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Interview with

Mr. Jean Marc Antoine


When was the company ADEKO established, what does the name ADEKO mean and who are the owners?

ADEKO Enterprises was founded back in March of 2008. It was created by the two brothers, Mr. Jean Marc and Mr. Marc Kinson Antoine.

When choosing the name, we landed on ADEKO because it begins with an A, being, of course, the first letter in the English alphabet, which is beneficial as it allows ADEKO to appear at the top of directory listings.

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Can you tell us about the ports of Haiti? Which ports are primarily used for the handling of project cargo?

The Port international de Port-au-Prince is the main seaport in the capital of Haiti. It suffered a lot of damage in the 2010 Haiti earthquake but it is still operating. Some of the docks and warehouses are operated by the government’s Autorité Portuaire Nationale, and some are run by private companies. There is also a second international port used for project cargo, called Port of Cap-Haitien.

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Do you have experience in moving project cargo to/from Haiti and could you provide us with some examples?

Yes, we do we move cargo worldwide with our current partners. We have moved UN military cargo, OGG cargo projects, power plant projects, propane tanks and were also involved in a US Embassy housing project.

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How is the current economic situation in Haiti? Which shipowners are generally the most active in your country?

We have serval lines operating in Haiti mostly in Port-au-Prince Port such as:
King Ocean as PCC (Pure Car Carrier)
Hoegh Autoliners

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Can you organise transhipment via Haiti to other islands or even to the Dominican Republic? Is it possible for cargo to cross the border between the two countries?

Yes, we can absolutely organise transhipment to other islands in the surrounding area of Haiti, and also to the Dominican Republic.

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Customs clearance is often a problem in many countries. How is it in Haiti?

There are no real problems with the process of customs clearance. Of course, all the required documents must be original and properly prepared and filed. If all of that is taken care of, the process should be a very simple one.

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Can you tell us a bit more about Haiti? It’s a beautiful place. Can you recommend some places that are worth visiting, even for leisure? Also, what is the official language of your country?

We have two official languages and they are Creole and French. However, we do also speak some English in Haiti, though it’s not really an official language. To be honest, there are so many places to visit that the entire country is pretty much perfect for tourism. Still, here are some of the most popular places to visit:
Bassin Bleu
Port Salut
Kokoye Beach
Il’s-a-Rat Beach
Gelee Beach
Wahoo Beach
Saut Mathurine
Citadelle Laferriere
Jacmel Beach

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What’s the best way to get in touch with you?

+509 3701-6006
+509 3701-0617