The China Navigation Company (CNCo)

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First, tell us about the ownership of The China Navigation Company and a bit about the history of the group in shipping?

The China Navigation Company (CNCo) enjoys a rich heritage; it was founded in 1872 where it operated Mississippi-style paddle-steamers on China’s Yangtze River. As the shipping arm and oldest operating entity of the Swire group, CNCo has grown in tandem with the global economy. Today, it is headquartered in Singapore. It owns and manages a sizeable deep-sea fleet of multi-purpose, container and bulk vessels and has an extensive network of liner, bulk, logistics and shipping agency businesses globally.


John Swire and Sons Limited, our parent company, is headquartered in London. It holds controlling stakes in a range of businesses trading in the UK, North America, Australia, Papua New Guinea, East and West Africa, and across Southeast Asia.

You can read more about the heritage of CNCO here:  

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You run a breakbulk and container service into the Pacific Islands. Can you please tell us which islands in the Pacific you call directly?

The Pacific Islands Service is a multi-purpose liner service catering for all types of containerised, breakbulk and project cargo.

The full list of destinations is as follows:

New Zealand
The Solomon Islands
New Caledonia
The Marshal Islands
American Samoa
French Polynesia
Northern Mariana (Saipan)


If the cargo is coming from Europe or North America, where in Southeast Asia would be the best point for transhipment and linking up with your vessels?

The best places for transhipment are Singapore and Busan, South Korea.


Do you have agreements in place with carriers from Europe or North America already? If so, can you provide a through bill of lading from the origin for such cargo?

Yes, we can and already do provide through bills to customers for these origins.


Generally, what is the lifting capacity on the ships you have that call at the Pacific Islands?

Varying in size between:

1000 teu and 2750 teu and

13500dwt and 31000dwt 


Whom to contact in Swire to obtain a freight rate?

William Hamilton

North America
Neil Carraher

Yan Hansong

How to get in touch with you?

The China Navigation Company Pte. Ltd 
300 Beach Road
#27-01, The Concourse
Singapore 199555
T: (65) 6603 9400

For a list of our global offices, please head to: