Interivew with Mr. Adriano F. Rumpf

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Special Traffic / Project Department

COSCO Shipping Lines, Germany

First off Adriano tell us a bit about yourself, your current job and career leading up to your current residence in Hamburg?

My shipping carrier began in 2010 at Shipping.DK Italy. After a period of different and intense experiences, I was driven by the desire to go back to my roots in sales and chartering the activities of breakbulk shipments. In January 2019, I joined COSCO Shipping Lines’ special traffic department in Germany, which enabled me also to start to have one final attempt at satisfying my hunger for a bachelor’s degree. 

Presently, my activities at COSCO are as an agent in Hamburg for the multipurpose fleet (COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers) and sales and operation of breakbulk container shipments for COSCO Shipping Lines. We constantly seek to offer very high services to our clients, which we can guarantee thanks to our small team.

You have travelled the world, I know. Where would you say that you had the best holiday experience ever?

For me, it is difficult to generalise the best holiday experience ever, as there are different types of holiday and each holiday, whether they be adventurous or relaxing, can be very nice experiences. Considering the holidays from which I have been able to mix these different types and gain different experience, I would say that I’ve had two best holiday experiences ever. At the age of fifteen, I went alone to Cuzco for three weeks to visit some family friends and in 2014 I spent for nearly four weeks to Bolivia.

If I would have to choose between one of these two, I would probably be the holiday in Bolivia.


What are you looking for particularly when going on a holiday?

As I suffer in low and medium temperatures, “I am looking for the summer” to quote the song by Chris Rea. 

I generally tend to go where the temperatures are good (average of minimum 25°C ) and the sun is shining. In Hamburg, the climate and weather conditions are, to be honest, not for me. So, I usually try to escape to warm regions, preferably by the sea.


As I like to explore places, but I also pretty much enjoy just staying at the beach for days. I try to mix both. The decision of what I am looking for in particular depends a lot on my mood. As long as there is the sea and the climate and temperatures are good, I can go anywhere.

Below are some pictures from our last holiday where we went to Lisbon and its surroundings. This was a mixed holiday between relaxing and exploring.


Tell us about your worst travel or holiday experience ever?

Luckily, even to this day, I’ve never had a bad holiday. But there was one time about twenty years ago when I was on holiday with parents visiting Oman and the United Arab Emirates and we travelled by car through the desert. One morning, we got stuck in the desert and it took nearly a whole day to free the tire. There was nobody to help us except for some scorpions hiding in the shadow of a bush. Meanwhile we were running out of water (only half of a small bottle was available) and the last snacks were going, so the situation was not the best.

Fortunately, eventually we managed to free the car and encountered a small village not too far away.


Many people nowadays need a holiday after the holiday to recover. In other words, they have trouble relaxing. Do you find it hard to fully relax during your holiday?

In the beginning, for me, it is difficult to leave my day-to-day life behind and fully get into the holiday mood. Normally, that won’t happen until at least one night at the location, waking up with the sun embracing me. That’s when I feel like I can start to enjoy the holiday. Nevertheless, I usually need about two days to leave everything behind and fully relax.

Depending on my mood, I choose the type of holiday in advance, to reduce this transition from daily business to the holiday.


What is next for you on the holiday front? where you intend to go and why?

My next holiday is coming soon. It’s for two weeks with my girlfriend at Cabo Verde. This time we have chosen a more relaxing type of holiday, as presently there is a lot to do between work and study. Both of us have wanted to go to Cabo Verde for a long time for different reasons, such as the culture, panoramic views (from pictures videos we’ve seen thus far), the beautiful beaches and the food.

Cesária Évora has made me dream of Cabo Verde ever since I was a kid, so we decided to combine the desire to experience a new country with the focus on relaxing. We will probably go there again another time in the future to better see and discover all the islands.

photo by fabcom

Since you are in shipping and many of our readers are shipping and logistics people who might like to get more information from you, would you mind sharing with us your contact details?

Of course, I do not mind at all, especially for breakbulk shipments, either on container vessels or also for our multipurpose fleet. 

Adriano F. Rumpf

Special Traffic / Project Department                                 
COSCO SHIPPING Lines (Germany) GmbH
Phone +49-(0) 40 36092 485
Mobile Phone +49 (0) 152 225 804 19
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