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Interview with

Mr. Francisco Rugilo
Managing Director

Francisco Rugilo

Tell us about NETZ Global and its history?  How did you come by that name?  Who are the owners of the company?

Netz Global was founded at the end of 2013. After spending 18 uninterrupted years working for large multinationals in the world of freight forwarding: Emery, DHL Danzas, Eagle and UTi, there came a time when I thought that it would be best to stop being an employee in earnings and partner in losses… Ha ha!… That was the moment I decided to get out of the corporate world and put my experience to the test. I founded the company together with a great friend and colleague from the industry.

The name came up on a trip to Austria. I was looking for a name for the company. I looked at the word “Netz” on the map of the Austrian subway stations, and I said, “That’s the name I want.” Remembering Bax Global, I reinforced my choice with Global, creating Netz Global. It would be the name of my new adventure.

During the last months of 2015 and in mid-2016, the former partners of the company withdrew, and Claudio Polito (great logistics professional and friend) joined the team. Claudio is co-owner and brand new Chief Operating Officer of Netz Global. I knew Claudio in the years when I was a salesperson at Emery Worldwide, and Claudio was a foreign trade manager at Emerson Process Management. A great team was formed to continue the journey.

Argentina has several ports.  Can you tell our readers about the main ports used in Argentina for import/export and, in particular, could you highlight the ports used for project and oversized cargo?  Perhaps you could provide our readers with a detailed map?

We can say that 90% of cargo in containers continues to enter through the ports terminals of Buenos Aires (EXOLGAN, BACTSSA, TRP, APM). Nothing has changed in that sense. Buenos Aires continues to centralize most of the conventional cargo operations and also project cargo (oversized cargo). In Buenos Aires, we also have the Zarate terminal. Grimaldi operates there with its RO RO / Break Bulk service, Campana port, La Plata Port.

Other ports of great importance, but for the agro-export business, are the ports of Bahía Blanca and Rosario. I attach a map in Spanish but illustrative of the volumes in TEUs handled by the ports in Argentina.

Ports of Argentina

Your country is an important one in South America. How is your current economy doing, and is your shipping business affected by the global pandemic?

Argentina started the year with a change of government. Let’s say that since I started working when I was 19 years old, Argentina has been in a continuous economic crisis. The pandemic has only deepened the problems. The government has taken measures to limit imports to the bare minimum, but is focusing its efforts on productive investments that favor national production. Today, we have an export surplus, but it is directly related to the decline in import volumes. Even so, we trust that by 2021, with the pandemic under control, we can emerge from this long recession that has lasted for more than 10-12 years.

As far as the maritime services, let’s say that they are working almost normally, but we cannot say the same for air cargo. Argentina has practically suspended international flights since March due to the pandemic. This has resulted in sky-high rates and many difficulties in flying cargo from Asia and Europe. Above all, Miami has confirmed its value as the main airport for Argentina and Latin America. Many cargo airlines connect their cargo from Europe and Asia to Argentina via Miami, but offering very high rates that more than duplicate the cost we had before COVID-19 arrived. Now more than ever, Miami Airport has become the main cargo hub for international freight forwarders.

Netz Global Project Cargo

Is customs clearance a problem in Argentina these days?  Is there any golden rule for our readers to ensure smooth handling on arrival?

Let’s say that in Argentina, customs is as bureaucratic as in many countries in Latin America. The golden rule is to work in advance, analyzing all aspects of operations to minimize the margin of error. Errors can be very costly in the final stages.


We have a very professional customs team focused on results and business. We want to minimize the impact of customs problems, so that our clients can focus on their business. Don’t be afraid, contact us!!

It often happens to us that our global partners request quotes, and our first answer continues with many questions. Some agents seem to get annoyed, We understand. It seems that we do not want to answer, but we tell them that it is the most professional way to handle customs operations in Argentina: Information and anticipation. Not having the precise information can give us a wrong approach to the operation.

Could you provide our readers with some examples of project cargoes that you have handled?

We handle everything from huge tanks in break bulk service to oversized agricultural equipment in platforms, from huge energy generators of 3 meters high to 60 tons airfreight shipments with high tech. Although many times, it is just a small box with parts whose incorrect handling could cause companies to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars.

No matter the size and/or the urgency, we can assist you with any shipment.

Tell our readers about your own shipping background.  What made you choose this career?

I started at just 19 years of age working at Emery Worldwide as part of their administrative staff, and a year later, one of my most remembered bosses gave me the chance to move to sales. There it all began. 

I had to learn a lot in a very short time. Soon after, they chose me to represent Emery Latin America on a trip to the United States, visiting Emery offices and assisting my colleagues in matters related to business in the region.

Emery was my true school. Thanks to my good sales results, they invited me to participate in excellent work trips and training throughout the USA.

After almost 8 years at Emery, I went through the giant DHL-Danzas, then EGL and finally my last corporate years were as Sales Manager at UTi Argentina. I think I did not choose my career—I ran into it! Hahaha!… It’s a very dynamic business. Let’s just say there are no boring days! Everything is in constant motion.

I love what I do, and I do it with passion. The years go by, technology invades us, companies merge, but this continues to be a people business, and that’s where I like to be.

If our readers are interested, how can they get in touch with you?

I’m available 24/7 via WhatsUp: + 54 9 11 3659 5536 and by email: