PCW Leisure – August 2019

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In this edition: Mr. Poul Berthelsen – Denmark | Mr. Olaf Proes – Germany | Mr. Steven Foster – Denmark >>>

Week #33 | 16th August 2019

Dear receivers and hopefully also readers of Project Cargo Weekly,

Bo H. DrewsenToday is the launch of this new product called Project Cargo Weekly Leisure, or PCW Leisure for short. The idea behind it is to ask active or retired business people and contacts about their best vacations, their most appreciated hobbies and their best and worst travel experiences.

The interviews will also include some bits about the interviewees themselves. As we are all human beings sharing the same world, we may also share some of the same aspirations when it comes to life, holiday and overall enjoyment. You may gain some input and ideas from your fellow man after reading our interviews, and if so then half the battle is won. Ignorant people are those who think they know it all, think they’ve tried it all and believe they have nothing more to learn. That goes certainly for business but also in our private leisure.

Working to live, rather than living to work, must be the key here. Of course, we also know that holidays and hobbies can be expensive, so they do sometimes require hefty financing.

We hope that you enjoy this first issue of PCW Leisure and your comments and suggestions are certainly welcome. As with our regular PCW, or PCW Business, we will only allow a limited amount of banner adverts, so as not to clutter the content. We intend to publish one issue a month, specifically on the third Friday of the month.

Happy reading, and as always I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen


Interview: Mr. Poul Berthelsen – Denmark

Retired Teacher


What is your great hobby or passion in life? Could you explain to us the way you’re developing it into your main business? I understand that you are now visiting Thailand and Myanmar pursuing this endeavour?

Since I was a little boy and inherited a fishing rod from my uncle, sportfishing has been my very greatest love. I have cultivated fishing as a hobby in all sorts of ways, from small ponds with crusian to heavy sea fishing. I just returned from a trip in Skagerak where we fished for sharks under Norway’s shores. But my love for Asia played a crucial role and has made me now want to share my experiences with others by bringing sportfishing enthusiasts to Asia. That’s why I started Gone Fishing, a travel agency that sells fishing trips to Thailand and Myanmar.

Interview: Mr. Olaf Proes – Germany

Experienced Shipping Professional

2019 Aug Int3 Ft Img

First, Olaf, please tell us briefly about your career in shipping and logistics. You have been around for some years, haven’t you?

As a little boy, I was taken by my elder brother on excursions, especially into the Port of Hamburg. Ships, machines, fragrance and the sounds of the port fascinated me a lot from the very beginning. After my military service, I started as a trainee in 1977 in a leading Hamburg-based shipping agency. Amongst others, they represented several shipping lines to the Indian sub-continent. After examinations in 1980, I started in the so-called ‘India department’ in customer service. I switched in 1985 to the up-and-coming Chinese trade and climbed step-by-step up the career ladder until I became general manager at a liner agency of a leading global heavy-lift carrier.

Interview: Mr. Steven Foster – Denmark

Retired Minister Counsellor

2019 Aug Int2 Ft Img

There are many places in the world to talk for you, especially, to talk about, but is there is one standout place that you would like to recommend?

I have been privileged to be able to travel extensively around the world since I was very young, and some many places and sights have made an indelible impression on me. These include Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas in Perú, Tikal in the jungle of Guatemala, the impressive opera house in Manaus erected and financed by the rubber barons in the late nineteenth century, the immensely beautiful opera house in Sydney masterminded by the visionary Danish architect Jørn Utzon, the mythical and mysterious Moai statues on Easter Island…

Travel News Section

Adventurous Europeans Float Coral’s Boat

Editor’s Note:
An interesting trip around the great continent & country of Australia seems to be on the market now. Read more here….


Lord Howe Island, Australia, in HD

Editor’s Note:
An island that has always fascinated me is Lord Howe Island, off the eastern seaboard of Australia. Watch this video for more.

Lord Howe Island

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen