Shanghai Beetle Supply Chain Management – Shanghai, China

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Interview with

Mr. Victor Lee


When did you start Shanghai Beetle, Victor, and who owns the company today?

Shanghai Beetle was founded in December 2013. We are a partnership enterprise with five partners.

Are you used to handling project and oversized cargo? Could you provide us with some examples of cargo that you have handled in or out of China?

Actually, we’ve worked with project and oversized cargo since 2014 as we created a specialised team to support our clients in this area.

Do you currently belong to any networks Victor?

Yes, besides the Cross-Ocean network, we’ve also been in the X2 project network since 2016.

When did you start your career in shipping and logistics? Could you tell us about your background? Are you from Shanghai or from somewhere else in China?

I started in shipping and logistics industry when I graduated from university but, in fact, I entered the industry by accident. I was originally planning to engage in international trade. 

I started with an internship in Shenzhen and after nearly three years there, I was transferred to Shanghai as a department manager to expand my business. After that, I was appointed general manager of the Ningbo Branch, which lasted until 2014 when I joined Shanghai Beetle as co-founder. 

I am from Jiangxi, China, so no I’m not a native of Shanghai. But now I’m in Huaqiao, near Shanghai, which belongs to Kunshan, Jiangsu Province. 

Do you need a licence to work as a freight forwarder in China? If so, can you provide us with an example of a legal licence to show our readers?

How about customs clearance in China? Is it difficult nowadays? Can you tell us about the normal procedure?

Sure, you should get the licence along with NVOCC certificate approved by Government.

Since July 1st 2017, the integration of customs clearance in China has been formally implemented nationwide. The integration reform of customs clearance enables enterprises to choose customs clearance places and ports at will and go through the relevant formalities in any part of the country. This is in order to make the cost of customs clearance lower and more convenient for enterprises.

In China, the normal procedure for customs clearance export project cargo is very simple. After the goods enter the scope of customs supervision, customs declaration only needs to prepare relevant electronic customs declaration information. 

With the increasing degree of electronic information, the efficiency of customs clearance has been greatly improved over the ways of the old days. The whole process is very simple and fast.

What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

Victor – 李斌
Mob/WhatsApp: +86 13918762991
Skype: victor.lee95