Cargo Ports of Stockholm, Sweden


Interview with

Mr. Nicklas Ebersson
Marketing Manager

Nicklas Ebersson

First of all Nicklas, kindly explain to our readers what Ports of Stockholm mean? Does it mean that you have more ports in the area or more ports under your responsibility? Please outline for us where the ports are or will be in the future.

That’s correct! Ports of Stockholm consists of a number of different ports within the greater Stockholm area. From Kapellskär in the North to Nynäshamn in the south, and as of the 4th of May this year, we will open the brand new cargo and container port, Stockholm Norvik Port. We are pleased that our ports are located in one of the world’s largest growing area in the world—Mälardalen.  50% of Sweden’s consumption takes place in the Mälardalen region, and therefore, we are pleased that cargo is arriving by seas as close to the end customers as possible. It’s a more sustainable solution compared to land and other modes of transport.

Map of Sweden

We saw that you recently received two new straddle carriers and also new ship to shore cranes. Tell us more about that. How big of an investment is that in fact? What are your plans for this brand new equipment?                                    

The container cranes are now in place at Sweden’s newest freight port, Stockholm Norvik Port. The super-post-Panamax cranes are the largest on the Swedish east coast, and they are adapted to handle the largest container vessels operating in the Baltic Sea. With these cranes, we can even receive main liner calls on the East Coast of Sweden. Our ambition is that the customers trafficking our existing container port in Frihamnen, will start sailing to Stockholm Norvik Port, and we also expect new customers coming to our new port.

Stockholm Norrvik Port Sweden 2020 ByDrone.se
Stockholm Norrvik Port Sweden 2020 ByDrone.se

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden but has a strategic location in the Baltic Sea.  Looking into the future, could you envision Stockholm as a transhipment hub to other Baltic ports perhaps?

Definitely, in particular in the long-term. Stockholm Norvik Port was built to serve the coming 100 years or so, with the ambition that it will be a game changer, not only in the Nordics but for the Baltic sea in general.

There is a huge amount of ferry traffic between Stockholm and Finland. Tell our readers, please, about the size of the ferry passenger traffic, and how often there are actually ferries between the two Nordic states and also some of the Baltic states.  

Ports of Stockholm is handling approximately 12 million passengers per year, which makes us one of the largest passenger ports in Europe. The largest passenger traffic is between Sweden and Finland, with roughly 15 departures per day. In addition, our customers do have daily departures to Estonia, Poland, and Lithuania, and weekly departures to Russia.                                                  


If I was a shipowner wanting to get rates for storage, handling, and calling at the Port of Stockholm whom should I speak to? I understand that there is a deal in place with Hutchison Ports. Can you explain how this arrangement is set out and who does what?

Please email me at nicklas.ebersson@stockholmshamnar.se. I’m available anytime to discuss business possibilities. Yes, Hutchison Ports is the dedicated container handler at Stockholm Norvik Port. Parties can contact Hutchison Ports, Stockholm for stevedoring activities. We are pleased to cooperate with the largest independent container handling company in the world. Hutchsion’s relationship with shipping lines and their professionalism definitely helps attract new customers.   


How long did you work for Ports of Stockholm yourself? What is your own background?

I have been working for two years at Ports of Stockholm, and my background is from the freight forwarding industry. So, it feels great to bring some of the knowledge I have from the freight forwarding industry to the port side of the business.

What are the options for people to reach you?

My contact information is as follows:
Nicklas Ebersson, Marketing Manager, Cargo
Tel: +46 8 670 26 73
Mob: +46 70 770 26 73
Stockholms Hamnar
Frihamnsgatan 21-23
Box 27314, 102 54 Stockholm
Växel: 08-670 26 00