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Week #04 – 2020

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Week #04 | 23th January 2020

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday again in fact already the 23rd of January and PCW has arrived just in time for the weekend. Davos seems to be the place to be for the “influencers” of the world this week, lots about it in the news and with such a media presence one should hope that that the people who join this event are the cream of the earth and the people who really mean business when it comes to making the world a better place, not only for the few and themselves, but for the greater masses. Lots has been said about inequality and there is no doubt in my mind that extreme poverty and extreme wealth are both excesses that we could do without. Most countries of the world have a minimum salary, why don’t we similarly have a maximum salary cap?

Not a week goes by when you don’t hear about excessive remunerations being paid to either private or public company CEO’s or directors who irrespective of their capability are entitled to cushy deals and gigantic parachutes. Survival of the un-fittest, especially in the public sector or in banking, seems to be the order of the day. Money makes the world go around (and if we don’t have it we just print it) and ABBA’s famous song money, money, money is perhaps never more appropriate than now, especially with people jetting into Davos from everywhere with scant regard for “climate change” or the green environment.

The new green religion is now here and as someone remarked today in a newspaper, finally our politicians have got something to hang their hat on. Something that is abstract, understood by few, but definitely something that can be used to tax people with the explanation “its for the environment” and to promote the “green agenda”. Of course don’t forget to sort your waste to get the feel good factor before exporting it to either Africa or Asia so that they can discard of it there – standards are good, double standards it seems are even better. Still, on balance many people have been lifted out of poverty. China in particular has made great strides in this department. I visited China in 1986 for the first time and what they have done in 3 decades in nothing short of amazing. So, we here at PCW are pleased to wish Chinese everywhere a very happy Chinese New Year of the Rat that is just around the corner. Preparations for the great festivities are well under way with millions of people going back to their hometowns for this one time a year event. See here.

Business-wise this week we stay in Switzerland which, besides Davos, also houses a logistics company called Spedag that is active and capable in the Eastern part of Africa. They tell us more and provide us with insights into this difficult market. We then visit the country of Ukraine. A country trying to stand up to its giant neighbour to the east where we speak to FORMAG in Odessa who are capable logistics providers there. Finally we fly further east to the small but rich sultanate of Brunei where we revisit the service provider JASRA Logistics who introduce their heavy-lift capabilities. As we are sticklers for tradition we also have a selection of shipping news, trade intel and wise words and wish you happy reading.

Until next Thursday, I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Spedag Interfreight – Muttenz, Switzerland

SPEDAG INTERFREIGHT – Interview graphic

Interview with

Mr. Marc Hassler
Manager General Cargo Traffic Africa

Marc Hassler

You are based in Switzerland, but you’ve stated that you are active in Africa. Can you tell us more?

The Head office of the M+R Spedag Group, as well as Spedag Interfreight, is in Muttenz, Switzerland. Spedag Interfreight is the Africa Division of M+R Spedag Group. The Swiss office here takes care of all business with international relation. However, I and my other team members have local experience as we have been working for some years for the company in East Africa.

FORMAG Group – Odessa, Ukraine


Interview with

Mr. Oleg Kostyuk
General Manager


When was the Formag group established, who owns it and what is the main activity of the company?

The Formag group was established in 2005 by Global Transport Investments Ltd. as a liner agency company in Ukraine. After the acquisition of UASC by HL, we continued to develop the forwarding and vessel agency businesses. It was not an easy task to save the team as well as to transform the business activities and the core product, but I can proudly say that we’ve managed to do so and now we provide vessel agency services (including naval), forwarding and projects of course.

Jasra Logistics Sdn Bhd – Brunei

Interview with

Mr. Mitchell Leong
Operations Manager

Tell us about the main port in Brunei? Can you handle project and heavy cargoes in Brunei? 

Muara Port is the main seaport, it is located in Northern Brunei. The port is not big but is still able to accommodate container vessels, cruise liners, cargo vessels, heavy lift vessels and navy vessels. The port is equipped with container gantry quay cranes.

This port is not equipped with any heavy lift equipment, and this is Jasra’s specialty, we are willing to provide a proposal to potential clients for their upcoming projects in Brunei.

PCW-Shipping News

Two New Super-post-Panamax Cranes on their way to the Stockholm Norvik Port

Editor’s Note:
I visited the port of Stockholm/Norvik a couple of months ago during the Baltic Ports conference and it is nice to see that besides shootings and explosions here in the capital of Sweden other things are also happening.

Hutchison Ports will operate two brand new super-post-Panamax cranes at the container terminal at the Stockholm Norvik Port. The container cranes began their journey from Shanghai on 10th January and will arrive for installation at the new port at the end of March.

Ruling by London Tribunal Says Djibouti Acted Illegally

Editor’s Note:
The arguments between DP World and Port of Djibouti has been ongoing for some time. Djibouti has a strategic location at the horn of Africa both for business and military reasons and is interesting to many of the worlds powers.

Djibouti on the Map

DP World has won a further legal hearing against the Government of Djibouti over the Doraleh Container Terminal lease it terminated in 2018. A Tribunal of the London Court of International Arbitration ordered Djibouti to restore the rights and benefits under the 2006 Concession Agreement to DP World and Doraleh Container Terminal SA within two months, or pay damages.

