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Week #23 – 2021

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Week #23 | 10th June 2021

Dear Readers,

Bo H. DrewsenIt is June the 10th and we are here with the last issue of Project Cargo Weekly before the (in my own words, of course) well-deserved summer break.

I did have some good news this week starting off with a message that I would get a tax refund. Following that, I was invited to book my 2nd injection against COVID-19 which will take place June 15th.  So, in life, sometimes there are sunny spells too. Particularly, getting a tax refund comes close to the high point, short of winning the lottery or that the ex-wife’s alimony is no longer requested. Thus, it has turned out to be a good week.  

I went on a small 24 hr cruise with the family to the Åland Islands which are located in the Baltic Sea between Finland and Sweden. They are an autonomous region of Finland. You will be able to see in the featured picture and video of the week further below more from the trip.  Only USD 100.- for a 4-person, sea-view cabin on a deluxe ferry, so certainly well worth the money.

I have quite a lot to do on my bucket list, and since I am nearing 60, “that time” is continuously creeping up . My ability to travel is still unhindered; thus, let me share with you the places I have in mind.   North America: Grand Canyon—since Thelma and Louise (the iconic movie years ago), I always wanted to visit but never got around to it.  South America: the Iguazu Waterfalls in Brazil also need to be seen. Africa: the Rovos Rail journey and a visit to the country of Mauritania which for some reason has interested me.

As for Mauritania, I did manage to get a kind of close up by doing an interview with a local shipping agent located in Nouakchott.  See the interview here as they are a member in the CLC Projects Network that I chair, it was possible.

Get Shipping Final

Middle East/Central Asia: sail on the Caspian Sea. Australasia: visit Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia, and last but not least, make my way to the Pitcairn Islands.   Apart from this, a trip North of Russia by freighter is high on the list, and that is something that I am currently working on.  

As you can see, I’ve got my work cut out for me, particularly since the deal with the wife is that I get to travel on a long journey only every other year. So, let’s see whether I dare risk yet another divorce…😀 time and lawyers will show…haha.

On the political front, there is not too much to say, except to remind you all that traveling over the Belarus air space may give you the opportunity to visit the country free of charge.  The recent event of the Ryanair flight being forced to land shows that there really are some blank spots on the world map when it comes to the availability of democratic development and free and open speech.  There is a global network that comes to mind where membership only requires holding degrees in ruthlessness, ignorance, and sheer stupidity.  I think most of us can name a few long-standing members of that club!

Before you are released from my observations of the world, I do provide you with some interesting and solid interviews for this week besides the one about Mauritania.  We start off in a country that is known for beautiful women, great food, history but also something more sinister, and the country in question is Mexico. In a most revealing and interesting interview, Kensa Logistics tells us an interesting story about logistics and other “trades” in their country.

We then visit the country famous for cars, engineering (still) and a bit of a sinister past, too, and that country is Germany. CargoCrew International, a reliable all-around project freight forwarder tells you what they can do also for cross trade worldwide.  We finally stay in the land of the tulips, heavy lift shipowners, and even a checkered colonial past, here I refer to the Netherlands. Liburnia Projects & Chartering BV of Croatia opened an office there recently and increased their headcount with a person likely to be heard from also in the future on the chartering and brokerage front. Finally,  we end the newsletter with shipping news, trade intel, wise words, and features of the week. We wish you all a very enjoyable summer whilst reminding you that if you miss PCW, you can either download our app here, read our yearbook 2020 here or simply wait until our first issue after the summer—due out on August 12th

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview
Kensa Logistics

Kensa Logistics

Justin Facey, CEO at Kensa Logistics was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief of PCW

Video Interview
CargoCrew International GmbH

CargoCrew International

Axel Kaufmann, Managing Directory and Co-founder at CargoCrew International GmbH & Jawi Janssen, Project & Sales Manager at CargoCrew International GmbH Interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

Video Interview
Liburnia Projects & Chartering B.V.

Liburnia Projects & Chartering BV in the Netherlands Interview

Stephanie Van Ballaer, Customer Service – Sales at Liburnia Projects & Chartering B.V. was interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at PCW

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PCW-Shipping News

Toepfers Multipurpose Index

Editor’s Note:
This interesting research from Toepfer clearly describes the incredible rise in the multipurpose shipping index, so freight rates are going up big time, and we have not even mentioned container shipping yet. One example is 1×40 gp container Shanghai to Gothenburg: the rate in Jan 2020 was USD 1600; right now, July 2021, it is USD 11400,- !!!! Just incredible!!

