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Interview with

Ms. Lorraine Thomas Harris

Lorraine Thomas Harris

First of all, Lorraine, can you tell us about the history of LTN Logistics and who owns it?

LTN Logistics International was formed in August 2007 with the following directors: Lorraine Thomas Harris (CEO/President), Coy Harris (Managing Director), and Marsha Thomas (Director and Company Secretary).

Allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about our company. I’ve personally had the privilege to serve as the president of LTN Logistics International since 2007. Everyone within the LTN family has a commitment to the continued success of our company. In turn, we have become one of Jamaica’s top privately-owned logistics service providers.

How are we able to succeed? First, we listen to our customers, and then go the extra distance to provide the best and most appropriate service possible. Second, we continue to invest in our company with aggressive initiatives such as the global integration of our technologies and employee training, so we’re prepared to face tomorrow’s challenges and best serve our customers worldwide. Doing what’s right today while keeping our eye on the future is what keeps LTN moving forward in a positive direction.

Jamaica on the map

Jamaica has a very unique position in the Caribbean as a transhipment point, but I suppose also for local trade. Tell us more about shipping into and via Jamaica.  How is the business currently?

Shipping into Jamaica requires a licensed customs broker to prepare and release goods via our Electronic ASYCUDA Platform. I have been a licensed customs broker since 2005. We are strategically located in the Kingston Free Zone which is also on the same property as the Kingston Freeport Terminals Limited—a major containerized shipping port in Jamaica.

Due to our location we are able to handle transshipments, stripping, and stuffing of shipments destined for other smaller Caribbean Islands like Cuba, the Cayman Islands, Barbados, Trinidad and Haiti among others.

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For deliveries into Jamaica, is Kingston the main port or are there other ports that are being used?

Yes, we have a smaller port in Montego Bay, St. James.

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Would you have experience in handling oversized cargoes by sea or air, and if so, could you provide us with a few examples?

Yes, we do have experience in handling project cargo and oversized cargo. We provide project logistics services to two major energy companies in Jamaica, namely New Fortress Energy and Jamaica Public Service, and TSK Electronica.

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How about customs clearance in Jamaica. Is it difficult? Can you provide our readers with a rule of thumb for successful customs clearance in your country?

Customs clearance can be difficult if the shipper isn’t properly advised. We provide free consultation services prior to shipping to ensure all permits are applied for, and the invoices and packing lists are in good order. For example, we make make sure that BOLs have the correct HS Codes and clearly define the items being shipped.


Is it possible to tranship via Kingston to some of the smaller islands around Jamaica, and if so, is that a service that LTN provides?

Yes it is, we provide these services to our Caribbean Partners and Islands.

What are the major trading partners (countries) of Jamaica currently?

Jamaica’s major trading partners are:
Trinidad & Tobago
The Cayman Islands
Dominica Republic
Turks n Caicos

And a question that has been on my mind for a long time. Why is it that Jamaican rum is world famous?

Haha! Firstly, it’s the love of our people who plant the cane and reap the cane crops. The soil also plays an important role, as does the curing and storage process. Jamaicans love to party, so our rum must be good as we are the one of the most severe critics of our products.

Please let our readers know how it is best to get in touch with you.

Please use my cell: +1-876-390-7672
Thank you for this interview.

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