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Interview with

Mr. Shekhar Chavan
Managing Director

Shekhar Chavan Portrait

Could you tell us about the history and ownership of TSM?

We are an owner-managed, medium-sized, freight forwarding company which was founded in 2004. We are based in the heart of the Hamburg free port. 

TSM Germany GmbH works with a worldwide partner network of agents that has grown from long standing working relationships. Together, we move approximately 5000 containers worldwide today.

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I understand that you have offices in Hamburg, Germany as well as Mumbai, India. Please tell us more about your line of business and why this choice of offices?

Yes, our HO is Germany, and we have network partners around the globe. We are a freight forwarding company, and Hamburg is the heart of the German port. Opening an office in India was a good move as India is a growing and emerging market after China and there is a lot of potential.

TSM Project Logistics Pvt. Ltd. will be specializing mainly in the realization of project shipments from and to India. Of course, our classic portfolio of services as airfreight or ocean freight shipments will remain available, as well as customs clearance, warehousing and many other services we provided until now.
The difference is that EVERYTHING we realize for you, is realized by ONE team, under ONE management and via ONE internal communication system, which makes us independent from external partners and, therefore, an even more reliable partner for our valued customers!

Our Services:

  • Sea Freight (FCL & LCL)
  • Break Bulk
  • Air & Sea Charter Services
  • Project Movements
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory Management
  • Heavy Transport Haulages
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Do you have experience in handling project cargoes?  If so, could you provide us with a few examples?

Yes. I have 15-20 years of experience in handling projects. We have handled a few projects from Germany to India, all heavy lift exclusive in ODC and BB vessels.

Here’s some examples: Pipes BB shipment 1600 cbm from Tianjin to Lagos and also Trailer Vehicles of 2200 cbm to Lagos.

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Taking into consideration that India is a main market for you, we understand that competition is very fierce in India. How do you make sure to stand out?

The market in India is very tough as there are lot of forwarders giving 60 days credit to customers. We are associated with our close customers who have been supporting us for a long time such as L&T, and other medium size importers and exporters.

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How do you find the cooperation with the shipowners nowadays?  We hear from the market that they are very very difficult to deal with and even paying a premium won’t always help to secure space?

We are aware of major shipowners that have had this happen to them. Some of them became bankrupt. Others who are stable are supporting such as Chipolbrok, Ocean7, dship. However, we cannot rely on Chinese ship owners as nowadays, they are taking huge advantages of such situations where there are fewer ships in markets.

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And, of course, the “boring” question.  How is the COVID-19 situation currently where you are, and what is the impact on the shipping business for you in Mumbai, in particular, and India in general?

Yes, there is a huge impact on the Indian market as nowadays we are getting in touch with clients on calls and VC. Not everyone is familiar to us. As a result, some of the customers want us to meet, and we are missing face-to-face meetings. And due to this 2nd wave, there is a lockdown of 15 days in India, and again there are challenges and huge competition in the market.

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When did you start your career in shipping?

I started my carrier 20 years back as a custom house agent and later on I worked with All MNC companies such as CEVA, CH Robinson, Hellmann, Dachser, Aprile.

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Please tell our readers how it is best to reach you?

You  can contact me at:
Email: shekhar@tsmproject.com / operations@tsmproject.com
Mobile: +91 (0) 9930944471

If you would like to ship your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Indian branch:
Mr. Shekhar Chavan
+91 022-48808546

German branch:
Mr. Marek Makowski


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