GLA Global Logistics Alliance, China

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Interview with

Ms. Grace Sun


When did you start your network of freight forwarders and who are the owners of the network today?

GLA Global Logistics Alliance was established on Jan 26 2016 and I am the owner and president. I have 15 years’ experience in the international logistics industry.

How many paid members to you have and what are your requirements for membership?

The GLA family has over a thousand logistics enterprises from 145 countries. Any enterprises that wish to join GLA should have been established for at least 3 years, have good reputations in the logistics industry and should be without bad debt to other companies etc.

A new potential GLA member needs to provide the following materials for membership:

  • Passport copies, ID cards for each of the owners.
  • Registration license.
  • 3 trade references with company names and contact information.
  • Company profile.
  • Office photo with the company logo.
  • Copies of any other membership certificate or government association certificate.

There are so many networks around at the moment. Why should someone join your network and what advantages can they expect from joining GLA?

GLA is a younger network founded by a team experienced in the field of international logistics. Longstanding members are ranked above other companies and a high ranking means more opportunities.

Additionally, GLA offers the following advantages to its members:

  1. US$50,000 financial protection per year.
  2. GLA’s global logistics insurance rate starts from 0.015%, based on the commodity.
  3. The GLA partner pay system can save money transfer time and banking costs between agents.
  4. Each member has their own ‘member center’ where they can post enquiries, introductions, advantaged costs, company cases and news for more advertisement.
  5. Every member has their own GLA customer service representative. Also, GLA offers online services.
  6. GLA has self-media to boost member company services globally.
  7. GLA also holds logistics conferences every year to help members to find reliable business partners.

We offer the opportunities of a young network and the services of an old one. GLA warmly welcomes professional international logistics companies to join and grow with GLA together.

Do you provide a payment protection scheme for members?

Yes, as I stated, the financial protection provided for GLA members is US$50,000 a year.

As we know, there are thousands of freight forwarders. Some are reliable, some aren’t and there are many fraudulent companies as well these days. How do you ensure that the companies you allow to become members are reliable and trustworthy? What kind of criteria must be verified before GLA admits a new member?

Each prospective GLA member has to pass rigorous qualification before they are permitted to join. Like I said before, any logistics enterprise wishing to join GLA should have been established for at least 3 years with a good reputation in logistics industry and without bad debt to other companies.

If a fraudulent company was admitted to GLA after all our checks, we still have basic financial protection to back up the members because we are responsible for all the GLA members.

When is your next conference due?

The 7th GLA Global Logistics Conference will be held in Cambodia from 24th until 26th June 2019. This time, representatives from over 500 logistics enterprises from 60 countries are attending and the scale is going to be larger than ever.

What is the current membership fee for membership to GLA?

The GLA annual membership fee is US$2600, with US$50000 financial protection. New members joining GLA get free admission to the conference (worth US$900).

What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

Mob:   +86 15019214075 (WhatsApp)
Tel: +86-0755-25109685