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Interview with

Ms. Anne Schaeddel
Owner & Managing Director

Anne Schaeddel

Can you tell us a little about the history, background, and ownership of Project One.

I founded Project One over 2 years ago, and I am the Owner & Managing Director of the company. My idea is to focus on the customer and their project needs with tailor-made supply chains. I have been working in logistics basically my whole life and have experience from the ship owner side as well as freight forwarding. Our area gives so many opportunities, and I love to put the entire project together โ€“ turnkey or door to door.

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Where can we find examples of projects you are/were/will be involved in?

Our favorite tool for showing our project portfolio and the work we do is LinkedIn, where we share not only videos and pictures, but also informative links about the logistics industry.

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We currently work with several sectors: construction, oil & gas, and power & energy.

We are working with several steel plants in the US importing heavy parts for their new plants and exporting coils worldwide. We also do Oil & Gas projects and transport LNG tanks, compressors, and steel structures for rigs. We are in the process of several upcoming projects this year, but they are still confidential, and we cannot share any information. Please follow us on LinkedIn to follow our current and upcoming projects:

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Has the Corona pandemic had an effect on your business? If so, could you give us a few details.

Covid has affected all of us, of course. I wrote an article about the situation Covid and the Supply Chain โ€“ how it changed the world and whatโ€™s to come.

Dealing with ship owners is different now, as they do not care about negotiations or any co-loading cargo. It is basically first come, first serve. Either who pays the most gets the space or itโ€™s via contracts and having a good network within the carriers. This is not sustainable, and hopefully, this will change next year. 

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Why did you choose to locate in Houston, Texas (USA)?

Houston, especially, is a hub for project freight forwarding and surely, we have many great clients and vendors in town. 

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What is special about Project One? In other words, why choose your company?

We stand out for our exceptional customer service, extensive knowledge, and the ability to find solutions on the spot. Our customers know we are very reliable and that what we say is what we do. We always stick to our word and ensure everything runs smoothly from A-Z.

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Tell us a bit about your global contacts. Do you belong to any specialized networks?

We do not find it particularly difficult to reach different partners worldwide as a big portion of our customers are in different countries. We belong to the CLC and OOG Network, both of which have great worldwide networks, and we are happy to be a part of them. We do know a lot of companies personally due our long-term, established relationships before joining these networks. 

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In your opinion, what is the biggest key to successful project logistics?

The biggest key to project logistics is preplanning, and we love to do it. Having the accurate dimensions, weight, drawings, TOS, lifting points, and sometimes pictures in hand, can give us the chance to plan as accurately as possible. We currently are experiencing a lack of trucks, and often, this has resulted in cancellations, but we solve problems first and look immediately at options for the best solutions to ensure there are not any headaches for our customers and that we are not leaving them in the dark. In the end, thatโ€™s our job, too. For oversized cargo, we pre-plan so much that usually the trucks, permits and any escorts we need to perform the job are already in place when the cargo is ready to move. 

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Why did you choose to work in this industry?

From a young age, I was fascinated with different cultures and exploring the world. I love to travel, meet new people and learn about their culture. I knew I could live anywhere in the world with this job, and every day is a different but exciting challenge. It never gets boring. 

When our readers would like to contact Project One, what is the best way for them to do this?

The best way to contact us is by email โ€“


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