Week #18 – 2020

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Week #18 | 30th April 2020

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is Thursday the 30th of April and the final issue of PCW before the May 1 holiday.

All around the world people are itching to get back to their normal chores, back to work, and back to seeing their business colleagues, friends and family again. I hope this will happen soon, and although we are very fortunate here in Sweden with only minor lockdown procedures in place, primary schools open, etc. but no traveling possible, there is no doubt that there is a profound sense of unease as to what kind of world we shall enter into once the pandemic lifts.  

Perhaps life as we knew it won’t really disappear completely, and we will need to adjust ourselves to a new normal involving wearing face masks when traveling. For those robbing banks, of course, it’s business as usual, but for the rest of us….and will airplane travel ever be the same?  Perhaps now we all MUST fly business class in order to keep social distance (that of course would be a good thing), but all joking aside, there is little doubt that many things will change and that it will take some time to get back in gear.

Tourism, which is the world’s largest industry, has been hit badly, but the upside is that many rundown sights have had some chance now to breathe and recover. Perhaps we will realize that mass tourism, invading scenic places like hordes, should be a thing of the past in some ways. Time will tell. 

The shipping business certainly has taken a hit, too, but still there are signs of hope, and to reverse all the doomsday talking even in this “light” editorial, I ask you to click this link and see the world’s largest container ship live – just launched in South Korea last week.  Twelve of them are on order for the South Korean ship owner, HMM. Now, all we can hope for is that they will have cargo to load and fast! 

I have now been unable to travel for two months and have found the joy of reading books again.  I am sure you know what i mean—that bookshelf with all the nice books you got but never seemed to get around to getting further than halfway through a single book, if even that. I just finished a book which was partly about the GULAG and the Cold War. I was reminded how astonished I am to this day as to how some of our “dear leaders” acted in the past; some of them even now. GULAG was the name encompassing the islands of prison camps that Stalin built to house anyone with a different opinion, religion or anyone who was an “enemy of the USSR”.  You may want to take a look at this video called the Road of Bones. It is about a highway built literally on the bones of the dead prison inmates in Siberia and give them a thought. I must say that if there is a people, repeat people not leaders, that I respect it’s the Russian people who have endured hardships during the last 100 years. 

I am now reading a book about Vietnam and other “leaders” interfering in another way into the affairs of someone else, but this time it was covered up by the name of “democracy and freedom”. Books are a godsend, and I am happy to have found the book reading spirit again. No computer, TV show or Apple gadget can replace a solid, well-written book ever!

Businesswise this week we start off by talking to a reputable, project freight forwarder of German origin called deugro. They tell us about their capabilities in project management & 4D Supply Chain Consulting that may be sorely needed by some shippers. We then talk to ACE 54, with the owner of this company giving us insights into his experience, in particular, relating to the African trade and how to overcome the complex task of finding the right contacts in this emerging, giant, 54-country continent. We finally remind you about an interview we had last year with Icelandic shipowner, Samskip which although being headquartered in a remote part of the world known for fishing, financial crashes, and beautiful women, also shows us that they are capable of handling logistics Europe-wide on a grand scale.  

We naturally maintain our usual way by providing you with shipping news, trade intel, and wise words.  Note also the interesting video of the week and a great photo taken near Christmas Island, Indian Ocean last year.

Until next week, I remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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4D Supply Chain Consulting – UK


Interview with

Arnoud Dekkers
Commercial Director


After 95 years in the project freight forwarding business, why did the deugro group feel the need to now develop a new enterprise with consultancy skills as an added value service to its clients? Can you tell us more?

4D Supply Chain Consulting is an independent supply chain consultancy with a proven track record in delivering the highest standard in both theoretical and operational solutions. It combines an extensive portfolio of services – supply chain support, manpower provision, competence development, training, supply chain 4PL models, and benchmarking with unique intellectual property and relationships with industry experts – to provide a holistic, end-to-end solution that addresses business-specific needs.

ACE 54 – Africa Project Cargo Management – Dubai, U.A.E.


Interview with


Are you a freight forwarder? Are you a management company? How would you define your role in the market since it consists of a lot of players each protecting their own role?

We have consciously chosen to be a management company rather than a consultancy.  ACE 54 Project Management (our official name) prides itself on being hands-on by supporting International Project Forwarders (IPF) with pricing and required technical information during the tenders that will decide on winning or losing high value business opportunities.  

We act as the IPF, in-country pricing desk, taking the part of the African/local services from arrival of the vessel at the African port to the site.  Everybody knows that this is the most challenging for the IPF. That is ACE 54’s immediate added value.

Samskip – Aarhus, Denmark


Interview with

Mr. Kenneth Nielsen
Branch Manager

Kenneth, please tell us about the history of Samskip. I understand that your origins are in the North Atlantic country of Iceland?

