Week #49 – 2018

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Dear Friends,

Bo H. Drewsen

With my warmest regards from Asia’s world city, Hong Kong, I am now again sending you Project Cargo Weekly, hopefully welcomed into your in-box. Hong Kong has always been my favourite city in the world and although I’ve never really lived there for long periods of time, I always found it to be an amazing city with a mix of both western and eastern cultures and a fantastic location, as well as a world class port and skyline. It is always a marvel to visit for a few days.

Victoria Harbour

I first visited Hong Kong in 1986 when I worked for a company that was an agency to COSCO, at the time, no one could fly directly from Europe to China, so we had to first fly into Hong Kong and connect via CAAC (China Airways Always Cancelled as it was known then) for the direct flight to visit COSCO’s head office in Beijing. A couple of years later, I got married in Hong Kong at the St. Margaret’s Church in Happy Valley, just across from the race track, so yes it was a good bet for some years indeed.

Hong Kong transport

I have flown into Hong Kong on numerous occasions, arrived by container ship from both Europe and China and also arrived and departed by train. Each time after visiting Hong Kong (or Asia in general for that matter), I seem to get an adrenaline kick, because wherever you go, there is something going on and anything is possible. No one seems to hang around and it seems like no one has time to be lazy like we see in many western countries. Perhaps our welfare systems are too good, but on the other hand having no system at all (like in Asia) still isn’t right. But, do visit Hong Kong if you have the time and, whilst it is now Hong Kong, SAR of China and they do have more pollution problems than before, it is still an awesome place. Please don’t forget to try dim sum! See this video to put you the mood to book your ticket!

Hong Kong skyline at night

For this week’s business, as mentioned in last week’s editorial, I am re-publishing three articles that I believe deserve your attention again, particularly now that we have many more subscribers worldwide than we had when we were starting out two years ago. Today, we have G2 Ocean of Norway, a global break bulk carrier. We then speak to Ridgeway International of the US, a project freight forwarder, and we finish off with Logismate from Tokyo, Japan, another project freight forwarder.

Naturally, we don’t skip our sector news and our wise words etc. Next week things will be back to normal, with new interviews. Until then, I remain,

Yours sincerely, Bo H. Drewsen

Höegh Autoliners Shortsea Americas

G2 Ocean

Interview with Mr. Arild Samland
Director Project Cargo

G2 Ocean
Explain to our readers about the name G2 Ocean how did it come about and what is the background of it, ie owners history?
The name is easy to explain. As we are a joint venture between Gearbulk and Grieg Star, the “G” of course stands for the “G” in both owners’ name, and the “2” stands for the two companies together. We are an ocean carrier company, so the “Ocean” part is also obvious to us.
Read the full interview

Ridgeway International USA

Interview with Guy M. Tombs and Becky Lynn Hodge
President & Vice President

Ridgeway International USA
Where does the name Ridgeway originate and what is your main line of business concerning logistics and transportation?
‘The Ridgeway’ is the name of what was once a long-distance path, high above ancient forests in southern England – where shepherds once drove their sheep – it was high and secure from dangerous highwaymen!
So the Ridgeway pathway is symbolic of both ancient and now modern logistics.
Our main line of business has long been Defense logistics, working for Governments and Industry – in the areas of shipping energetics, military hardware and vehicles, and even Naval vessels.
Read the full interview

Logismate – Tokyo, Japan

Interview with Keiji Ueda
C Assistant President

Logismate Tokyo
Tell us about the background of Logismate Japan? Who are the owners of the company?
Logismate (Logitics Mate Corp.) was founded in Tokyo in 1998 by a joint business venture between Koshida Corp and Japan Logistics System (Japan Logitem) on a half/half share basis. So the owners of our company are both Koshida and Japan Logitem.
Read the full interview
Cross Ocean

Shipping News

Xi Jinping makes fresh promises to open China’s economy and boost imports

Editors note:
Trade will certainly get a boost and so will shipping if Xi Jinping lives up to his pledge…read more
Chinese President Xi Jinping made fresh promises on Monday to open China’s economy to the outside world, including lowering import tariffs and broadening market access, and voiced support for economic globalisation as the country is locked in a trade war with the US.
Read more…

ConFoot releases new prototype at Intermodal Europe 2018 in Rotterdam

Editors note:
Some interesting news from an equipment supplier coming from Finland !

ConFoot Ltd is introducing the latest addition to our product line, the ConFoot CFW set. With electronic scales attached to all 4 legs of the set, containers including contents can be easily and reliably weighed anywhere, anytime, with no additional equipment required.

A light and mobile solution, operable by one person as all our products, ConFoot CFW represents traditional Finnish design and cutting-edge innovation at its best.

Read more…

APM Terminals Moin facility in Costa Rica starts operations

Editors note:
Central America is also developing, in this case on the terminal side.

Moín Container Terminal, operated by APM Terminals in Costa Rica, has started operations with the first vessels arriving at the facility.

The deepwater pier is expected to be fully completed by February 2019, APM Terminals said in a statement.
Read more…
CLC Projects Banner

Sector News

Oji Holdings to establish new corrugated container plant in India

Oji Group set “Further expansion of overseas business” as one of the major pillars to strive towards the realization of an innovative value-creating company.
Our group decided in December 2017 to establish its third corrugated container plant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, which is under construction.
Read more…

Praxair to Expand Nitrogen Capacity to Support Increasing Demand of World-Scale Semiconductor Complex in South Korea

Praxair, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Linde plc (NYSE:LIN; FWB:LIN) today announced it will increase nitrogen capacity at its facility under construction in Pyeongtaek, South Korea to meet growing demand at Samsung’s semiconductor manufacturing complex.
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SSP, Ice Qube sign distributor agreement

Ice Qube manufactures specialised in air- conditioning equipment for the oil and gas industry, especially explosion proof units designed for refineries and areas that have explosive atmospheres, with sales worldwide and an ever increasing market in the Middles East.
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Featured Video

Bahri move 48 ambulances
Editors note:
Here an impressive video from Bahri showing the loading of dozens of ambulances in USA for discharge at Jeddah.

Featured Photo

Hong Kong View
Editors note:
You always miss Hong Kong when you leave, that's how you know you are in love.

Quote and Proverb of the Week

“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far

– Theodore Roosevelt

We learn little from victory, but a great deal from defeat

– Ancient Japanese Proverb