Ningbo Connexion International – Ningbo, China

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Interview with

Mr. Ken Wang

Vice General Manager

First, Ken, can you tell us when was the company started and who owns it?

The company was established in 2007 and Susan Hsiao, the President, is the 100% owner.

Ningbo Connexion International

Tell us about the Port of Ningbo in China. In which province is the port located and is it a good port for handling project and heavy-lift cargo?

The Port of Ningbo is in the Zhejiang province and is composed of the Beilun Port area, Zhenhai Port area, Daxie Port area, Chuanshan Port area, Meishan Port area and old Ningbo area. It is a combination of an inland river port, an estuary port and a seaport. It’s a multi-functional and comprehensive modern port with medium and small berths, and has a total of 311 productive berths, including sixty-four deep-water berths of 10,000-ton or above (thirty-three large-scale deep-water berths of 5 to 250,000 tons). It’s the largest distribution port for large ships and one of the few ocean transportation node ports in the world. At present, the Port of Ningbo has been open to more than six hundred ports in more than a hundred countries and regions in the world. Therefore, the top twenty container liner companies in the world have already landed at the Port of Ningbo.


Most notably, the potential of inland transportation for both heavy and oversized cargo makes it more flexible than other ports of China.

Ningbo Connexion International

Could you provide us with some examples of projects that you have handled via the Port of Ningbo?

1. 650cm x 292cm x 400cm/67-ton press machine from Ningbo to Kaohsiung.
2. 5000 tons of pig iron from Vladivostok to Ningbo.
3. 807cm x 392cm x 392cm/ 63 tons BBK from Kaohsiung to Xuancheng County, Langxi City, Anhui province via Ningbo.
4. Regular flat racks from Ningbo to Long Beach & Aarhus every week#

Ningbo Connexion International

There are thousands of freight forwarders in China, but there are stories about Chinese forwarders that open and close in just days and apparently no license rules exist. Can you tell us about the situation in China nowadays and how to verify that the company is legitimate?

Yes, much of that is true. More and more competitors have closed suddenly because of the weakening of the market that began with the start of the trade war between China and the USA. Also, there aren’t many ways to verify partners or prevent such issues happening here, which is why we are participating with CLC Projects. Networks help companies to find reliable and trustworthy partners.

Ningbo Connexion International

Can you arrange inland transport via Ningbo to other places in China? Have you much experience in this field?

Sure, we have arranged transport to Xuancheng, Langxi City and Anhui province via Ningbo for 807cm x 392cm x 392 cm/63 tons of machinery.

Ningbo Connexion International

China has developed a lot in the field of logistics. In the past customs were very difficult how about nowadays?

The customs system has been improved a lot owing to system management by computer, the only person in charge was difficult to approach when necessary.

Ningbo Connexion International

Are you a member of any international networks or even Chinese associations? If yes, which and why?

Yes, we are a member of the Ningbo International Freight Transportation Association with number fifty-two for Credit evaluation & Field management


Ningbo Connexion International

Tell us about yourself, Ken. Are you a Ningbo-ren?

Actually, I am Taiwanese, and I worked in Senator & Hanjin in Taiwan for more than twenty years, before I joined Ningbo Connexion in 2013.

I have a wealth of professional knowledge and plenty of experience in how to satisfy customers when it comes to the majority of our business, which is managing the transportation of oversize cargo in the form of wind power and machinery parts from China and Taiwan.

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Mob/WhatsApp: +86-18768564158
E: kenwang@connexionnb.com
QQ: 2531611034
WeChat: fk9320

Website: http://www.connexiontpe.com/