In Aarhus, Samskip handles its vessels’ last port-of-call before they move northbound with cargo from Continental Europe to the Faeroe Islands and Iceland. This is our main business and the central tradeline we serve with our vessels. This has developed into a pan-European business and we handle cargo across Europe now with our vessels and our own trains.

PCW-Shipping News

United Heavy Lift Appoints Intermarine as Commercial Agent

Editor’s Note:
After the failed venture of Zeamarine trying to incorporate the “old” Intermarine, a new situation has emerged both with regards to the “new Intermarine” and UHL that has taken over some of the Zeamarine vessels. Although the market is depressed, it would seem like a very fitting “marriage” between Intermarine and United Heavy Lift with their know-how complementing each other.

United Heavy Lift (UHL), a leader in effective, innovative, and tailor-made heavylift transport solutions continues to expand its global commercial network by appointing Intermarine as its exclusive commercial agent in North America.

“Two successful players in the heavylift market are aligning their goals,” said United Heavy Lift CEO, Lars Bonnesen. “Together we are stronger and together we will move forward.”

Oil Tankers at Anchor in Southern California

Editor’s Note:
Burning the midnight oil is a saying which I believe means risking a lot. No chance now burning any oil, at least not outside the coast of California where tankers laden with oil are awaiting not only an increase in prices, but also, more importantly, receivers to actually want what they have loaded. Indeed the COVID-19 crisis has turned the “normal” oil market upside down indeed. See this video from “Maritime Executive”

Oil Tankers at anchor in Southern California - Video

Oil Tankers sit off the coast of Southern California, 23 April 2020. The Coast Guard is the principal federal agency responsible for maritime safety, security and environment stewardship in U.S. ports and waterways. (U.S. Coast Guard video by Petty Officer Third Class Aidan Cooney)

20 Port Authorities Signed Declaration to Keep Ports Open to Seaborne Trade to Support Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Editor’s Note:
A timely and clear message from some of the most important ports of the world. We need to keep on moving and trading. We cannot lock ourselves down indefinitely or indeed the cure will be worse than the disease.

Recognising that the maritime sector plays a critical role in keeping trade flows open in the global fight against COVID-19, 20 members of the Port Authorities Roundtable (PAR) from Asia, Europe, Middle East and North America came together today to declare their commitment to ensuring their ports remain open amidst the current pandemic. The declaration, initiated by Singapore, calls for port authorities to collaborate and share best practices in ensuring that port operations can remain undisrupted.

The Fairway to Stockholm Norvik Port is Ready for Vessel Traffic

Port Stockholm / Norvik

Editor’s Note:
The brand new port of Stockholm/Norvik is open for business. As you can see in the distance the 2 new STS cranes from China that were delivered awhile ago are ready for business – so virus go away and business come back please!

Stockholm Norvik Port welcomes vessel traffic with a new, modern fairway, where remotely controlled navigation markers guide the way. The port’s navigation markers combine innovative technology with traditional navigation aids and are part of the EU Intelligent Sea project.

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Engineering Specialist Wins New Contract

A leading north-east engineering solutions business has made an encouraging start to the year with the announcement of new contracts worth a combined £750,000.

SengS has designed, manufactured and delivered various projects, including a containerised test unit for an Aberdeen-based oilfield equipment company; allowing for
the safe and efficient execution of work scopes within the customer’s own facility.

Etihad Rail Awards $230.33m Contract to Build O&M Facility

The UAE’s national railway network Etihad Rail’s board of directors has awarded a contract worth $230.33m (AED846m) to a joint venture led by Vinci Construction France for the construction of the central operation and maintenance (O&M) facility at Al Faya, Abu Dhabi.

Valmet to Supply Profilers to India’s Century Pulp and Paper

Finnish firm Valmet has been selected to supply profilers to Century Pulp and Paper (CPP) in the Indian state of Uttarakhand. Under the contract, Valmet will supply Valmet IQ Induction Profiler and Valmet IQ Steam Profiler for installation on CCP’s Paper Machine 3 (PM3).

Air Liquide to Invest Around €200m on Production Capacities in Taiwan

Air Liquide has announced its plans to invest around €200m to develop production capacities in the Science Parks of Tainan and Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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PCW-Featured Video

P&I Clubs Insurance

Editor’s Note:
The history of the P&I club insurance is good to know for anyone involved in shipping. Found this interesting video on youtube that I thought would be good to share with you and since most of us now work from home you may have time to watch it to the end – unless your kids are noisy in the background…

P&I Clubs Insurance video
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Being onboard a cargo ship as passenger is a great experience. Here is a rare “group photo” with the ship’s professional Chinese & Sri Lankan crew to enjoy the view, blue ocean and sunshine in your face whilst steaming along at 18 knots. I give highest compliments to CMA CGM as one of the few who accept passengers onboard their cargo ships for this opportunity. This picture was taken onboard passing Christmas Island enroute to Fremantle, Western Australia, July 2019.

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