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Three quick questions with

Mr Pratap Nair

Pratap Nair

How was your New Year’s Celebration?

It was totally different from my usual celebration, in fact I did something I have never done in my life before. I went to see a stand-up comedy show, (my first time to see it live). I got out at about ten-thirty P.M and went to a café with a difference. Specifically, it was playing light classical music and had very little unwanted crowd, so there was no shouting and loud laughing, as well as having excellent service and very nice food. They were meant to close at eleven-thirty, but they were able to stay open for a little longer. I welcomed the new year sitting in the car with my wife and another couple we know, by simply shouting ‘Happy new year’ and Happy new decade!’ I reminded them all that this decade is going to be mine, and I am going to live differently for the next ten years.

What are your thoughts in terms of business for 2020?

Personally, I feel that we are going to conquer the world. We are going to be totally professional, while still maintaining the personal touch that we are known for, but we’ve not paid enough attention or focused enough on our top or bottom lines. Now we are going to keep an eye on these and I believe that you will see us become a very prosperous organisation very soon.

Do you generally have a negative, moderate or positive outlook for 2020?

Not just considering this next year or next decade, but I have always been a very positive and optimistic person. I believe that everything happens for a reason and a dip is just as important as a high. It’s going to be good for everyone. People, specifically business people, are becoming much more grounded these days and that’s a very good sign. I realise that our prosperity is directly connected to our vendors’ and customers’ prosperity and I am waiting for inclusive growth, which is more sustainable. I do not want to grow either on my vendors’ or customers’ cost. Rather, I would like to contribute to their growth as we grow together with them. |