Bee Logistics – Taipei, Taiwan

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First of all, James, please tell our readers about the history of Bee Logistics in Taiwan. Who are the owners today, and what is the main business of your office in Taiwan?

Bee Logistics started in Vietnam in 2004. However, in 2018, after many years of experience and  discussing options, I decided that it was time to develop my own company, and we got together with Bee Vietnam, whom have been friends of mine for a long time, and developed the Taipei office. I am the general manager in Taiwan, and we offer ocean and air services  for everywhere in the world. Although we work independently from the Vietnam and other location offices, we collaborate together, trying to provide many options and best service for our customers. 


Can you elaborate a bit about the ports available for foreign trade in Taiwan?

In Taiwan, we have 3 major ports in the north, middle and south of the island (Keelung,  Taichung, and Kaohsiung); and one international airport near Taipei City.  

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Are there direct sea and air solutions between Taiwan and mainland China nowadays? No restrictions at all for travelers?

Actually, for shipping there are no restrictions, but for travelers, Taiwan is still in lockdown for any travelers without residency. In addition, anyone entering Taiwan, including the Taiwanese, is subject to a minimum of 14 days of quarantine under government supervision.

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Can you tell us about the services that you provide locally in Taiwan? Can you do door delivery, customs clearance, transshipment and provide all of these services in-house?

Yes! We definitely can help with all that you mentioned.  

Moreover, we can also provide for ocean: door to door, Port to port, LCL/FCL RO/RO  Shipping, Multi-modal transportation Solution for oversized, over-weight cargo, project  cargo, Chartering vessel, Shipper owned container shipping, Buyer’s consolidation; and for air: door door/airport to airport, air chartering, sea-air combines services, perishable and DG.

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Could you tell us about your most significant project cargoes handled?

We have many, but the last one was a couple of months ago. We sent around 300,000 kilos of  cargo to the USA.

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In Taiwan you speak Mandarin, correct? How is the business relationship between Taiwan and the mainland of China currently? We often hear from the politicians, but seldom, if ever, are they in touch with real life on the ground. What can you tell us about that?

Yes, we speak Mandarin and Taiwanese. The business relationship is ok. It’s the politics that are a little bit delicate. Taiwan considers itself independent from China, but China doesn’t want to accept that, as well as other countries, so it can be challenging when doing business with other countries. Also, we have different currency and regulations from China.

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I believe that Taiwan is the home of some famous global and regional shipping lines. Can you tell us more about them, names etc?

Yes, this is correct. Taiwan is home to Evergreen Marine Corporation (EMC) , Wan Hai Lines  (WHL), Cheng Lie Navigation Co Ltd (CNC), Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp (YML), and a few others not so big and famous.

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Please tell our readers how it is best to get hold of you at Bee Logistics?

Please contact me at jamesyang.tw@beelogistics.com or Silvana Palau at silvana.tw@beelogistics.com for any inquiries.

Website: http://beelogistics.com/