China sees Myanmar as Stepping Stone to Indian Ocean, Energy Security

Editor’s Note:
Politics and shipping often go hand in hand and never more so than with regards to China’s ambition in securing access to the great oceans of the world that they don’t already have. Recently the Chinese President visited Myanmar, a beautiful yet still developing country in South East Asia. No doubt big ports will be built there soon.

Myanmar on the Map

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to Myanmar is expected to help Beijing boost its presence in the Indian Ocean, especially if a deal can be finalised on the development of the China-funded Kyaukpyu port.

China’s ambassador to Myanmar, Chen Hai, said on Sunday that Xi was expected to oversee the signing of several deals during a two-day visit that starts on Friday, including possibly putting the final piece of the puzzle in the US$1.3 billion port deal, negotiations for which have been going on for several years.

Project Cargo at the Port of Dover

Editor’s Note:
During the 2nd World War pilots on the allied bomber planes were happy to see the “white cliffs” of Dover. Nowadays, rather surprisingly, Dover is keen on attracting project cargo. Certainly nobody can dispute that the location of Dover is perfect. We are happy to publish here the latest information from the port of Dover.

With an unrivalled strategic location, adjacent to the world’s busiest shipping lane, offering minimal ship deviation and one hour pilotage to berth, plus two strategic motorway connections at its gates, the Port of Dover offers a fast and efficient solution for project cargo heading to Europe and the UK.

With a new terminal development, new plant and four separate berths available, the Port of Dover can handle all types of vessel and discharge for project cargo, whether it’s Geared, Ro-Ro or land based crane discharges.

Singapore’s first shipping container hotel springs up in one-north

Editor’s Note:
A new hotel is now available in Singapore and if you are into shipping it is a MUST place to stay at!

Two years ago, Mr Seah Liang Chiang thought of building his own tiny house in Johor. On Friday (Jan 17), that DIY weekend retreat project turned into a business. Mr Seah has launched Singapore’s first hotel made using shipping containers. For S$150 to S$200 a night – depending on whether it is peak or off-season – up to four guests can stay in one of two cabins in one-north.

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Ghana signs £160.5 deal with the UK to upgrade Kumasi Airport, Teaching Hospital

The government of Ghana has signed commercial deals with UK firms worth more than GH¢2.35 billion for some five projects including an upgrade of the Kumasi Airport and Kumasi Teaching Hospital in the Ashanti region.

Toshiba to open production plant in western Poland in 2020

Japanese firm Toshiba Carrier Corporation will open its first European production and distribution plant in 2020 in Gniezno, western Poland, worth over PLN 100 mln (EUR 23.5 mln), the Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) told PAP on Tuesday.

Semco Maritime and Bladt Industries joint venture inks offshore substation contract with Mayflower Wind Energy LLC

Mayflower Wind Energy LLC (a joint venture of Shell New Energies US LLC and EDPR Offshore North America LLC) has awarded a contract for the fabrication and delivery of the Mayflower Wind project’s offshore substation approximately 40 kilometres south of Nantucket, Massachusetts, to a joint venture comprised of long-standing business partners Bladt Industries and Semco Maritime. The offshore substation project will be initiated in January 2020.

SAGIA inks $164mln factory MoU with China’s Shen Gong

The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) announced signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with China’s Shen Gong New Materials to establish an intelligent electronic manufacturing facility. The factory will be carried out through three phases, SAGIA revealed on its official Twitter page on Monday. In the first phase of the factory, investments will reach SAR 615 million ($164 million).

Windar bags order for 100 WindVision systems in China

Windar Photonics Plc (LON:WPHO), a Danish company offering LiDAR wind sensors for wind turbines, has won a contract to deliver 100 of its WindVision systems in China this year. The company will supply the system to train manufacturer China CNR Corp Ltd (HKG:6199), which also produces energy equipment. The Chinese company will install them on its wind turbines.

Saudi Maritime Congress
Featured Project Shipment

Peregrino C – Highlights from the installation of the main support frame and the living quarters.

Editor’s Note:
I thought I had some education in moving project cargo around the world but I have to admit that I have a long way to go and very much to learn in order to be called a real project cargo specialist such as the guys featured in this video from off Brazil.

Project cargo being loaded in California to McMurdo Station Antarctica.
PCW-Featured Video

The Game-changing Oil & Gas Pipelines in Kyaukphyu, Myanmar | The New Silk Road | CNA Insider

Editor’s Note:
Port development and infrastructure investments by China with or without strings attached are commonplace nowadays. Here some news from a most interesting country formerly known as Burma but nowadays Myanmar.

Myanmar O&G
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Myanmar is a beautiful country, tourism and oil and gas sectors are developing but so is sport-fishing. This week I selected a picture of a friend who just started his own sports fishing company focusing on trips into Myanmar & Thailand. It is not really project cargo but even us professionals need relaxation, so why not fishing? This picture was taken off the west coast of Myanmar near Ngapali Beach. Check out www.gonefishing.world.

Map of Myanmar and Thailand - GoneFishingWorld
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