Almroths – Norrköping, Sweden

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Interview with

Mr. Robert Myhre

Forwarding Manager
Robert Myhre

Robert, can you first tell us when you started your career in freight forwarding? Also, why did you choose a career in this field and not an alternative?

My career began in 1971 when I applied for two positions, one was at the Swedish Post and another was at ASG (presently DHL) I was offered both, but I chose ASG simply based on my gut feeling. I stayed on with ASG in various different roles for almost twenty-five years before moving forward with my career through several different companies.

How many years have you worked at Almroths? Can you also tell us a little about the company’s history?

I started working at Almroths back in 2012, so it’s been seven years. Almroths was established in 1930 as a moving business, but over the years it has transformed into a modern logistics company with shipping and third-party logistics services as its main business focus. We also have a well-developed express-shipping department, specializing in urgent transports.

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Do you have much experience with handling project cargo? Can you provide us with a few examples?

Well yes, over the years I have handled all sorts of transportation undertakings, including projects. Today, we have a separate department handling projects, which, from time to time, I get involved with. A few examples would be the transportation of entire production facilities in Europe, handling turbines from Siemens and cooperation with GE in their generator transportation projects.


If memory serves me right, you are providing a huge storage space (consisting of a gigantic tent) for one of your customers. Can you tell us more about that?

Almroths today operates an almost 80,000m2 warehouse, out of which 16,000m2 are weather-resistant tents, some of which are both heated and dehumidified. A lot of these are classed as storage for customs-clearance goods. We are currently busy planning a new logistics centre that will initially be 30,000m2 but is expected to expand to 90,000m2 when completed.

Where is Norrköping in Sweden? Our readers from outside Europe may like to know more about your location in the Baltic?

I’ll put it this way; Stockholm is approximately 170km north of Norrköping, and Gothenburg and Malmö are about 400km south of us. It’s worth noting that Norrköping is one of the best logistics locations in Sweden, with proximity to the most population-dense area of the Nordic countries. 


Are you a member of any networks currently? If so, do you find it useful?

We are, of course, members of the CLC Projects network and have been for many years, and this has been very beneficial to us.

How should people get in touch with you?

My preferred way to be contacted is by mail: