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Week #36 – 2021

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Week #36 | 9th September 2021

Bo H. DrewsenIt is week 36 and Thursday the 9th of September.

This date leads your memory back to a most terrifying event, i.e., the terror attack against the US some 20 years ago. I recall that day vividly. I was then living in Shanghai, and that very evening Chinese time, we were sitting and talking—me, Heidi and Cody. Suddenly, Cody got a phone call (he is American) and said: “What!!”. Then he jumped over the table and turned on the television set where we saw the planes hitting the twin towers in New York.  One can certainly say that the world has never been the same since, and with terror attacks “available” anytime and anywhere, vigilance is advised even to this day 20 years later. 

On top of this, we have the failure in Afghanistan where the West now has left a country in a mess, and the corrupt government that was propped up by the western taxpayers has left as well, leaving the people of Afghanistan to face an uncertain future.  Indeed, it is by no means a pretty sight, but PCW do agree with President Biden that there was never a good time to leave Afghanistan and that lessons learnt from this intervention may signal an overall change in policy towards this kind of “nation building”.  Looking at what Nato, supported by the US (didn’t) achieve (d) in Libya should indicate that it is the right move.  Let us stop interfering elsewhere and think that we can try to change things from the ground up.  I will visit Dubai hopefully in October. Who knows, perhaps I will bump into the former Afghan president there, languishing in his no doubt palatial residence…..thanks to the western taxpayer.

Last week saw me taking another drive from Denmark back to Stockholm via Copenhagen. I crossed the Great Belt Bridge. Then after meeting with the COSCO Specialized Carriers Representative in Copenhagen made my way via the Helsingør/Helsingborg ferry to Stockholm with a stopover for the night in Jönköping by Lake Vättern which at 1900 sq km is pretty large .  Driving my Czech limousine 😁 (a Škoda Kodiaq) is a pleasure, and I have now found pure enjoyment in listening to a variety of podcasts whilst driving, be it documentary, politics or even Project Cargo Weekly podcasts which you also can find, listen to and enjoy freely via the app (download here).

“East west, home best” as they say, and yes, after some 12 days on the road, it is always good to sleep in your own bed. Although kids are noisy, it is, after all, at home in which you feel most comfortable.  COVID-19 restrictions are gradually being lifted now, at least in Scandinavia, and let us hope that the world soon is rid of that scourge which has caused so much trouble everywhere.

On the business front we have 2 interesting video interviews and 1 written interview in store for you.  We first visit the country known for Fawlty Towers, Princess Diana and now also Prince Harry, and Premier League football, and it is of course England. We talk to a representative of Easyfairs and one of their specialities is arranging events around the globe, not least the ANTWERP XL now finally due in “physical form” in early December at the cradle of breakbulk, i.e., Antwerp, Belgium.  It is a must attend event, and you can read more about it here.

Then we visit a country of Vikings—or at least we had such strong people in the past, now it is more vegans and people of equality roaming the streets, and I am talking about Denmark. My native country has a strong tradition for shipowning and freight forwarding, and we interview a versatile, newly-started but highly experienced freight forwarding company called Air & Ocean Worldwide. The MD tells us how it is possible to rule the world from his living room.  

We finally turn 180 degrees and fly 12 hours south to visit a very long country indeed, the home of great wines, beautiful women, and rugged coastline in parts, and a country of very diverse nature, and here we are talking about Chile. Manuport Logistics in Chile tells a compelling story and introduces to us logistics in their corner of the world.

We, of course, finish off this week’s newsletter as we always do (if it ain’t broke, why fix it..?) with shipping news, trade intel, featured picture and video of the week and not least, wise words in case you didn’t find any in this editorial.

Until next week, we remain,

Yours sincerely,
Bo H. Drewsen

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Video Interview

EasyFairs Interview

Sophie McKimm, Event Manager, AntwerpXL at Easyfairs UK & Global interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.
AntwerpXL will take place 7 – 9 December 2021
https://www.antwerpxl.com/ | https://www.easyfairs.com/

Video Interview
Air & Ocean Worldwide ApS

AOW-PCW Interview

Rene Moer, CEO & Founder at Air & Ocean Worldwide ApS interviewed by Bo H. Drewsen, Editor in Chief at Project Cargo Weekly.

Manuport Logistics – Chile SpA


Interview with

Ms. Marisa Helena Lopes de Oliveira
Branch Manager


First of all Marisa, could you tell our readers a little about your own career in logistics. What makes a woman in Chile choose a career in logistics in the first place?

I am Brazilian and started my career in logistics long ago when I was young at Zim Israeli Lines in Santos, Sao Paulo. From there, I worked with some other shipping lines till I finally moved to a freight forwarder and discovered a whole world of new service possibilities including project cargo. The first project cargo shipment I participated in was the shipment of an asphalt plant from the south of Brazil to an internal location in Ghana – such an awesome experience.

Then 13 years ago, I moved to Chile and joined a freight forwarder specialized in wine shipments on flexitanks. Later on, I moved to logistics of ISO tanks (haz and non-haz chemicals haz), and finally I arrived at Manuport Logistics, Chile in January 2021.

