Frits Kroon Transport, South Africa

Frits Kroon Transport – South Africa

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Interview with

Mr. Frits Kroon

Frits Kroon is the name of the company, and it is also your name. Can you tell us the story about your company, when it was established, who owns it, and your main line of business nowadays?

Yes, I remember putting the key in the ignition of my first truck back in 1999. It was a one-man show for the first part. Today, we have grown into a well-established family and fleet that has spread its wings not only across our borders, but also offering a holistic transport service. We specialize in abnormal loads in South Africa and also cross borders.


It is clear from your impressive website, that you handle a lot of inland transport in South Africa and beyond. Could you tell our readers about a few of your more complex inland transport projects?  What, in particular, do you need to bear in mind when doing inland, besides having the right equipment?

We move a wide range of loads, and most of them are not the same. Obviously, dimensions play a big part as this will determine the route and equipment needed. For bigger loads, we require our Telekom and Electricity providers to lift the cables over the roads we have to travel on, and that is always interesting. Some loads are too wide, and we have to consider low bridges.  

Frits Kroon Transport, South Africa

Is safety an issue in South Africa, and do you need special permits to move OOG pieces in South Africa?  Beyond which limit do you normally need to apply for permits, and how long does this take?

The safety of our drivers and the customer’s load is always a high priority for us. We do have to apply for special permits, especially for big loads. Other situations requiring special arrangements are weekend travel, police escort loads, etc. Permits usually take about a day or two, but during the COVID-19 period we have waited a week!

Frits Kroon Transport, South Africa fleet

Tell us more about the equipment that you own?  And being an asset owner, I take it that you have clients who are both forwarders, shipowners, and even direct clients?

We have a fleet that ranges from Link trailers up to Multi-Axles that can handle up to 300 tons. Currently, most of our customers are in Europe, and they are forwarders, cargo owners, and direct clients. Being in the industry for a while, we have built a solid reputation, and word of mouth has always been our best advertisement.

Frits Kroon Transport, South Africa Truck

Do you also handle total international transport under the name of Frits Kroon say, for example, if a customer approaches you needing to move a piece from Germany to inland South Africa?

Yes we do. We offer the holistic package. We find our customer prefers to have one contact that arranges a “Door-to-Door delivery”. We handle the import & export services, plus all the clearances (landing, port, and transit). We arrange route surveys, storage, permits, cross border clearing, etc.

In light of the COVID-19 situation and the situation in South Africa overall, how do you see 2020-2021 in terms of business prospects?

FKT is registered as an essential service provider, as we move loads from the ports for the agricultural and mining industries. For the sake of our employees and our customers, we do as many loads as possible not to miss the turnaround.

What is next for Frits Kroon Transport?

We expanded our fleet slowly over the years to satisfy our customers’ needs. We also added a few services gradually to our portfolio. For us, the company is a family that should grow together, and we are in it for the long haul. Our next big project would certainly be to focus our attention to the BBBEE requirements. 

How is it preferable to get in touch with you?

I am always on my phone! You could contact me directly on: +27 (0)82 884 1600 or at

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