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Interview with

Mr. Yaron Per
Business Development Manager

Yaron Per

Tell us about the history of Genesis Forwarding in Israel and about who the owners are today?

Genesis Forwarding & Logistics was established in 2004 by two owners: Mr. Ran Horovitch and Mr. Ady Aizman. Both of them came from the shipping line industry.


What are the main ports used in Israel for import/export, and is there any difference between them from a service level point of view?

Genesis mainly deals with imports to Israel (around 98% of our business). Of those imports, 95% are imports by sea and 5% by air. Our main activity is from China to Israel. We are one of the biggest forwarders in the trade from China to Israel. We also have a large amount of traffic from Turkey to Israel as we are one of the 5 biggest forwarders on this line. In addition, we handle a big volume of the traffic from Italy, Spain, Belgium, and Germany. We are strong in ceramics/tiles, furniture, white goods, disposable goods, tires, and plywood. 

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Have you experience in moving project cargo? Could you provide us with a few examples of such?

While we have experience in project cargo, it is not our main activity. We mainly deal in FCL/LCL traffic at the moment. One of the reasons we became part of the CLC Project is to increase our project cargo shipments.

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How about customs clearance in Israel. Is it difficult or complicated?

Genesis has its own customs broker department which is very professional. The customs clearance in Israel is more complex than that in other countries, but it is not difficult.

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Which shipowners would you say call Israeli ports regularly from a container shipping and breakbulk (or Ro-Ro) shipping point of view?

Grimaldi and Kline have regular Ro-Ro service to Israel.

I believe competition is severe in Israel among freight forwarders, What makes you stand out?

Even though Genesis is only 50 people, we give personal attention to our clients. Also, all the staff of Genesis are very professional, giving the best service. In addition, we have a very good reputation in Israel as a freight forwarding company and are very strong financially.

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Are you a member of any international networks these days?

Yes, we are a member of the Centrolene Network, and CLC Projects Network.

How can people get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with me by email: yaron@genesis-fwd.com or ady@genesis-fwd.com. We are also on WhatsApp via the mobile number: 972-50-454-5480. I am available 24/7.

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