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PCW-Shipping News

Containers Pile Up at U.S. West Coast Ports as Congestion Worsens

Editor’s Note:
An interesting newsletter from the Container Xchange in Hamburg about the current messed up situation with backlog, pile-up and what not. It’s certainly depressing reading for some….. but not for all!

“The all-time high in cargo congestion at the US West Coast ports are a result of the global supply chain disruption and its domino effect. The ever-higher imports owing to higher demand, grappling with the infrastructural and human resources struggles are further adding to the stratospheric congestion which is ultimately leading to further delay in vessel arrival.” pointed Christian Roeloffs, co-founder and CEO, Container xChange.

Cory Dragon Seafarers Awareness Initiative Sep 2021

Cory Dragon Seafarers Awareness Initiative Sep 2021

Editor’s Note:
Cory Brothers of the UK, a member of the www.clcprojects.com network of project freight forwarders, has taken a great initiative in order to support seafarers around the world. They are certainly the lifeline of our industry, yet they are sometimes forgotten or woefully underpaid in certain instances. Read more about the initiative of Cory Brothers, UK.

Cory Brothers Shipping Agency, the leading ships agency, logistics and maritime service provider, is delighted to announce a new initiative in alignment with the QVSR (Queen Victoria Seamen’s Rescue) to support all seafarers visiting the Felixstowe seafarer’s centre.

The Shipping Podcast – I am your Host, and my Name is Lena Gothberg

The shipping podcast

Editor’s Note:
A good contact of mine also based in Sweden, Gothenburg to be exact, has her own shipping podcast. Quite a lot of interesting interviews from the bulk and wider maritime field. See her newsletter here and consider signing up for it!

Beware of the shipping bug! It’s the passion you get once you have entered the maritime industry that makes you never want to leave.

The people within the industry makes things happen, and they are always fun to listen to; opinionated people with a lot of knowledge. They are maritime professionals, have strong characters and usually an interesting background. Their jobs are very cool, and they do things the rest of us hardly can imagine.

Listen to them in the Shipping Podcast and get fascinated, discover the shipping industry, or get some new insights about an industry in the middle of a new paradigm.

Namport Quayside Bulletin – August 2021

Editor’s Note:
Latest news from a beautiful country (or so I heard), i.e., Namibia and the port of Walvis Bay. Seems they are increasing their business with the calling of ever bigger container vessels… see more.

The Namibian Ports Authority welcomes the CMA CGM NABUCCO and the ULSAN on their maiden calls to the Port of Walvis Bay

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PPG Begins Automotive OEM Sealants Production in Morocco

PPG today announced the startup of a facility in Tangier, Morocco, that will produce automotive sealants for local vehicle production. The plant, which marks the company’s first automotive coatings production facility in Africa, initially will supply materials for Renault Group’s Dacia brand vehicles that are produced in Tangier and Casablanca.

Enel to Build 37 MWp of Solar for Colombian Organizations

The Colombian system of Italian energy significant Enel SpA will develop and also and operate 37.3 MWp of solar ability at the head office of 8 Colombian business.

A team of large energy consumers, collaborated by Colombian power expert Cosenit SA as well as including merchant Grupo Exito, also know as Almacenes Exito SA, chosen Enel-Codensa for the job following a bidding procedure launched in 2019.

Zim to Reap Spin-Offs from 4 Major Projects as Cabinet Okays Investments

Four major investment projects have been approved by Cabinet, including a deal for a second Beira pipeline and establishing Harare as a regional hub for petroleum products, a parking management deal for Bulawayo, a Belarus 100MW solar power station in Norton and redevelopment of the Angwa gold shaft and dumps.

The deals, part of the continuous process pressed by the Government to attract investors, are expected to boost development as well as provide needed infrastructure for that development, with new jobs and other benefits coming out of the approval. Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa yesterday said Cabinet considered and approved all four proposed investments.

Goulamina lithium Mine to Enter Production in 2023

Since the conclusion last June of a major financial agreement with the Chinese Ganfeng Lithium, Firefinch no longer has many obstacles to overcome in order to exploit the Malian lithium deposits located in Goulamina. A final investment decision is expected by December 2021.

Firefinch and its partner Ganfeng Lithium want to start production at the Goulamina lithium project in 2023. It is the announcement made on August 16 by the Australian mining company which specifies that a final investment decision in this direction will be taken. ‘by the end of the year.

WOF Expo
PCW-Featured Video

The Swedish Ship Götheborg

Editor’s Note:
Received this from well-renowned GAC Gulf Agency Company who, besides being a global player in agency, apparently is also involved in handling “ships from history”.

PCW Week 36 2021 Featured Video
PCW-Featured Photo

Editor’s Note:
Returning from Denmark to Sweden via Helsingør-Helsingborg. On the Denmark side, the heritage castle of KRONBORG and on the Helsingborg side 15 min. away, the Eimskip container vessel Bruarfoss loading for Greenland. A wonderful crossing indeed!

PCW Week 36 2021 Featured Photo
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