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JAR World Shipping Line – Chittagong, Bangladesh

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Interview with

Mr. Jinnat Ali

Mr. Jinnat Ali

First of all, Jinnat tell us about JAR World Shipping Line. Is it your own company? When did you start it? What is your main activity?

JAR World Shipping Line (ISO 9001: 2015 Certified) is a shipping agent and freight forwarder who has a vast knowledge of port operations for all types of cargoes and vessels in Bangladeshi ports.

We are a sister company of JAR Group.

JAR World Shipping has been involved in complex, multimodal, project cargo shipping and logistics for more than 16 years. Our project forwarding expertise includes: Out of Gauge (OOG), Break bulk, Oversized loads, Heavy lifts and Full/Part vessel chartering. 

We assist in: 

  • Project planning and cost-effective operations;
  • Project cargo management;
  • Efficient and professional special cargo handling;
  • Cargo packing, securing, lashing and loading;
  • Access to specialist haulage equipment from Chittagong Port (Chattogram), Bangladesh.โ€‹โ€‹

Our services ensure high-quality service and quick turnaround of vessels and containers. We are attending to both liner (Container Liner) and tramp vessels in our ports of Chittagong (Chattogram), Mongla, and Payra. We ensure quick berthing of vessels and swift loading/discharging operations in order to avoid any demurrage. We do dry docking, repairs, spares and stores, crew matters, and other owner husbandry needs as per requirement. We are a Charterers Nominated Agency, Owners Nominated Agency, Owners Protecting Agency, Owners Husbandry Agency, Demo/Scrap Vessel Delivery Agency, and handle project shipments according to the Chittagong Port Berthing Schedule.โ€‹

We are the first company in Bangladesh to operate a domestic feeder vessel from Chittagong Port to Pangaon ICT and Indian Coastal Services. Presently, we are operating three (3) feeder vessels from Chattogram Port to PCT and Indian Coastal Ports.

The economy of Bangladesh is booming. There are lots of ongoing industrial projects. Can you tell us more about your country, its trading partners, and give us some examples of the project cargoes that you have handled recently?

Bangladesh is quickly moving to a high-value, knowledge-intensive society, beyond apparel manufacturing. Last year, we exported 12 industrial robots to Korea. Four ships made in Bangladesh have come to India. Recently, Reliance purchased a large quantity of refrigerators made in Bangladesh. Bangladesh also has 600,000 IT freelancers โ€” the largest freelancing community. This all speaks to a quiet transformation in which people have taken risks and faced challenges by becoming more innovative and adopting technology. It is time that global investors, particularly Indian entrepreneurs, invest in Bangladesh in areas beyond the conventional menu such as education, light engineering, electronics, the automotive industry, and artificial intelligence.

Even in the face of a global recession, the country recorded an estimated 8.1% GDP growth in 2019.

Bangladesh has also climbed to the 135th spot among 189 countries in the 2019 human development index, according to a report by the United Nations Development Program. This achievement can be termed impressive, as it is almost matching the performance of neighboring countries India (130) and Bhutan (134), and leaves behind others in the region like Myanmar (145), Nepal (147), Pakistan (152), and Afghanistan (170).

There are many projects running in Bangladesh. The 2400 MW Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, the 1320 MW Rampal Power project and the metro rail project, and the Padma Bridge Project. The Karnafully Karnaphuli Tunnel is an under-construction, underwater, expressway tunnel in the port city of Chittagong, Bangladesh under the Karnaphuli river. There is also the

Matarbari Coal Project, the Payra Deep Sea Port Project, the Bay Terminal, the Potenga Container Terminal Project, and the Navy Submarine Project, for example.

Bangladesh is getting digitized very quickly. This digitalization is also being realized in its economy and banking system.

We are also handling some of the biggest projects such as being the shipping and logistics partners for the Potenga Container Terminal and Navy Submarine Project.

Do you require a licence to act as a shipping agent/logistics provider in Bangladesh?

Yes, you do. We have a license to act as a shipping agent (Shipping License) and logistics provider (Freight Forwarding – JAR World Logistics) in Bangladesh.

Tell us about customs clearance in your country. Is it complicated?

No. It is not complicated. Customs Brokerage (Clearing & Forwarding) is via automated systems and is easy to handle.

We have an in-house customs clearing team. Our brokerage house ensures a smooth and easy customs clearance process for our customers so that they receive their goods on time and in perfect shape.

Our own team of Customs Brokers to process all the paperwork in record time for all of our shipments. Handling all the trade compliance and procedures, we help clear consignments by sea, land, and air more efficiently and in record time.

Which ports are mainly available for foreign trade in Bangladesh?

The seaports in Bangladesh are:

Chittagong Port (Chattogram Port)โ€‹
Mongla Port โ€‹
Payra Portโ€‹

How is the current relationship between Bangladesh and India? What about Bangladesh and China?

The current relationships between Bangladesh and India and Bangladesh and China are very nice. Bangladesh and India are South Asian neighbours, and our present government has been increasing our relationships with India and China day by day. 

Relations have been friendly between Bangladesh and India, although sometimes there are border disputes. The two countries are common members of SAARC, BIMSTEC, IORA, and the Commonwealth. They also share many cultural ties. In particular, Bangladesh and the East Indian state of West Bengal are Bengali-speaking. Bangladesh has a high commission in New Delhi with consulates in Mumbai and Kolkata. India has a high commission in Dhaka with a consulate in Chittagong (Chattogram).

The Government of Bangladesh also has a good relationship with Japan and Korea.

How can people get in touch with you?

Here are my contact details…
Mobile: +88 01730004456 (WhatsApp/WeChat)โ€‹

Email: jinnat@jinnatali.com , jinnat@jarbd.com
Skype: jarshipping โ€‹
Phone: + 88 031 2530011, 2513838, Fax: +88 031 2514088

โ€‹JAR World Shipping Line (ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certified by ASCB EU IRQAO- UK, RINA-ITALY).
Office Address: Millennium Plaza (3rd Floor), 2905, Agrabad Access Road, Chattogram (Chittagong), Bangladesh.โ€‹

We are always happy to be of help and service in any way at any time.