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Tradinter – Guayaquil, Ecuador

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Interview with

Ms. Gabriela Vásquez
Projects & Sales

Gabriela Vásquez

First of all Gabriela, tell us why you are in shipping and logistics?  What made you choose this kind of career, and how do you like it?

Since I was a little kid, my father used to go to work some weekends, so he usually took me with him to the office or to the port of Guayaquil.  He started in this industry when he was 24 years old, so I got to learn a lot from him.  I also remember traveling on a container’s vessel from Guayaquil to Miami when I was 12 years old.  It was a great experience.  When I graduated from high school, I started working in the sales department of his shipping agency, Tradinter. I took a break to go to college and university in Florida, United States, and when I came back, I started working at Tradinter again. Shipping/ Logistics is a very interesting industry because you get to deal with people from all over the world.  Understanding different cultures and behaviors makes me grow as a person. It is also a business full of detail in which you get to learn something new every day.

Ecuador including Galapagos

Could you elaborate on the history of Tradinter in Ecuador?  Who are the owners?

My father, ENRIQUE VASQUEZ, founded Tradinter “TRANSPORTE Y REPRESENTACIONES INTERNACIONALES S.A” Shipping Agency in 1992.  He had plenty of experience at that time after working at TRANSNAVE, the Ecuadorian flag shipping line for over 15 years.  Tradinter started representing shipping lines with regular services to Ecuador.  As the time passed, other port services and logistics-related companies came to join what we now call the Tradinter Group.

Tell us about the ports of Ecuador mainly used for seaborne trade and in particular, project and oversized cargoes.  I visited your country 8 years ago and the port of Guayaquil, but I remember the ship also called at a port named Paita.

Guayaquil is the main economic city of Ecuador and the most developed in port infrastructure with 4 terminals able to handle any kind of cargo and a market participation of about 90 percent of total Ecuadorian cargo.

The other relevant ports are:

  • Posorja Port DP World (started operations 2 years ago, and it is really close to Guayaquil’s Port)
  • Container terminal
  • Esmeraldas Port
  • Multipurpose terminal 
  • Manta Port
  • Multipurpose terminal 
  • Puerto Bolívar
  • Multipurpose terminal (mainly bananas)
  • Paita is a port located at the north of Peru close to the Ecuadorian border.
Map of Ecuador
Ports of Ecuador

What are the main export commodities of Ecuador?  Which countries are your main trading partners?

The main export traditional commodities are:

  • Bananas
  • Shrimp
  • Canned fish
  • Cocoa and elaborates
  • Tuna and fish
  • Coffee

The main non traditional commodities are:

  • Plant extracts and oils
  • Flowers
  • Wood
  • Goods made from Banana Plants
  • Tropical fruits
  • Fruit pulp
  • Tobacco
  • Fish meal

Ecuador’s main trading partners are theUnited States, Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, China, and South American countries.

Do you have experience in handling project and breakbulk cargoes?  Could you provide us with a few examples?

Tradinter as a shipping agency in Ecuador has been a general agency of heavy lift carriers. During its years of operation, Tradinter has handled several project cargos mainly for the oil industry like drilling equipment, electric transformers over 140 MT and plenty of heavy machinery.

In addition, from Brasil DAP, we moved all the infrastructure and pipes for the construction of the new fresh water plant at Santa Elena province, 150 kms from Guayaquil.

In 2014, we won a bid with the Main Beer Brewery company in Ecuador, carried from Germany and Holland in several shipments to Quito, our capital, 500 kms from Guayaquil. With a 3-year duration and shipments coming in every week, they built their biggest plant in the country. This is one project we are especially proud of.

We have also vast experience in handling liquid bulk cargo, as Ecuador is a palm and fish oil producer. We have been handling ISO Tanks and flexitanks for over 10 years.

video of Guaya River Ecuador
Editors note: Containership here leaving Guayaquil down the Guaya River towards the Pacific

Is customs clearance a problem in Ecuador?

Right, customs clearance is still a problem in Ecuador due to the bureaucracy that exists in this country although it has improved with time, since now all paperwork is handled virtually. This makes clearance a faster process.

Your country is famous for the islands of Galapagos. I am sure that some of our readers would love to visit there. Could you tell us more? Are there visiting restrictions to the islands, and could you recommend a reputable travel agent in this regard?

The Galapagos Islands are beautiful indeed, and it is a place to put in the bucket list.

The Galapagos Islands are an archipelago of volcanic islands located 906 km west of continental Ecuador.  These islands are known for their large number of endemic species that were studied by Charles Darwin, and these studies contributed to his theory of evolution.

There are 18 major islands which are: Floreana Island · Isabela Island · Fernandina Island · San Cristóbal Island · Santiago Island · Genovesa Island · Santa Cruz Island · Marchena Island · Pinta Island · Bartolomé Island · North Seymour Island · Española Island · Baltra Island · Rábida Island · Santa Fe Island.

The only actual restriction to enter the islands is to have the PCR COVID-19 negative test.

A reputable travel agent specializing in the Galapagos Islands is MUNDITURISMO.  They offer different kinds of tours going from the most economical to the most luxury ones.

Contact: Luis Dominguez/General Manager
Address: Calle Asunción OE1-10 2do piso y Av. 10 de Agosto esquina. Sector parque El Ejido.
Quito – Ecuador
Phone: +593998585856

Seal Beach Yoga Galapagos

And yourself… how is it best to get in touch with you?

My full contact details are as follows:
Gabriela Vásquez
Projects & Sales
Av. Carlos Julio Arosemena Km. 3 Urb. Albán Borja Edificio Classic Piso 4 Of. 401
PH: 593 4 2202915 / 593 4 2204092 / 593 987749367 Ext.121
Web Site:

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