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Interview with

Ms. Jumila Lacanlale

General Manager
Jumila Lacanlale

When was the company Asiaworld Transport founded Jumila?


Asiaworld Transport Phils., Co. Inc., is one of the pioneers in the freight logistics industry in the Philippines. 

With more than thirty-four years of experience and a reputable track record for cost-effective solutions and quality service for all kinds of shipments, we are committed to exceeding customer expectations.

We have offices in Makati, Manila and Laguna. 

We also have local partners in the strategic parts of the Philippines, which guarantee you that we have full nationwide coverage, and can handle shipments in every part of the country.

Asiaworld team PH

In 2014, Asiaworld Transport Phils., Co. Inc. became a member of the MMG Group of Companies, one of the most well-respected family conglomerates in the country with businesses ranging from trucking, customs brokerage, warehouse leasing, warehouse management, container yard services, construction, property management and financing. 

This ensures that all our services are fully integrated and never outsourced, which means we assume full responsibility for the services we provide.


International Freight Forwarding
Domestic Forwarding
Exhibition and Events Handling
Dangerous Cargo Hangling
Packing and Crating
Project Cargo
Breakbulk Cargo Handling
Customs Brokerage
Warehouse Leasing
Warehousing Management
Container Yard Services

Asiaworld Transport Philippines Co. Inc. is a member of the MMG Group of Companies – a 40-year-old company with over 500 employees with logistics businesses engaged in customs brokerage, trucking warehouse management and leasing, container yard services.


Our Customs Brokerage Division has a veteran team of licensed customs brokers in charge of ensuring smooth, efficient, and hassle-free clearing of cargo. Our team of customs brokers sees to it that they stay ahead of the curve and up-to-date with the ever-changing customs procedures and often complicated practices such as:

Air and sea customs clearing,
Import and export customs clearing,
PEZA clearingtariff consultation,
Import permit processing.

Our Trucking Division has earned a stellar reputation of reliability in the industry. We deliver to almost every part of the Philippines on time, with an above-standard safety record. Our company-owned equipment is supported by a fleet maintenance system which has been recognized in the trucking business as one of the best.
Tractor heads – 100 units
40′ chassis – 300 units
20′ chassis – 100 units
Low bed trailers – 10 units
40′ container vans – 50 units
20′ container vans – 40 units
20′ container vans – 40 units

Asiaworld Trucks

Our Warehouse Leasing Division offers you 80,000 square meters of warehouse space and can be customized for your requirements. Our storage warehouses are equipped with the latest inventory management systems that can also be used as a temporary storage space for your goods. 

The owners are:
Mr. Jardine Gerodias
Ms. Jenise Gerodias
Ms. Jillina Borja
Ms. Jenilee Slagle

Can you tell us how you find the current business environment in the Philippines to be? Do you face a lot of competition?

Competition in the freight forwarding industry is getting more competitive and tighter in terms of the pricing and services that one company can offer. More and new companies are being started to accommodate the demand for different companies. However, along with the competition in this industry, Asiaworld transport Philippines has expanding its services through the years by providing full services through forwarding, customs clearance, trucking, domestic transport, etc.  Our clients should be assured that we will do our very best to exceed their expectations.

Do you have experience in handling project and oversized cargo? Could you provide us with a few examples?

Below are some examples of the project cargo that we handled:
Asiaworld was the logistics provider for (France) Survivor: Palau in 2009.

Survivor Palau

Asiaworld was also the official logistics provider for The Bourne Legacy movie in 2012.


Asiaworld was the official logistics provider for (USA) Survivor: Philippines in 2012.


The Philippines consists of many islands, so logistics can be difficult, I believe. What you can tell us about the way that customs works in your country and how do you organise transport, when necessary, to the outlying islands?

Customs processing nowadays is quite complicated as there are memos not being followed, like the valuation system wherein the Bureau of Customs relies on the internet for comparison on the value of the imported item, which is not legal, because it is indicated in our laws how the valuation should be conducted. The second issue is the reshuffling of officials on the whims of the commissioner. But still, our brokerage department confidently manages the situation thanks to the good name made by our company in the industry, the clients that we are serving, and the documentation we can provide in case officers question the shipment.  


Do you currently belong to any global networks? If so, do you feel that it’s a good idea?

Asiaworld Transport Philippines Co. Inc. is a proud member of both Cross-Ocean and Alfa Group. This is a good investment for the company so that we can build good partnerships in different areas that can cater to our import and export shipments. Our customers are assured that we and our worldwide partner agents can provide honest, credible, and excellent service. It also helps us to maintain and secure our payments between different agents.

Would you say that shipowners nowadays are treating freight forwarders properly? Or do you find that there are differences between the service levels that they offer?

Shipowners nowadays offer the same rates but differ in their services. Shipping lines have their specialities in specific countries and a major difference can be that sometimes one can offer longer validity than others. For us freight forwarders and consignees, we also consider the longer validity of the free time and its validity. Good services in terms of easier communication and return of containers are important to consider here in our country.

When did you start your career in freight forwarding Jumila? What made you choose this kind of career?

I started in Asiaworld on May 15th, 2005. I chose this career because I wanted to challenge myself in dealing with clients when it comes to selling and compliance with several clients’ needs.

What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with me in the following ways:
Tel: +632 843 4749
Mob: +63 918 927 5755
Web:, alternatively

Tel. No. +632.843.4749
Mobile No. +63.918.927.5755
Website: /
Email Address: – Jumila F. Lacanlale – General Manager

Beth Flores (Accounts officer)

Roxette Bagsit (Accounts officer)

Ronnie Tumaneng (Customer Sales Representative)