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Ms M.T. Binh

Ms Binh, tell us first, please, when you started the company BPL?

BPL was set up in Feb. 2017, but our teams have been together for several years.

There is a lot of competition in Vietnam. Why do you think that BPL has advantages and is a good choice for customers?

Yes, there are a lot of forwarders and logistics companies in VN now. However, we have our own strengths. Although we are a small company, we are serving some of the biggest groups in Vietnam, such as Vingroup or Sungroup; Novaland which specialize in real estate; entertainment places such as Wonderland, Casino; etc. It is thanks to not only our relationship, but also mostly based on our experience, ability, honesty, and enthusiasm. We are always willing to support our clients even if the project doesn’t earn us any profit.

We do not have a great quantity of clients, but we have high quality clients!

We make sure to maintain our reputation not only to our clients but also to our sub vendors, so that we are working together in win-win situations!

However, we know that it is not enough! Our road is still very difficult in this intense competition. Our challenge is finding more qualified clients.

Joining Cross Ocean Network is one of the ways that we can increase the exposure of our company name to the world and thus have more opportunities for new clients.

Thanks very much for your help !

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How is the economic situation in Vietnam at the moment? There used to be a few state shipping companies in Vietnam such as Vinatrans and Vietfracht. Do they still exist, and if so, do they play a role at all in Vietnam today?

Here is the Vietnamese economy through my eyes: We are confident in the development of our country. We have more and more advantages to attract FDI. Many factories have been moved from China to Vietnam. The domestic Economy is also developing. I believe that we are on the right way!

Vinatrans and Vietfracht were the 1st state-owned forwarders of Vietnam. They still exist but do not play a big role any more since the Vietnamese government opened the sector to private national and foreign forwarders. They are not our competitors because we have different sections of clients.

Can you provide our readers with some examples of project cargoes that you have handled?

We have handled many projects, among which we can list some as follows :


VINPEARL PHÚ QUỐC RESORTS & HOTELS Import Clearance and Multimodal Transportation
CASINO CORONA IN PHU QUOC Import Clearance and Multimodal Transportation
VINPEARLLAND NAM HỘI AN Import Clearance and Multimodal Transportation
VINPEARLLAND NHA TRANG Import Clearance and Multimodal Transportation
HÒN THƠM PARK, PHU QUOC International Transportation from FCA EU to CIF Ho Chi Minh, then Multimodal transportation to Hon Thom, Phu Quoc.
VINPEARLLAND PHÚ QUỐC MỞ RỘNG Import Clearance and Multimodal Transportation
SEA WATER FILTER SYSTEMS Import Clearance and Multimodal Transportation
VIETJET AVIATION ACADEMY International Transportation from FCA EU to CIF Ho Chi Minh, then transport to Vietjet Aviation Academy in High Tech Park, Dist.9 in Ho Chi Minh City

Customs clearance and corruption—is that a problem at all in Vietnam nowadays?

We have been submitting customs declarations through the VNACCS system, so now, the situation is much improved.

The problem is that when the exporters complete the documents, they often leave out information. Documents with insufficient details will cause difficulty and more costs during customs clearance.

For example: For a machine, the exporter should showdetails such as model, brand name, capacity, etc. Without the details, we will have difficulty during the customs declaration procedure.

Tell us more about the ports of Vietnam. Qhich ports are mainly used for project cargoes such as heavy machinery, OOG, and so on?

In the South

  • Container OOG: CMIT in Vung Tau, Cat Lai Port
  • Heavy machinery in breakbulk: SSIT, PTSC Phu My, ODA… in VUng Tau, Ben Nghe , Lotus, Tan Thuan… in Ho Chi Minh City
  • RORO vessel: SPCT Hiep Phuoc in Ho Chi Minh City

In the North:

  • Haiphong port : Hoang Dieu terminal, Đình Vũ.

In the Middle of the country:

  • Although Danang is the main port of the middle section of the country, heavy machinery comes to Dung Quất more. There are PTSC Dung Quất, Gemadept and Doosan Heavy Industry terminals in Dung Quất.

If our readers would like to get in touch with you, what are their options?

You can contact me as follows:

Address: 5th floor, 17-19 Hoang Dieu, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: 028-39451715
Cellphone: 0903751596
E-mail: binhmt@bplog.vn
Skype: binh04Aug
Website: www.bplog.vn

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