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Mr. Gia Danelia


When was CaucasusExpress established and who are the owners?

CaucasusExpress was established at 1999 and is owned by four physical persons (myself owning sixty-one percent and the other three making up the remaining thirty-nine).


Georgia is located in the Black Sea. Can you please tell us about the main ports in your country and which ports are generally used for moving project cargo in and out?

The main ports are POTI and Batumi, but in 2020 Anaklia, a third one handling deep water vessels, will be launched.


Is customs clearance difficult in Georgia? Are there any rules of thumb that you could give our readers when handling shipments to Georgia?

Customs clearance is actually very easy in Georgia. All customs procedures can be completed within a day, except for in special cases such as military, dual purpose devices or ADR that might need additional revision and confirmation from the appropriate state bodies.

In cases of out-of-gauge cargo, special escort services can be considered.


Your country is in a very strategic position, between Russia, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan. You also have direct access to both the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Are you able to organise transhipment via Georgian ports into the Caspian Sea? Can you tell us how this is accomplished?

The commonly used routes used are Baku to Kuryk or Baku to Turkmenbashi and vice versa. As for the means, the best options are either ro-ro (for transport by truck, low boys etc.) or ferry. We have our own branches in Baku and both Central Asian ports.


What is the current political relationship like between Georgia and your neighbouring countries? For example, do you see regular traffic between Georgia and Turkey?

Georgia has very stable and animated traffic with its neighbouring countries and Turkey is one of the most animated.


Do you have experience in handling project and oversized cargo? Could you provide us with a few examples of your experience?

Since 2001 we’ve completed numerous projects every year. This means we’ve had near constant traffic through Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of experience in carrying construction equipment and parts for several oil and gas plants.

I know from experience that Georgia has excellent food and produces some of the best wines in the world. Could you inform our readers about some of the region’s famous wines and also tell us about any places you’d recommend the would-be tourist should visit while in your country?

Yes, Georgia is a famous producer of wine. Some of our most famous white wines include Rkaziteli, Tsolikauri and Chinebuli, while some great reds are Saperavi, Kinzmarauli and Mukuzani. In fact, Georgia is one of the oldest wine producers in the world, actually having produced wine for over eight thousand years!

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How to get in touch with you?

My phone number (also for WhatsApp and Viber) is +995 599 329329.
You can also contact me via email at