Toepfers Multipurpose Index

The increase of the charter rates gained further pace but with the summer arriving a slow down of the growth may be in front of us. Notwithstanding the euphoria, it has to be kept in mind that the current rate levels do not represent record earnings but just reached levels which make shipowners earn money again after some years of operating close to cost recovery levels.

X-Press Pearl ‘A Total Loss’ and Hits Rock Bottom, Despite Efforts to Move It

Editor’s Note:
A terrible accident happened recently off the coast of the beautiful island of Sri Lanka. A feeder vessel caught fire and is now just about a total loss with disastrous consequences for the environment.

X-Press Pearl

Even though the aft of the vessel had settled on the seabed, the forward portion of the ship was still afloat and salvors had hoped to attach a tow line to move the ship away from the Sri Lankan coastline.

Experts believe the vessel will now be declared a total loss and, while this has not been officially confirmed, an accident specialist told The Loadstar the latest images of the X-Press Pearl suggest there is no way back for a vessel that was only delivered in February.

334 Meters Long Maersk Amazon Call at the Port of Walvis Bay

Editor’s Note:
Latest news from Namport Namibia which is under development as a hub for transshipment into Central African countries.

The Namibian Ports Authority earlier this week received the 334 meters long Maersk Amazon. The vessel docked late on Monday, 31 May 2021, in very foggy and windy weather at the Port of Walvis Bay.

CMA CGM Marco Polo Breaks Record at Port of Savannah

Editor’s Note:
We do not publish too many statistics here in PCW, but still, it is quite interesting that CMA CGM has had the first of the very large container ships calling at the US East Coast Ports. Long behind the port development in Asia, it seems that the US is finally picking up speed also regarding development of their ports and infrastructure.

CMA CGM Marco Polo breaks record at Port of Savannah
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Italian Company Hebron Plc Invests in Production of Coffee Capsules in Ethiopia

The company based in the recently inaugurated Yirgalem Agro-Industrial Park, is currently undertaking machinery and equipment installation and targets to launch in the market by July, reports Addis Fortune.

Once completed, Hebron will be the first company to locally produce the value-added coffee product in Ethiopia.

Uganda Signs Deal with Chinese Firm to Revamp Kampala-Malaba MGR

Uganda has signed a deal with a Chinese firm China Roads and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) to revamp the Kampala-Malaba Metre Gauge Railway (MGR). The 260km line will eventually be linked to the standard gauge railway (SGR) track in Naivasha via the Malaba-Naivasha MGR which also undergoing rehabilitation. Completion of the two rehabilitation projects will ensure goods from the Mombasa port are transported seamlessly via SGR and MGR rail to Uganda.

SQM Continues its Lithium Carbonate and Hydroxide Capacity Expansions in Chile

SQM is on track to complete its expansion to achieve capacity of 120ktpy of lithium carbonate and 21.5ktpy lithium hydroxide by the end of this year. The ongoing expansion will lead to a total capacity of 180ktpy of lithium carbonate and 30ktpy of lithium hydroxide by the end of 2022.

In addition to these capacity expansions, SQM is proceeding to develop the Mt Holland spodumene mine and concentrator, as well as a 50ktpy lithium hydroxide facility in Western Australia through their Covalent joint venture with Wesfarmers.

Saipem: Three New Contracts in Onshore Drilling

Saipem has been awarded the extension of two important contracts for onshore drilling activities in Saudi Arabia for a duration of 5 and 10 years, respectively, and a new contract in Colombia for a duration of 4 years. The total of orders acquired by the Onshore Drilling division since the beginning of 2021 thus exceeds 250 million dollars.

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PCW-Featured Video

A Great Trip Onboard Mv Viking Cinderella from Stockholm to Åland Islands and Back

Editor’s Note:
A great trip onboard mv Viking Cinderella during a 24 hr cruise Stockholm/Åland Islands and back. Enjoy one of these very seldomly seen days in the Baltic and the archipelago surrounding Stockholm.

A Great Trip Onboard mv Viking Cinderella from Stockholm to Åland Islands
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Made this collage after a wonderful trip in the Baltic via a Viking Line 24 hr cruise to the Åland Islands, and with these words, I wish you a great and happy summer!

Stockholm-Mariehamn Route
PCW Week 23 2021 Featured Photo
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