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Interview with

Mr. Martin Lee

Regional Sales Manager
Martin Lee

Editor’s Note:
Editor’s note: WiseTech Global is the developer of the logistics solution, CargoWise One. Claiming more than 12,000 logistics organizations as customers, I speak with Regional Sales Manager, Martin Lee to learn more about the impact technology is having on the industry.

CargoWise One is your flagship product, but there are many software options out there for logistics providers. What is different about CargoWise One?

We put productivity at the centre of everything. CargoWise One is a single-platform system, built for logistics service providers, that offers high levels of automation and visibility. This means you can achieve fewer errors, faster shipment processing, smooth customs clearance, better customer service and significant savings in operational costs. This is our point of difference. Everything within the software is designed to improve the productivity of logistics providers.

What’s so important about productivity?

As our customers say, productivity is all about increasing throughput, which means they can do more with the same. This allows for improvements to their bottom line and can increase net profit. 

Where can productivity improvements be made for project forwarders?

There is room for improvement in data input, data integrity and data visibility. The software allows project forwarders to eliminate, delegate and accelerate their operations, which can save time and money. This means errors can be reduced, data can be shared, and repetitive tasks can be removed, increasing the company’s throughput. This allows more time for customer interaction and service, which is increasingly important in the project cargo sector.

Do you equally cater to, and serve, large and small players in the industry? In other words, do you provide a level playing field for all?

CargoWise One is used by logistics companies of all sizes in 150 countries, from single offices to large multinationals. In fact, forty-three of the top fifty global 3PLs our customers, as are all the top twenty-five global freight forwarders. However, the platform is also used by small to medium-sized companies. Transactional pricing means you only pay for what you use, making it accessible to small players who process a few shipments each month. CargoWise One can then scale with your business as it grows.

In your view, how is software changing the shipping industry given that many countries are at different stages of development?

Software is now an integral link in the supply chain as it allows the industry to solve complex problems and create new ways of working. There’s no doubt that the global supply chain itself is becoming more and more complex, so it makes sense that project forwarders and authorities (in all countries) are looking at data sharing through software to solve these problems.

As for CargoWise One, we work closely with regulators, carriers and authorities to improve the efficiency of the supply chain for logistics providers. Whether its tools to achieve quicker customs clearance, access to online tariff classification tools, or rate-integration with major ocean carriers, our customers use CargoWise One to become far more productive. 

How do you react to changes in customs, local regulations and geo-compliance? 

Global compliance is one of the biggest challenges for the logistics community. Staying up to date with changing regional policy, submitting the right paperwork in the right language and managing finance in multiple currencies can be a headache.

We go to great lengths to make sure CargoWise One is geo-compliant, regardless of the countries where you operate, or the borders you are moving goods across. This means our customers can easily adjust to global changes in the future. When local requirements change, our customers are ready long before the deadline.

There was a lot of press about data security breaches in the industry over the past couple of years. Do you have systems in place to protect users’ data?

Data security is one of our highest operational priorities. We utilize an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor and record access and protect user data, all of which is externally audited.

Who are the owners of WiseTech Global?

WiseTech Global listed on the Australian Securities Exchange in 2016 and is a publicly-traded company. The company was founded in 1994 in Sydney, Australia and is still led by CEO and Founder, Richard White. We now have more than 1,800 employees across 50+ offices worldwide.

How to get in touch with you for further information and a quote?

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