels, at the Soo Locks in the north of Michigan at the eastern terminus of Lake Superior.

Africa 2018 – Business for Africa and the World

Africa 2018 - Business for Africa and the World

Network with 2,000 high-level delegates from more than 80 countries, 180 expert speakers and top level African government delegations. In addition to the main programme, Africa 2018 has been enhanced to include features like the Young Entrepreneurs Day (YED), Women Empowering Africa (WEA) and exclusive President Roundtables with some of Africa’s most prominent CEOs.

The China Navigation Company officially opens new China headquarters

CNC opens new headquarters

Editors note: The China Navigation Company (CNCo) recently celebrated the opening of their China headquarters in Shanghai, marking a significant return to its birthplace 147 years ago, and a significant milestone in its history.

Procam Logistics

Sector News

TNG awards FEED contract to SMS Group

TNG has appointed its metallurgical plant supplier and development partner SMS Group to commence the key front-end engineering and design (FEED) process for its Mount Peake vanadium-titanium-iron project in the Northern Territory…..

Trina Solar to provide 190MW PV solution for Spanish solar park

Chinese photovoltaic (PV) equipment manufacturer Trina Solar has agreed to provide 190MW of its integrated PV solution TrinaPro to ACS Group’s subsidiary Cobra for a Spanish solar park.

Trina Solar’s integrated PV solution will be used by Cobra for an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project being built at Alcázar, Ciudad Real province in Spain.

CQM and Zhongzi Enterprise Group (ZEG) Announce a Joint Venture With a Total Investment $10,000,000

CQM Ltd., a leading company in the field of non-chemical water treatment for cooling systems and drinking water, has announced a joint venture with Zhongzi Enterprise Group (ZEG) of China, to manufacture sell and service products based on CQM’s technology in China. The total investment in the joint venture by both companies is $10,000,000.

Lyudinovo finalizes Cuban locomotive design

Representatives from Cuban Union Railways (UFC) and Lyudinovo Locomotive Works (LTZ), Russia, together with other suppliers within the Sinara group have begun to finalize the specifications for a new fleet of diesel-hydraulic locomotives ordered by UFC earlier this year.

Empresas Taylor

Featured Photo

What was 40 years ago a shore crane in a rundown port area is now a "decoration" in a plush suburb of Stockholm, Sweden

Editors note:

What 40 years ago was a shore crane in a rundown port area is now a “decoration” in a plush suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. How times changed, right?

Quote and Proverb of the Week

The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

The embarassment of asking is temporary; the embarrassment of NOT asking is eternal

– Ancient Thai Proverb