Idea Shipping and Global Forwarding – Casablanca, Morocco

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Interview with

Mr. Reda Benjelloun

Managing Director

Reda, firstly, please tell us about the history of Idea Shipping in Morocco. How was it founded and who are the owners of the company today?

Idea Shipping and Global Forwarding is a family owned business and has been since 1976. It was founded by Captain Mahmoud Benjelloun, a first Moroccan sea captain. He represented the golden generation of officers of the Moroccan merchant navy who had been able to accede to the higher functions of the sector, notably by being part of the general staff that had participated in the Moroccan acquisition, or Moroccanisation, of Comanav.

Are you originally from Morocco Reda? How and when did you start your own career in shipping?

Yes, I am Moroccan. I started my career in shipping eighteen years ago, but to be honest it really started when I was born, destined to follow in the footsteps of my father and work alongside him.

Morocco has several ports. Casablanca is, of course, famous for the Humphrey Bogart movie, but could you tell us more about the ports in your country? Which ports are mainly used for different kinds of shipping, be it project cargo, bulk or otherwise?

Moroccan has many ports and they are all very much active. They are Casablanca, Jorf lasfar, Mohammedia, Safi, Agadir, Nador, Tanger Med 1 & 2, Laayoune, Dacha etc. They all work with bulk, general cargo and container shipping.

I also understand that you have recently started a new regular shipping line between North Continent and Morocco known as Camabe Line? What you can tell us about this new line regarding ports of call and types of tonnage? Also, what kinds of cargo do you mainly carry in the market?

You’re right about Camabe Line. I started our new short sea liner service from Antwerp to Casablanca, but it is mainly for cargo from the north of the Continent to North Africa. This partnership was created with the Dutch Group, Vertom. It is a breakbulk liner service working with all types of cargo including project, steel, timber etc.

Here is a detailed presentation of the service sent to all our customers.

Is congestion a problem in Moroccan ports? What is customs clearance like?

There is no congestion in Moroccan ports, or if there is, it is very quickly resolved.

We work three shifts a day, so the rotation is quick.

Do you have offices elsewhere in Africa and do you currently belong to any international networks?

We have no other offices besides in Morocco. We currently belong to CLC Projects Network. I am the GM and owner of the company.

Could you provide us with some pictures of project cargo that you are proud of having handled?


How is best to get in touch with you?

My email is and I can be contacted on the phone or at fairs such as Antwerp XL, Breakbulk Bremen, etc.

Idea Maroc is introducing a new Breakbulk liner service in partnership with Dutch Group Vertom.
The service name is CAMABE LINE with one to two vessel calls per month from the port of Antwerp to the Port of Casablanca. (Download Press Release Here)